Doomsday Preppers – Escape from New York & Win a BOB

“You only have so many bridges leading out of New York City.”  “A complete evacuation of Manhattan has never been attempted.”

Because of my work on Prepper Website, NatGeo contacts me from time to time to share upcoming episodes of Doomsday Preppers.  This time, they shared an episode called “Escape from New York.”  This episode runs a little different than the other episodes and is relevant in light of the events surrounding Hurricane Sandy.  Along with this preview, NatGeo is offering my readers a bug out bag, provided by Emergency Essentials, to giveaway!  See below for a way to enter to win!

Different, in this episode of Doomsday Preppers, is that every prepper plans on bugging out of New York City.  Of course, they have their various reasons, but no one is staying behind.  Also, due to the fact that each prepper is bugging out, the Experts do not provide a score at the end of each segment. Lastly, each prepper is provided with a mentor that evaluates their bug out bag (BOB) and gives them advice on getting out of the city.  This episode looks at three individuals.

Margret carries her BOB at all times.  She feels that her biggest threat would be attacks from others because she is a woman.  She feels that she needs to prepare herself to defend herself utilizing Krav Magra.  Krav Magra expert, Matan Gavish,  mentions that the bigger the bag, the more people will be attracted to the contents.  “People will want what you have in that bag.”  At one point, the instructor helps Margret look through her bag to see if there are other things that could double as a weapon.  The item might surprise you!

Cameron is prepping for a nuclear meltdown at the Indian Point Nuclear Facility.  Cameron’s mentor, Anton Edwards, runs him through a bug out scenario too.  The first thing that Anton does is check the contents that Cameron is bugging out with.  Anton reminds Cameron, whatever he leaves behind, he’s left for good.  In a nuclear disaster you’re not going back for anything.  After a while on the bug out, fatigue sets in. Anton suggests that Cameron might consider “finding” a bike.

Jay is preparing for another 911 type terrorist attack.  Jay’s mentor, Shane Hobel, teaches urban survival.  Shane also examines Jay’s go bag.  The item that Shane points out is a bandanna.  On the bug out, Shane uses a match to determine the wind direction, in case isotopes might be in the air due to a dirty bomb.  Shane points out that paying attention to flags, banners, trees or anything that can point out wind direction, will allow Jay to walk into the wind and get behind the danger as quickly as possible.  Shane also shows Jay how to make a quick water filter “on the fly.”

I must confess, I haven’t watched every episode of Doomsday Preppers.  Life happens and TV is one of the things that I put off.  But of all the episodes I’ve seen, I really liked this one.  The main reason is that the mentors lend another dimension to the show. (Myabe NatGeo is listening to us!)  With the mentors, the preppers don’t come off as the “know all” crazed preppers like in other episodes.  It really felt like there was some teaching and learning that was going on that not only benefited the preppers, but also those that will watch the episode.

Take Aways

1. You really need to think through your bug out bag.  Your BOB shouldn’t be about the best or most expensive gear.  You should have what is necessary for you to survive.  You need to consider weight and every item should have multiple purposes.

2. If you are planning on bugging out, you need to be in shape.

3. You need to think through what you are willing and unwilling to do to defend yourself.

4. Getting some real training from an expert is money well spent.

5. You have to pull the trigger on your decision to bug out.  If you wait too long, you might not get the chance.


I am very happy to offer the opportunity for a reader to win a bug out bag provided by NatGeo and Emergency EssentialsClick Here to view the 72 hour BOB contents!

Here is how you enter: After watching the next Doomsday Preppers episode, Escape from New York on Tuesday, Dec. 18th, come back here and leave a comment section below referencing one thing that you learned from this episode.  On Wednesday evening, I will use a random number generator to choose a winner.  Good luck!

Escape From New York – Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

As an educator, I believe that you can learn take-aways from every situation.  You can learn or learn what not to do even from watching a show like Doomsday Preppers.  This is my philosophy in approaching the show.

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59 thoughts on “Doomsday Preppers – Escape from New York & Win a BOB

  1. Timothy Chippewa


  2. Robert Durnik

    I have learned how easy it is to filter water with charcoal and a peace of cloth… That is going in my bug out bag. I’m obsessed with prepping! I’m hopping to build my bunker as soon as I can. Thanks for the great ideas from the show, maybe someday ill be on it.

  3. BadKarma330

    I will only want to survive if I can get to my family. I never thought to use hand held radios. One will be going into my bag and one into the wife’s small bag

  4. Mason Newark

    Being skilled is much more important than just having expensive equipment. Jay’s bandana seemed to be the most useful piece of equipment in his entire bag. When bugging out, you don’t always have the resources for everything, so a multi-use tool is a must!

