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camping in a tentTodd’s Note: Some preppers believe that we will get to a point where we won’t be using paper money.  Those that believe that foresee a time when we will barter or use precious metals.  But until that happens, we need to remember that our current financial system works off of paper money.  As a result, we can prepare for a time when we will barter and use gold and silver, but we should also monitor our current financial resources too.  This article talks about 3 important areas that you should consider in your current financial preps.

You can hide your bugout shelter until even bloodhounds can’t find it, and stock enough food and water to last a year, but you’re still not completely prepped and ready for the worst until you disaster-proof your finances. Electricity is usually the first modern comfort to go in an emergency, so you won’t be able to live your life using credit and debit cards. Savvy preppers know that, no matter how well prepared they are, they’ll have to interact with other people eventually, and that usually includes purchasing supplies. Be ready to deal with the new economy to improve your chances of survival.

Let You Be You

Identity theft is rampant in our society, and not a single of us is immune. The problems involved with being a victim of this crime are multiplied many times when you’re trying to stock a shelter and prepare for emergencies. Take steps before the worst happens and use an identity theft protection service. These services alert you to unauthorized purchases, track your spending for you, and usually insure any losses up to $1 million dollars if they fail. There are a number of these companies currently offering services, so the smartest thing to do is to compare them on an aggregate site such as You can pick and choose which service has the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Cash on Hand

When disaster strikes, you’ll never have access to a bank account or even a bank vault holding your wealth. The need for modern banking is a fact of life today, but you should only keep the minimum amount in your account to keep your credit and debit cards active. The amount of cash you should keep on hand varies depending on how long you think the emergency will last, but always stock more than you think you’ll need. Break the cash up into separate containers and store it in various locations around your property in order to deter thieves.

  • Enclose it in waterproof bags and bury it
  • Create false bottoms in dresser drawers
  • Make or purchase diversion safes that look like household products
  • Store it in a crawl space or a hollow staircase outdoors

Take Care of the Paperwork

Whether the disaster is a hurricane or a zombie apocalypse, you’ll need a way to prove you are who you say you are, and that your belongings truly belong to you. When society gets itself together and the power is back on, some people will have inevitably stolen other’s belongings. Without proof of ownership, you haven’t got a chance of getting any stolen property back. Create a waterproof document box and use it to store birth certificates, passports, and any other identification for each member of your family, as suggests. In addition, put in mortgage papers, car titles (if your state uses electronic titles, ask for a paper copy), and ownership papers to any other significant item such as scooters and boats. Finally, print out copies of any important photographs you will find hard to replace. Find a safe spot in your home or yard that can’t be found, and keep these documents free from harm.


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