Eating Well When the SHTF! The Legacy Food Mega Sampler Pack – Over 41,000 Calories Total!

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Many of us know how fragile our economy and transportation systems are.  One hiccup can leave an area without food deliveries for a while.  Then, throw in there all the “other” stuff that comes with a crisis: do you bug in or bug out? Is everyone safe?  Are people acting civil or like animals “out there?”  Can this crisis get further out of control?  What would that look like? There are a bunch of things to consider.  That’s why we prep!

In a crisis, food is going to be important!  Being able to make quick meals, getting the right amount of calories, having food that you can bug out with if you need to, not having to depend on the government…all these are important things to consider when storing food.  That’s why food storage is one of the big topics that comes up in preparedness and survival talk.

Preppers all agree that you should store what you eat and eat what you store.  Your food storage should be made up of what you have in your pantry, canned foods and long term food storage, like #10 cans and buckets of food staples you can make on your own with mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and 5-gallon buckets.  But many agree that you should have some freeze-dried food as well.

I was recently sent the Legacy Mega Sample Pack.  This food bucket is filled with 183 servings of long term food storage.  Legacy foods are different in that they provide 1 1/2 – 2 cups per serving.  When you’re hungry, that will make a big difference!  Each serving is an average of 227 calories. (This number includes all the drinks too.  When the drinks are not factored in, each serving is 370 calories!)  The total number of calories of the Mega Pack is 41,600.  In an average 2,000 calorie day, the bucket will provide one person with 20 days worth of food.

“The 183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack from Legacy Premium includes 4 different breakfasts (16 servings total), 19 different entrees (76 servings total), 6 side dishes (24 servings total), 2 drink mixes (32 servings total), and coffee (35 servings total).” SOURCE

So How Does It Taste?

I chose to cook the Alfredo Pasta for the taste test.  I was impressed!  I’m not quite sure what I was expecting.  Probably something that was edible, but more “survival” food.  The food could actually be served for a regular family meal.

It’s important to know that Legacy food doesn’t only taste good, but they are vegetarian and have some food entrees that are gluten free.  In fact, they sell some food buckets that are totally gluten-free.

The Legacy Mega Sampler Pack has 76 Five Star ratings on the Legacy Page and a total of 4.5 Stars on Amazon.  The pack breaks down to $10.95 per pound of food.  This food will last 25 years if kept in a controlled environment.  If you are looking to add some freeze-dried food to your long term food storage or you want some to be a part of your BOB or 72-hour kit, you should really consider the Legacy Mega Sampler Pack.  Get even more info. here!

Pic Review

This sucker is huge! Check out the 5 gallon Home Depot bucket for comparison!

View inside the bucket!


Legacy Food Storage





Cooking it up!

Pour and Whisk baby!

Boiling! Just about time!

Finished product!

Legacy Food Storage

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74 thoughts on “Eating Well When the SHTF! The Legacy Food Mega Sampler Pack – Over 41,000 Calories Total!

  1. F. & B.

    Thanks for the review. We’ve not tried the Legacy brand yet, though after your review, it’ll go on my shopping list!
    And thank you for your sites. We may not comment often, but please know that your work and articles are much appreciated.

    1. Harry C Small Jr.

      As a 23 year combat veteran, I can tell you that our military would be well severed
      taking a serious look that this product.

      If this would have been available back during my service time, I would have paid for it myself just to up grade my daily food intake.

  2. Tobea Prepper

    Amazon has this for 330.00 plus a 15% off coupon.
    Legacy Emergency Food Ultimate Sample Pack – Survival Supply – 183 Large Servings: 34 Lbs – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sides & Drinks – Freeze Dried Storage Readiness Meals
    4.7 out of 5 stars 24 customer reviews
    | 11 answered questions
    Price: $330.00 Free Shipping for Prime Members
    Buy 1, get 15% off 1 Applicable Promotion(s)

  3. JBernDrapt

    Appreciate the information you provide and the feedback on products we need. Have heard of Legacy but haven’t tried it yet. Appreciate everything!

  4. Donna

    I have added a 6 day food supply to all of the GHB. They are from a local store. I also have a dehydrator to make my own. Trial and error are the teachers on how much of what to add to make a full meal, lol. But once it is learned, it is so much easier and cheaper. I have not tried Legacy. May have to try it. Thank you for your work and getting much needed info out. Good work!!

  5. Scott Williams

    Todd, thank you for all you do. I am late to the game but because of the information you provide to us, I know I can and will be better prepared for myself and my family. God bless you!


  6. Patricia

    Thanks for the review. It looks good. My parents have a smaller container but of course we are saving it for SHTF so we haven’t actually tried it.

