FIREARM: First Thing to Do With Your New Pistol and A Short Survey

In a recent article, I read that gun sales, even after the 2016 election, were still running high. Coupled with the Christmas holidays, there is a great possibility that there are quite a few new gun owners out there.  That’s a good thing for those of us who support the Second Amendment!

But with gun ownership, no matter why a firearm was purchased, there are some thing that need to be understood and learned, like the proper cleaning of your new firearm.  Since I haven’t come across a recent article on Prepper Website, I have decided to put together an article that links to several videos that I think are good for any gun owner to view.  Two videos discuss the need to clean your firearm before you shoot it for the first time.  This is due to the cosmoline that gun manufacturers put on the firearms before leaving their factory. Most new gun owners don’t know this.  The last video is a good generic video on cleaning your pistol.  Also, for future article considerations, I have created a short survey to ask gun owners their pistol of choice for home defense and/or concealed carry.  And don’t forget to get yourself a pistol cleaning kit and some lube – both which you will find endless debates about online! 😉

Although this first video uses a rifle as their example, know that you will find the same on your new pistol…to varying degrees.


NeverEnuffAmmo does admit that he talks too much for this short video, but you should still watch it!


And here is Iraqveteran8888, with a good generic and basic cleaning video.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me a little info below (type and caliber), for future article considerations, on the pistol you purchased for home defense or your concealed carry handgun.



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6 thoughts on “FIREARM: First Thing to Do With Your New Pistol and A Short Survey

  1. Fifth_Disciple

    If you are new to firearms you need to familiarize yourself with your weapon. In the event you ever need to use it for it’s intended purpose your motions need to be second nature. I would recommend that for the first six months of ownership you spend 15-20 minutes three to four nights a week doing a quick inspection, disassembly and re-assembly as well as practicing ejecting and inserting empty magazines.

    When you think you have it perfected turn off the lights and do it in the dark. The finest weapon in the world is of no value if you can’t use it in a stressful situation.

  2. TPSnodgrass

    Absolutely agree with FifthDisciple.
    Now about that tasty bit of ,gun-porn”, I am referring to the Broomhandle Mauser pictured in the short attached to article video.
    PUH-LEASE! Refrain from showing wonderful antiquities to we who love them, are you REALLY trying to get us to salivate all over the keyboards?
    Good article on the one thing that causes more malfunctions(malfs in gun speak), than anything else

  3. FreeSlave

    I was the newbie gun owner who didn’t know this. I didn’t clean my newly purchased guns and they jammed on the range. I didn’t know why. And it embarrassed me a lot because I thought I got gypped!

    It happened with a Glock 19 and a 9mm revolver. Both got jammed!! What the heck? Even my 22LR rifle.

    Then when some friends showed me that they needed to be cleaned, and I took it out the next time, they fired great.

    Addendum. When I asked my friends why they needed to be cleaned since I never fired them before, they just shrugged.

    All I can figure is that they gotta be lubed and oiled. Regularly.

  4. Ian

    The first thing I do is read the manual, take it apart, clean it. Then I have my wife do the same. I never shoot a gun that I buy with out taking it apart and cleaning and oiling it first.

  5. Craig Hunter

    Okay now I THOUGHT… you were supposed to shoot the new gun as is out of the box and then lube after ‘break-in’??? The ‘stuff’ on the Glocks new is supposed to help break-in and properly seat the new parts that rub on each other (where you will eventually lube ONLY… AND JUST A LITTLE). I’m obviously not a Smitty but knew enough to ‘wonder’ if this article was good advice or not. Just goes to show you, if that’s all I know, then that’s all I know until I learn something new (‘always enjoy THAT!). Thx!

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