How to Find a Prepper Group Near You and Precautions that You Need to Take While You Meet!

Hi Prepper

You Prep.  You Research.  You Plan.  You Interact Online.

At some point you’re going to want to have some human interaction, at least if you’re normal.  I know I did and I still do.

Now, I know that some of you are screaming at your computer screen…. WHAT ABOUT OPSEC???  I’ll talk a little bit about that at the end of this article.

But the fact is, you can really benefit from human interaction with other preppers.

1. You can learn skills – Reading articles online and watching videos are great!  We live in a time where there is a lot of information online and you can find almost everything you want.  But nothing takes the place of being one on one and being hands on when you are learning.  There are many groups that hold free classes that you can find.  See below.

2. You know you are not alone – Like I said, being online is great.  You can interact with people all across the world.  But, they are still 1’s and o’s on the screen.  When you can talk to a human face to face, you are fulfilling a human need for interaction and relationship.

3. You can make some friends – How great would it be if you found someone in your town that has the same values that you have and believes in preparedness like you do? Wouldn’t that be worth it?

But before you can get to the above, you need to find preppers.  Fortunately, you can use online resources to initiate contact.  I’m sure there are more, but here are a few that you can check out.

Prepper Groups . com – From the website… “Prepper Groups is a place to meet, network and discuss prepper topics with other preppers – worldwide. The main site is solely for people looking to find other preppers, start or join a prepper group or to recruit for fellow preppers.  The prepper forum is where general discussion takes place.”

Prepper Link –  Prepper Link puts out some great content.  But the website also hosts a sort of social media page that kind of feels like Facebook or a Ning.

  • Connect and expand your network
  • View profiles and add new friends
  • Share your photos and videos
  • Create your own group or join others

American Preppers Network – APN was one of the first websites that I ever joined.  I’m not active on the forums because I just don’t have time.  But you can still connect and leave messages for people in your state by going to the forum thread for your given state.

Prepper Forums – Prepper Forums is another forum that you can join.  I didn’t notice specific threads dedicated to meeting others, but that doesn’t mean you can start one!

PatriotFB – is another social media site that looks exactly like Facebook.  However, not everyone can join.  You have to register and then they will approve your account.

Meetups – When I first started in preparedness, I found a few groups in the Houston area. Some were not active, but one was just getting started and I was able to meet a few people there.  I didn’t keep up with the group because it met on weeknights on the other side of town.  But I know that they held classes on prepper topics, went to the shooting range and even went camping together.


The picture above is from going to and searching for “survival.”  I chose the “any distance” option to see how many groups there were….and there were a lot!  The pic is just a small sample of what my screen could capture.

Hang-out Where Preppers Hang-out – I’ve heard Jack Spirko talk about this one.  If you hangout where preppers hangout, you will eventually find some.  For instance, if you hangout at a gun range, eventually you are going to find some preppers.

Teach a Class – If you teach a free class on something like “Food Storage,” “Building a Fire,” or “Preparing for a Hurricane” and advertise it on Craigslist, you’ll eventually run into preppers.  The good thing is that you can pick and choose who you want to extend the offer to grab a cup of coffee or some lunch.

Ok, now that you have some possibilities to meet other preppers, here are some things to remember when you meet…

1.  They are watching you watch them – A true prepper is going to be cautious.  So expect your first few meetings with other preppers to be cordial, but not too revealing.  A true relationship takes time and trust.  Eventually, as you build trust over time, your meetings will be more friendly and both parties will be able to trust each other enough to support each other in preparedness.

2.  Don’t give up important info. and preps – When you meet, at least for the first few meetings when you are feeling each other out, make sure you don’t give up any info. about your preps.  Talk shop.  Talk general preparedness for your area.  Talk about the economy.  But don’t talk about what type of guns you own, how much food you have stored, where you keep your precious metals, where your bugout location is, etc…  Be smart!

3.  Meet in a public area – This should be a no brainer.  But meeting at a restaurant or a Starbucks is always a good idea.

4.  Don’t give out your phone number or address – Until you feel secure with your new friend, don’t provide others with your phone number or address.  All your communication should be online.

5.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it – If at any point you get THAT FUNNY FEELING, pull out of your meeting and don’t give it a second thought.

I know that the OPSEC NAZI POLICE won’t think that many of these things are a good idea.  But we aren’t supposed to operate from FEAR.  I hate to think about all the possible friendships that preppers are missing out because of fear of OPSEC.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below.


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13 thoughts on “How to Find a Prepper Group Near You and Precautions that You Need to Take While You Meet!