  7. Rattle Bone

    I would like to try to try this brand since I have tried others and am particular about quality. When the time comes, I need good nutrition to decrease these stressors by supporting what my body needs. Cheaper low quality may take its toll on an already stressed body that now has to process low-grade foods!
    Thank You Todd, and Thank You Legacy Foods!

  8. Colin

    Great review and timely. I’m in the process of increasing my stores from 1 to 3 months. Thanks for the link to the coupon.

  9. Karen R

    Legacy is great! This is the first one I tried starting out, and while I’ve bought from other places too, I’ll always go back to Legacy.

  10. Catherine Barron

    I’ve only tried one other freeze dried food, it was pretty good. But! the two person pack only fed one – me- and I’m not a big eater. And not enough calories per meal. I would like to try this brand. (I really want a freeze dryer!)

  11. Beverly

    That’s a lot of free calories if I win that huge bucket!! With my Big Berkey water filter, my 3 ponds behind me, and my bug-in plan….. I would love to add this brand to my other supplies!

  12. Robert Alexander

    Some brands of long-term-storage food are much easier to prepare than others. For example, Mountain House only requires that hot water be poured into the bag. No pots to clean up and no need to keep the water boiling for extended periods of time. (Both of which might be important considerations in a SHTF situation.) What sort of preparation do Legacy Foods meals require?

    1. Robert Alexander

      I should clarify my earlier post — I did read your article and I do realize that the Alfredo Pasta you prepared was boiled in a pot. I just wanted to find out how long you boiled it and whether you could have poured boiling water into the bag (a la MH brand).


  13. Kevin

    I have purchased Legacy many times after trying it for the first time a few years ago. It is worth buying!

  14. Sideliner 1950

    I’d be glad to have this excellent prize.

    Always appreciate all you do for us, Todd. Thanks.

  15. Robert M.

    I have a lot of MH foods and like their flavor but have not tried Legacy Brand yet. I would like to try some of them but I am skeptical.

  16. Linda

    I’ve been doing a lot of dehydrating….. and wish I had a freeze drier unit — but don’t have a stray $5000 right now. I agree that freeze dried products are great to have on hand – quick and easy when power is off and you’re limited to water usage, and I do stock some – though I wish I had more.

    In dehydrating ground beef, especially, I learned that if you add 1/2 cup of dried bread crumbs to each pound of ground beef, and mix in well, your meat will reconstitute and be much more tender – not the ‘gravel’ that dehydrators joke about.

  17. T lucas

    Enjoy your articles have yet to try legacy foods have bought a few others that are okay but hoping to expand my horizons. As I am new to prepping I am always looking help with all types of education thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  18. PJ

    I like the idea of boil bags, but wonder how to use the boiled water after bags are cooked? Water will be precious in an emergency, and boiling it will be good for making sure it’s pure. Use the boiled water to make your tea or instant coffee? Or use it to wash up after the meal? These buckets of meals are a really good idea. I have a few and the food is pretty good.

  19. Jeanette Green

    I’ve not heard of Legacy before so this was my first introduction. It sounds like a good company and product so I will be doing more research. Food storage and preparedness is so important.

  20. Rick

    I’ve been looking at buying one of these type of buckets but haven’t settled on which company to use yet. Thanks for the review, this is definitely one I’ll be considering.

  21. barbara

    Thank you for all of the great info…I am reading though everything that you have written….I can feel myself getting smarter about this stuff after each article !!….I am going to order some Legacy food now..and if you use the discount code “MEMORIAL20” in the coupon or discount box, you get 20 percent off.,,,,thanks for enlightening me on so many subjects !!!

  22. Terri Caldwell

    I listen to your podcast on castbox. I find a lot of useful information. I am new to prepping. Thank for the great podcasts…

  23. Donna Brown

    I prep for my whole family, 17 people, and I love freeze dried food. I haven’t tried this brand and would like to after reading your review.

  24. Curtis Nunamaker

    I have been thinking of trying Legacy and after reading and looking at the pictures. I will be trying it

  25. Mary Toleson

    This pack sound great. I’m going to have to try them out for camping as well as just to keep on hand in case of ……….

  26. Bob

    Todd – thanks for the opportunity to try the storage rations. I will add though that by my calculations we don’t get 20 days. Few of us eat only 2000 calories per day (tho most of us could do with eating less!). If the situation is such that we are depending on these rations, we will be doing even more work and needing the extra calories and so we are likely to be consuming 3K calories. As i have a family of 5 that means I get only about 3 days out of this package – still good to have but must be viewed realistically.

  27. TIM

    I listen to about 8 podcast a day, but my first everyday is prepper website. Great information. Thanks for all the work you do on the website and the podcast.

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