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I think most of you who read this blog would agree that the world is just JACKED UP!  I don’t have to spell it out for you, you are all well versed.  We keep an eye out on a bunch of different things.  But to add to the craziness, it seems like the Middle East seems to be at a boiling point right now.  Yes, this week, Iraq drifted into “CHAOS.”

Earlier this week, I was doing my “Prepper Website thing” when I saw a Twitter feed about Iraq.  I turned on the news to see the newscasters “astonished” at what was going on.  Of course, they won’t post the real gruesome stuff to let you know how these people operate.  To many though, they will just pass this off as another story “over there.”  Just as long as they get to watch __________ (insert a popular show from the idiot box), then everything is OK.

But we should be concerned with what goes on “over there.”  As a Christian Prepper, I don’t hold to one specific view of Bible prophecy.  Instead, I try to know/remember the four major views and just stay aware of what is going on in the world.  And with the recent events in Iraq, my Spidey Prepper sense is going off.

Today, a friend from church sent over an article that was written in Sept. 2013.  The article relates the prophetic view that Shiites currently hold to.  They are basing their prophetic view off the Al-Jafr.  And, in light of what is currently going on, it seems like things are starting to fit for them.  This view is not just held by a minority of Shiites either!  To read more –> Shiites: Syria War Will Ignite End Times.

I also came across an article written by John Galt over at Shenandoah.  He wrote the article back in 2011, but he notices the relevance of it for today too.  In, World War III will Begin in Babylon, not Libya, Galt talks about the various Muslim factions involved in the region and how events can involve other world players.

So, if the four horsemen of the apocalypse start riding any time soon, I think I want to be in the know!  Do you? 😉


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