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I’ve always been astonished at how people can continue to live in a fog when so many signs point that we are in bad shape. [Enter the possibilities of some disaster here.]  But the more time I spend in “Preparedness” and drop hints or ask people probing questions, the more I notice that people are waking up.

One area that I see a lot of interest in is gardening.  For a ton of reasons, people are investing time, energy and money into growing their own food, or at least a portion to supplement what they purchase at the store.  There are many reasons for this trend, but the fact remains that people are getting their hands dirty.

In a recent poll on Prepper Website, I asked, “What is your gardening experience?”  At the time of this writing, 43% of those that responded either chose that they have “been gardening 1-5 years” or “I’m just starting out, but I’m on board!”  Another 10% said that they had 5-10 years of experience.  I don’t know about you, but my gardening success isn’t what I would like it to be.  I have eaten the fruit of my labor and everything, but I’m not happy with all the results.

In an effort to help my fellow gardeners out there, I have put together this Gardening Link Bomb of articles that will cover a multitude of gardening advice and know-how.  Good luck and Happy Gardening!



Keyhole Gardening

7 Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

FREE: Aquaponics Information – A Gold Mine

How to start your own square foot garden

VID:Hugelkultur Basics

Successful Container Gardening

Direct Sowing

Easy Steps to Plan your Apartment Garden

Cheap Ebb and Flow Growbed

Companion planting made easy

Understanding Companion Planting


How to Plan and Plant a Hidden Garden

Stacking Functions: Increasing Efficiency with Multi-Function Spaces

How To Use The Moon To Plan Your Gardening Season

VID: 4 Popular Gardening Tips You Can Probably Ignore

Companion Plants In The Garden – What You Plant Where Matters!

31 Drought Tolerant Plants & Trees for Your Survival Garden

Permaculture Garden – Beginners Guide

How I Grow My Herbs Indoors


How to Make Your Own Seed Starting Soil

 How To Test pH Levels In Soil

Great Way To Remove Rock From Soil

Home Soil Testing – No Need For A Soil Test Kit To Do This Soil Test

How to Improve Soil Structure This Winter

Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit

VID: Coffee Grounds: How And Why We Use Them In Our Garden

DIY Garden Soil Testing

7 Laws of Gardening: Time-Tested Tips For Growing a Successful Garden

VID: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Soil for Spring

Plants That Build Healthy Soils

Seeds & Seedlings

Purchase Heirloom Seeds You Can Trust!

Indoor Seed Starting 101

Hardening Plants Before Transplanting

DIY: Homemade Seed Planter

How Many Seeds Do I Need?

Harvesting And Preserving Your Own Seeds Recycle What You Grow

Best Planting Dates for Seeds

Basic Seed Saving

Top 10 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seed Farms

How much should you plant in your garden to provide a year’s worth of food?

Value Crops

Garden Primer: How to Read a Seed Packet

35 Heirloom Seed Suppliers

How to Grow Seed Potatoes {Start to Finish}

Transplanting Your Seedlings into the Garden

How to Propagate Herbs from Cuttings

How To Improve Seed Germination

Seed Storage for Survival


How To Attract Honey Bees To Your Garden

Planning And Building A Bee-Friendly Backyard


Manure Tea


Homemade Liquid Fertilizer – 4 Do-It-Yourself Options

DIY Natural Fertilizer for Your Survival Crops

A Simple Recipe for Fertile Soil

15 Simple and Inexpensive Homemade Fertilizers

3 Simple Organic Fertilizers That Can Power Your Garden!


8 Great Tips For Finding FREE Compost Materials

Getting Started Vermicomposting – Raising Worms

VID:Composting Guerrilla Style

Feeding Compost Worms: What, When, & How

Tips on Composting 

3 Ways to Compost

VID:Chicken Tunnels That Work Your Garden Soil For You

5 Easy Steps to Composting

5 Free DIY Compost Boosters

How to Build a Compost Tea Brewer and Brew Tea

How to Make And Use Liquid Manure Compost

The Ultimate Chicken Crap Composting Guide

Irrigation – Watering

VID:Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Made Easy

Garden Watering – Exciting? No… Important? Absolutely…

Survival Gardening: How To Plan Your Low Water Garden

How To Build Your Own Irrigation System

Invest in Rain Barrels – A SMART Financial Move!

Weed Killer – Insecticides (Organic)

Amazing Weed Killer Spray Recipe & Tips


Natural and Organic Pest Control

Chemical Fertilizers – The Downsides (And Benefits) In Your Garden

How To Make a FREE DIY Weed Killer from Someone’s Bad Habit (WARNING – VERY POTENT!)


Heirloom Seeds from our Family to Yours



***HUGE Collection of Gardening and Related Videos

Cover Crops Basics – What Are They – And How And Why To Use Them For A Great Garden!

16 Foods That’ll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

A Quick Look at Beneficial Insects

 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Building a (cheap) Garden Trellis

Benefits of Weeds – 6 Reasons You Should Keep Some Around

Cheap as Dirt Garden Amendments

 Beneficial Pests

Extension Service Webinars on Organic Agriculture

Prepping w/ Panty Hose – Keeping Critters Away from the Garden

Survival Gardening Tips

Mosquito Repellent Plants

VID:How to Prune Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Melons for Greatest Yields

Six Planning Tips for Starting a Garden from Scratch

Plant Maps

Is treated lumber safe for building raised bed vegetable gardens?

VID: How to Prune Fruit Trees: Avocado, Apple, Nectarine, Plum, Pomegranate, Pear, Cherry, Fig

7 Important Steps For A Healthy, Pest-Free Organic Garden

Grocery Store Gardening – Frugal amendments from the grocery store

How To Diagnose a Tomato Disease

Frugal Gardening Tips

Homemade Liquid Fence Recipe

11 Common Problems In A Failing Garden – And How To Solve Them

An Awesome 72 Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden Plan

Starting a Medicinal Herb Garden

Survival Gardening: the 8 best protein crops

27 Tips From A Master Gardener

How to protect a plant from animals

101 Gardening Secrets the Experts Never Tell You

Unbelievable Hydrogen Peroxide Uses In Garden You Should Know


If you know of a link to an article that should be on this list, or a helpful website, please send it to  me or you can include it in the comments below.  As always, if you have a tip yourself, please include it too!



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