Entrepreneurship As A Prepper Skill


Entrepreneurship – a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.


Every prepper should have a second stream of income.  Let me say that again.  Every prepper should have a second stream of income! Having multiple streams of income is redundancy.  And in our current economic climate, having a little redundancy in our finances is smart!

The fact is that everyone has something that they are good at and in which they could make some money.  You might have to be creative.  You might need to refine how you do it, where you do it or when you do it.  But don’t count yourself short.  You have options and opportunities out there to bring in extra income.  This is one reason I created Prepper Small Biz – so that preppers could support other preppers out there trying to make extra income – putting out those quality products for the Preparedness Community.

But this isn’t a post about what you can do to earn extra money.  Instead, I want to highlight how you can learn some entrepreneurship skills from one of the best minds out there, so when you are ready to go live with your second stream of income, you have some technical knowledge to draw from.  Seth Godin is a best selling author, but more importantly, he knows what he’s talking about because he actually does it!  He isn’t an example of I couldn’t do it, so I teach….if you know what I mean.  Seth is actually the inspiration of why I offered my first ebook, Education After the Collapse and The Preparedness Review for FREE!

In the Summer of 2012, Seth met with a select number of entrepreneurs for an intense workshop on starting their businesses, questions they need to ask, strategies, etc…  The Startup School workshop was recorded and is offered in BIG podcast excerpts FREE to anyone who wants to download the mp3’s.  I’ve listened to all the episodes and it is well worth it.

To download The Startup School – Click Here.

To access other FREE materials from Seth Godin – Click Here.

FYI – It was during my time listening to this series that I was inspired to start Your Preparedness Story.  YPS is not an entrepreneur venture, but ideas just seem to flow when you start listening to Seth!  So I challenge you to listen to a few of the episodes and see what you are inspired to do or what small or home-based business you are led to start to bring in a second stream of income to your personal finances.




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