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I don’t know why my mind goes where it does sometimes.  I’m not even doing drugs!  But at some point tonight I started listening to covers of REM’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It.  There are some VERY interesting covers on Youtube.  So, I decided to link them up here.  I’ve chosen to embed them individually instead of embedding a playlist.  That way you can click on the ones you think are interesting without having to click through a bunch of other versions.  I’ve added a little commentary on each.


The Suicide Machines – Good Ol’ Rock!


Vic Chesnutt – Uhh…kind of reminds me of The Sopranos! I kind of miss Tony, although he kind of got really weird there in the end! Anyway, don’t drop any acid while you listen to this one! 😉


Great Big Sea – I like this one! I think this is the one that you can hear on the Doom and Bloom podcast, but I’m not sure. It is well worth a listen!


Julia Nunes & Lauren O’Connell – Well, these girls were having too much fun and it was fun to watch.


orto Pilot – Too bad this song didn’t really finish out. I really liked the sound! But, it’s kind of funny!


Riddlin’ Kids – Just a good cover.


DC Talk – ???WHAT??? I actually like their sound. But this brings back some memories!!!!


Discount – Here’s a little chick punk for you!


Julee Cruise – This is very different! It’s kind of like a techno Enya. I’m sure Julee’s fans will hate me for that though. But, I DECLINE the HATERS! 😉


Nightcore – It’s like speed metal meets the Chipmunks. LOL


The Novelists – This was pretty awesome. I just like this version. I’m actually glad that I found this band. They have a version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb that is pretty cool.


Vitamin String Quartet – (instrumental) Yeah, just like it sounds, like strings. I think the first part of this song is not varied enough to have a good instrumental version. But this isn’t the only instrumental in the group. I actually couldn’t finish listening to this one.


Chris Carrabba – This is a VERY slow cover. If you want to learn the song, this would be one to start with.


No Doubt – From New Year’s 2000! You remember that? Y2K?!? I’m not impressed. Also, is the drummer naked? What the heck?????


Piano Tribute – (instrumental)


N’toko – Techno/Rap. Yo flow homie!


Rich Porter – ala William Shatner. I just don’t know…. I couldn’t do it!


The Sebi Next Door – This guy is a one man band! Heavy Bass. If you wan to learn the chords and sing along with words, this is the one for you! He actually does a great job.


The Yellow Melodies – I don’t know how I feel about this one. I want to like it. It kind of reminds me a little of Pink Floyd, but probably because I mentioned them in the above video.


Lauren Kinney – Dual banjos! I wish the audio was actually a little better. But I like this. I guess I’m a sucker for strings.


RAMP – Yeah, HEAVY METAL. I can live with this one.


Pickin’ on REM – (instrumental) Bluegrass. Get through to the middle. It REALLY picks up! 😉


Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble – (instrumental) Handbells!!! It’s very short, but kind of cool!


The Stables – Different… Is that guy standing on a tub?


FBN – I love the violin. I don’t like the vocals. Are they in a restroom????


REM – I had to link up the original too! 😉


And, just in case you feel brave, here is the playlist for all of these videos.


No really….I FEEL FINE!!!


So, which was your favorite?




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