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Photo by: U.S. Department of Agriculture

NOTE: Updated 11/5/17 – I recently heard from Al’s daughter.  He unexpectedly passed away 2 years ago.  Al would often send me updates to his Aquaponics file.  So I figured something was wrong.  

This post is one of the most popular on Ed that Matters.  I wish Al could have known.  This information is very valuable and I appreciate the work Al put into it.  R.I.P. Al. – Todd

From time to time, Al Hodges sends me a collection of material that he put together from all over the internet in regards to Aquaponics.  His collection continues to grow.  If you are interested in Aquaponics, this information is a gold mine!

You can see his previous work here and here.  This time, I have placed his research on Google Drive where you can view it in the cloud and I have created PDF’s if you want to download it to your machine.

There is so much information here that I have not had a chance to go through it all.  If you find this information helpful drop Al a line here in the comment section.

Google Drive – In the Cloud
Anyone Should be able to view this.

PDF – Download
Adobe Reader Required


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23 thoughts on “FREE: Aquaponics Information – A Gold Mine

  1. Al Hodges

    Spread the word.

    I believe aquaponics will be the family level agriculture system of the 21st Century. Grocery chains use the produce department as the highest profit center of the store, as anyone knows from experience. This is one prepper plan that starts paying dividends within weeks.

    The monthly update of the above open source information is free. If this is of interest, send me an email address that can receive large files (e.g., not hotmail and not aol). Gmail is free and allows up to 25 MB in a message. Gmail also removes spam better than yahoo.

    Around the end of the month, you will receive a copy of “References for Aquaponics for Beginners” and PowerPoint files that prove pictures are worth thousands of words.

    Al Hodges
    San Diego, California

    1. Bill Bailey

      Thank you for your words! I am very glad to see another with the same beliefs as mine after all the study.
      I have been a Prepper for many years. I am at the crossroads to launch a full blown Aquaponics Commercial System, plus a Farmstead. This requires a LOT of work and Equipment. I envision it as a “Communal” Effort. This is not for everyone but people who are really interested in teaching and learning on how to be completely self-sufficient as well as earning money. The project base will be in South Central Michigan to start. All Net Proceeds will be divided between ALL the participants no matter what your job.
      People will build Minimized or Tiny Houses on our property. We not only have the Aquaponics Systems, but we have Protein in the form of Fish, Rabbits, Chickens, Turkey, Goats, Sheep and a few Cattle and wild game. 100% of everything that is grown on the Communal Farm goes to the people who live there and make it work. All else goes to the local markets for funds for the people. The Aquaponics system alone will grow several tons of rooted food and fish per day. We will need all the same jobs preformed as you would have in a small city. Machine Shops, Ag Equip, Excavation Equipment, Metal/Welding Shop, Wood Shop, Equipment Mechanics, 24 hr Security, Security Dogs, Web Developer, Day Care, Laundry, Clothing Repair, etc. If you are REALLY truly interested in helping with Startup, please contact me. We start with a 501-C3 and start writing for Grants.

      Bill Bailey
      Jackson, Michigan

  2. Nick

    Im going to use this informations this summer. just getting the stuff ready to start aquaponics. starting small for a 6 month+ trail system.

    Also the water from Air PDF is the same as the Mosquito Elimination PDF. they download the same file which seems to be mosquito elim.

  3. Dennis Nappi II

    Thanks for sharing. I’m actually on my way to the store to purchase supplies to start an aquaponics system. This concept can really make a difference in health, food availability and the environment. Thanks for the post!

  4. Charlie Dare

    Hi I have a question for Al Hodges as he done so much good research ~ Is there information re building these moduals ? ~ Re Growing Oyster Mushrooms . (These beautiful delicious and protein rich mushroom was grown using a proprietary system developed by Mike Duncan in Lake-fo-the-Ozarks Missouri. It was produced in ten days using a modular growing methodology called The High Tech Mushroom Growing System, (HTMGS))~ ~
    Thanking you in anticipation as I,m not up with ze Dutch Hydroponics Industry that along with Phillips (Lighting Company ) that world leaders in intensive horticulture ~ Best regards ~

  5. David

    Is it possible to have a more natural (indoor) pond for the fish to live in? The standard are very utilitarian and seem an industrial way of producing food. If I were a fish I think I might prefer a few plants, some dropping insects etc. I appreciate that this will increase the variables, cause spikes and troughs of Ph, and increase workload.

  6. Sandra

    I am building a greenhouse and collecting the necessary materials now for an aquaponic system. Please add my address to your list.

  7. Kelly

    Yes! I would like to receive your email on Aquaponics info. I have a small Koi pond in my yard. I have a couple of mesquito fish also.
    Thank you

  8. Michael bEdwards

    Doing all I can on my little plot of land would definitely welcome any additional information or tips on DIY projects especially aquaponics and how to build a raft for
    DWC thank you in advance

  9. Bruce

    Have be’n thinking about this for a long time. Thank you to all those who have done the slogging and are generous enough to share their findings with others. I would like to get an overview of small aquaponics to larger scale, costs, etc and the downside. Also the success rate of larger ventures. I live in a cold climate which may make any commercial application prohibitive except for trout. At any rare, I would appreciate your news letters and being kept informed of new developments. I do believe it may become a readily survivor model should shit hit the proverbial fan.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      Brian. I have tried to contact the author of this post, but I haven’t heard from him in a long time. He was the one who would send out the info. Did you download from the link above?

  10. C Nelson

    I am a “beginner” looking for a way to start a small business and combine my interest in gardening and fish. Aquaponics seems ideal! Please send me more information. Thank you!

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