As an elementary assistant principal, I’m around a lot of kids and parents; a ton of moms with kids in Kindergarten.  I live in a pretty middle of the road, probably leaning more to the conservative side in speaking of politics.  So, knives and men who carry knives aren’t that rare.  However, I’m still an administrator in a public school and there are some who might not accept my preferred choice of EDC knife.

My choice of EDC knife is my Leatermen Wingman.  I still sometimes carry my Kershaw Shallot with finger flicker, but I just found that I was going back to get my Wingman from my bag more often to fix basic things around the school.  I only carry my Wingman on Fridays when I’m wearing blue jeans and a school tshirt.  The Wingman is usually covered up.  But I’ve had some 5th graders notice it…

“Mr. Sepulveda is that knife?”

“It’s a multi-tool.”

“Yes, but don’t most multi-tools have a knife.”

“No, not ALL multi-tools have a knife.”

I didn’t lie, but I didn’t talk specifically about my Wingman.

Regardless, when I’m not wearing blue jeans, I like to carry my Boker Urban Survival Knife.  The Boker Urban Survival Knife looks like a pen.  So no one really notices it as a knife.

I wear the Boker so much that the clip has loosened up.  The clip is the piece that looks like a pen cap.  It became so loose that it was falling out of my pocket. I bent it back, but it always loosened up.

I recently contacted Boker and they sent me a replacement!  So, I have to send a little shout out to them for that!


1. That’s the Boker Urban Survival Knife.  Notice the end that looks like a pen cap w/ the clip.  It also has a thumb flip that makes it easy to open up.

2. This Boker came with a different cap that you can switch out if you like.  This cap is a glass breaker.

3. The old clip.  Notice how discolored it is.  This is the piece that Boker replaced.

4. Tool – This is the tool that is used to switch out the different caps.

5. Tool – This tool tightens up the screws that hold the Boker together.  I haven’t had to use it yet.

Although it isn’t a multi-tool, this Boker has come in handy many times opening boxes, etc…  I believe that every one should carry a knife with them….men, women and children…it’s a tool!


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