Falling Down

I had some bad heartburn this week.  The kind of heartburn that makes you think “this just can’t be gas.”  It was so bad that the smell of strong garlicy spaghetti sauce in the teacher’s lounge made me feel like I might have to double over in pain.  Maybe that was psychological…maybe I’m just psycho, but I’m telling you it happened.  Nothing worked! And I tried everything!

I found relief one evening in a strawberry milkshake.  Yeah, yeah…all the bad stuff.  I don’t care, I was dying.

But then, the milkshake was so tasty that I decided to stop and pick another one up this Saturday afternoon.  I drove thru at 10:50.  Guess what, they were still serving breakfast!  10 minutes to go!  WOW!

It reminded me of this movie.

I think a lot of people nowadays can identify with the Falling Down character.  It seems like the guy just wants to be treated fair, with respect and able to operate within his “rights” as a US citizen. 

Now, I’m not condoning violence and I don’t agree with “snapping,” but I bet there are more people like that out there than most realize.  The economy, politics, stress, finances, the assault on our rights, freedom, etc… is enough to cause people to pause and wonder “what the heck is going on in this jacked up world!”

Are you falling down?  Is someone you know about to “Fall Down?”

I wonder if it is a lack of hope or the inability to see hope where we are headed?

So my mind drifts, like always…and I ended up thinking about Blind Bartimaeus.  It’s a story in the Bible that I have known for a long time.  If you are not familiar with it, you can read it here – Blind Bartimaeus.

So I picture this blind guy on the road.  Maybe he is placed there by his family, maybe he just struggles to get there sometime in the morning by touch and feel.  Every day it is the same, same, same.  He begs for some money, then he struggles to make it home.  Although he desires to see, although he desires to work for a living, there is no hope.  He’s blind and no surgery, no glasses, no nothing is going to help this guy out! (yes, negative on negative is intended here)

Then comes Jesus.  This isn’t an ordinary guy or teacher or rabbi.  Blind Bartimaues has picked up little bits and pieces about this guy as he sat on the road.  He’s heard about miracles!  He’s heard about people being healed and all kinds of crazy things that don’t usually happen.

[Commotion coming out of Jericho]

Bartimaues: Hey, what’s all the noise?  What is going on?

Bystander: It is Jesus of Nazareth.  He’s leaving the city.

Bartimaues: [Thinking to himself] – This is my chance, I’ve heard about this guy.  He does miracles.  He could heal me.  I’ll never get a chance like this again in my life.

Bartimaues: [Yelling out loud] – Jesus heal me!  Jesus!  Jesus! Have mercy on me!  I’m blind!

Bystander: Shut up Bartimaues, you are causing a scene.

Bartimaues: No, I need Jesus!  I need to see!  [yelling again] Jesus!  Jesus heal me!

Bystander: Shut up Bartimaues, you are being too loud.  Stay quiet!

Bartimaues: No!  You shut up!  This is my only chance!  [yelling] Jesus! Jesus! Over here!  Have mercy on me!

Jesus: Who’s that guy over there? Ask him to come here.

Bystander: Hey Bartimaues, Jesus is calling for you….

Bartimaues gets healed….he sees….he has new hope now…

You might be reading this and you are on the verge of “Falling Down.”  That is ok, because there is hope.  If you want it.

But more than likely, you are reading this an you are hopeful, prepared, you have things in your life in some sort of “order” and you are ready for what’s coming around the corner…

The thing I would like you to think about is, there are many others around you on the verge of “Falling Down” and you are the bystander. 

How do you respond?

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