  5. Jody W

    I learned I need bikes on top of my SUV bugout. Good ideas = cool show.I honestly think millions of people exiting NY city will be one very dangerous bug-out. God help them.Very glad to live in rural area.I plan to bug-in,plan-B is bug-out to family.

  6. Dhalgren

    I learned that I should be glad I don’t live in New York city in case SHTF! 🙂 Seriously, hope those folks do get out safely should anything occur, but what a nightmare it would be. And, I’ll never look at a lollipop in the same way again!

  7. Daniel

    I learned that I shouldr really invest in some handheld radios/”walkie talkies” I never thought about how useful those could be to stay in contact with family and friends.

  8. Lesa Swartwood

    I was surprised to learn that a dum dum sucker could be so useful! and I’m glad I live in the country, also, I learned how to filter water using pulverized charcoal, very interesting show!

  9. Kelly

    I have a greater appreciation of the versitility of the bandana and will be looking to add a bike carrier to my BOV. Best thing I learned was keeping an eye on your environment to keep track of wind direction. Handy for other airborne toxins and smoke.

    1. Todd Post author


      This is a contest. If you can’t play by the rules, you can’t participate. I approved your message so that you could see my response. However, your comment will not count towards the contest.

      “American” used to mean that you had the right to pursue your dreams and make the best life for yourself. It didn’t mean that everyone gets a trophy, even if they didn’t win the game. There will always be other contests!


  10. Josh

    I learned that perfectly good preparations can be made on every budget, be aware of your surroundings & do whatever it takes to survive. The bear mace was pretty cool too

  11. brian

    i learned that living in a big city and having a short amount of time to bug out is not a good idea due to road closures and congested roads and freeways. country livin is the way to go.

  12. Bill B

    Even though i have lost 60lbs and have gotten into better shape, after this episode, i see the need to re-evaluate my BOB’s weight and continue to work on my cardio.

  13. rick

    I think one major thing I learned was no matter what the crisis when you bug out and leave your home, 9 out of 10 times your not coming back so to take what you think you really need to survive and forget about the rest.

  14. Gregorio

    I learned that you can make your own water filter with charcoal, and that getting out of NYC will be scary. Good thing I live in Brooklyn!

  15. Leona

    I learned people don’t want to admit they will have to fight for their lives. Yes I am willing to kill someone to protect myself and my family. Yes I am willing to steal a bike if that is the only transportation. I would never hike through New York by myself.

  16. Melanie

    Watching it provided a few lessons actually, like the idea of keeping charcoal handy as well as always watching your surroundings. Also, living in such a heavily populated and isolated area, definitely getting away as early as possible is definitely a better idea sometimes.

  17. FCZRT

    Learned that even though you have all this bug out gear, if you are out of shape or dont know how to use it, you are destined to fail.

  18. tabailey

    I would love to watch the show however I don’t have cable. I’ve enjoyed the new doomsday preppers episodes. We’re starting to get some respect. I’ll see the show when it comes on the internet. Too bad the contest will be over by then.

  19. Kenzie

    I learned that avoiding violence is a key in survival. Also charcoal to purify drinking water was neat. Another thing was riding a bike would save your energy compared to trying to walk out of the city or wherever your destination would be.

  20. Todd Post author

    The # was 8. Comments that mention they did not watch the show did not count.

    Bill you are the winner! I will contact you by email. You have 72 hours to respond.

    If Bill doesn’t respond within 72 hours, I will use to choose another number.

    Thanks for entering the contest! I look forward to more in the near future!


  21. Winfred Lamotte

    I would love to trade ideas with Margret and if somthing wuz to happwn I would like to meet up with her and have her on my team. I think the big back pack brings to much and the wrong attention be more conservtive. U can reach me at 2138040771 im in Texas. This is for Margret Ling Only.

    1. Todd Post author


      I think you’re asking for trouble including your cell phone, but I approved your comment. If you want to change it up, let me know.


  22. KCJ

    I watched the escape New York episode last night and was outraged! A Prepper is one who is PREPARED for an emergency with knowledge, tools and supplies. Not a thief who steals a bicycle because he couldn’t carry out his plan. By even suggesting this, his instructor is a faud, and should be jailed! By permitting this kind of activity implies that it is condoned, IT IS NOT!!! Stealing from another in time of emergency is a CRIME, punishable by DEATH. That is why preppers, sadly, must arm themselves and know how to use their weapons. This episode set the “Prepper Culture” back 20 years by implying that it was OK to steal if it would increase your survial chances. I have watched this series for the last 2 years and have learned serval things,enjoyed seeing what others are doing. Some of the shows have made me LOL. I seldom agree with your rating experts, I would check their resumes. However, if the clown who advocates stealing what you need on the way out of town is one of them, it figures.

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