Always Have a Way to Make Fire! A Large Ferro Rod for Your Survival or Fire Kit!

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Your survival kit needs quality gear that you can count on when the time comes to depend on it.  One of the important components of any kit you have should be the ability to make fire.  A good fire kit is important.  And a good fire kit has many options and ways to make fire, including a ferrocerium (ferro) rod.

A ferro rod that you should consider for your survival and fire kit is the Survival Hax 6″ Ferro Rod with Waterproof Tinder Holder.  It is a solid piece of gear that comes with a few extras that provides redundancy in your preps.

The Survival Hax Ferro Rod comes with:

  • a 6″ ferrocerium rod
  • 5 feet of Paracord in the form of a lanyard
  • a scraper that includes a bottle opener, hex wrench, and ruler
  • a waterproof tinder holder with cotton
  • and a plastic whistle.

The ferro rod feels good in your hands.  It doesn’t slip like many smaller versions.  There is not much to say about the scraper and paracord.  The waterproof tinder holder is nice, but I couldn’t get the tinder to light.  Some videos online make it seem like it works like a match, but I could never get it to happen with the ferro rod.  I did get it to light with a lighter, so I know it can happen.  I wondered if the cotton had some sort of accelerant on it, but after emailing Survival Hax, I was informed it didn’t.  It is just a very compacted form of cotton.

In hindsight, I should have taken the time to open up the cotton and use it that way, but like I said, I was looking at some of the videos I saw online.  I thought that if it worked like a match, it would be really awesome.  In the future, I will probably include my own tinder in the container.

I wouldn’t bet my life on the whistle.  It does blow and make noise, but I would prefer a metal type whistle to add to my kit.

The reason that you would go with this ferro rod compared to others on Amazon are the extras like the paracord, waterproof tinder container and scraper.  You can often find it on sale on Amazon.

The good people at Survival Hax have provided a special discount code for Prepper Website readers!  

You can get 50% off when ordering one 6″ Ferro Rod or get 60% off when ordering two from Amazon!  Here is how you can take advantage of this discount offer!

  • Go to <— This link takes you straight to the Ferro Rod page.
  • Add the 6” Fire Starter Flint with Waterproof Tinder Holder and Whistle’ to your shopping cart and then checkout.
  • On the last screen where it says “enter a discount or promo code” use discount code SH50FIRE
  • This offer is good until the end of January 2018!

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Ferro Rod and 5 Feet of Paracord

Scraper – Smooth side, Serrated side, Hex Wrench and Bottle Opener

Waterproof Tinder Holder – Pre-Filled with Compact Cotton. Notice my attempt to try and light it without shredding it first.

The “Whistle”

The Way I’m Going to Carry It!



@survivalhax Fire Starter Flint with Waterproof Tinder Holder.

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Ferro Rod Vid. @survivalhax

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