  1. pantsupdon'tloot

    What anyone does is their own business, but teaming, interacting, or socializing with anyone, anywhere, for any reason will get you killed. It’s that simple and never changes.Maybe, just maybe, for those of you that can’t be happy just watching nature out there in the woods then ponder on this for a while. Get the computer out and watch old segments of true detective, court tv, or any related show as long as it is a true story. Everytime without fail, the defendant is found guilty on the testimony of an accomplice, a freiend, or a family member. This is not Gettysburg, there is no strength in numbers except the number 1.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. Being out in the wilderness by yourself is fine if you want to get away for a hike. But eventually, you will need someone to help you.


  2. pantsupdon'tloot

    Todd, under any other circumstances other than teotwawki then I’m in agreement with you…but when the chips are down and it’s life or death every minute of everyday you will have no friends. Please give these issues some serious thot before you let people into your prepper world. please…God bless and have a take care of yourself.

  3. Brescon

    To pantsupdon’tloot,
    I agree with you. I very cautiously approached a neighbor who fit every prepper stereotype. I sent her an email & asked ‘ if they do any kind of disaster preparations’. Her reply was short & cautious so I was hopeful but the next time I saw them at an event, her husband was ridiculous; openly chidding me about being ‘a prepper’. Happened every time after that when i was in their company. I took a chance and got burned but it won’t happen again. Needless to say, we do not associate any more. If something does happen, i’m sure he will be at my door & I’ll ask him if he wants a ride to the fema distribution area because I’ll be right there with everyone else, blending in, going gray.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      I”m sorry that happened to you. But, I would have approached your situation a little differently. Being that they were a neighbor and close to you, I would have engaged the couple in “prepper talk” meaning that I would have talked about subjects like gardening and stuff like “what do you think about the crime rate around here?”

      You also have the possibility that the husband isn’t on board with preparedness and instead of giving it to his wife, he was taking it out on you.

      As I wrote this article, I feel I’m pretty clear that I am very careful before I make the “preparedness talk” jump. I have to feel VERY comfortable with someone. But the fact remains, if you can find someone you can trust, you have won over a good friend. I hope you have better luck in the future. And I totally understand the desire to go completely gray.


  4. Blue

    To pantsupdontloot – I grew up in Hazelwood, right next to Ferguson… and that right there is funny.
    To everyone else who may be looking for a group that teaches basic survival skills: Do you have kids? Are they between the ages of 6 and 18? There is a group they can join, and you can be as active as you would like to be – Scouts! (I will let that sink in a bit…) Yes, you will have to pay a little bit of money to learn the skills, but the networking with other like minded people is worth it’s weight in gold – or so I am told by a leader who actively trades in gold/silver every day… (see what I mean?)Think of the skill sets you and your son or daughter (Girl Scouts is turning more to the bussiness side of the coin vice the Boy Scouts citizenship side) could learn. Plus, it’s quality time with your kids, grand kids,etc… tink about the skill sets: Camping, hikeing, fishing, first aid….
    I just taught a parents group about camping – none of them had ever been. They made an assumption, knowing that I am 21 year Marine infantry guy, that I would have a tarp and some rope for my tent and I would build a bed out of twigs and pine straw… while I may be forced to do that in the field (I haven’t yet…) I showed them my “camp in a tote” a 4 man tent, ground cloth, queen sized air mat (no kidding, I take that EVERY TIME! I’m old…) and they were blown away! This was for a Cub Scout parents group, so it’s more “glamping” to get the kids used to being in the outdoors! But it is a start, and in the end they will learn how to “Be Prepared”!! I have met many preppers so far in my new town. It seems that in this arena, it seems safer to talk about openly, and one can always off set if a conversation gets too “weird” by falling back on the scouting part…
    Just a thought…

  5. wb

    infowars calling for nationwide three day strike this coming Monday. now is the time for all you big talkers out there on the internet to show up and tell this government you will not go quietly. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the time you could keep your head down and hope it all blows over has gone away. the government has monitored these sites and they are coming for you anyway. this may well be your last chance to stand up and make a difference. it we show in such numbers just maybe the wolf will be put off our doors just long enough to bring so many more onboard they won’t dare act. it is time to man up do something other than banter and bluster.

  6. Deez

    I realize there are those who believe lone wolfing it will work. History says otherwise for the majority of mankind. It is through numbers that strength comes along with survival. What many don’t understand, there are warriors, there are the healers, the educators, and farmers, cooks and others…all are needed because no one person can know enough to thrive not just survive. It’s not about hating what’s happening, it’s about being aware and being prepared for whatever the worst situation you can imagine. Guaranteed there is something out there that’s worse than your imaginings.

  7. Spring Prepper

    Good writing Sir! OPSec has to be out the door for some of us (To a certain extent) because there’s so many people looking to connect with others. Helping folks start a local group is one of my main goals. Building local teams now could mean everything after a crisis. If you can’t find a group, start one and organize it by a committee vote.

  8. SurvBako

    Great post and 100% good advice. I recently joined and then unjoined and blocked an online prepper forum. I was excited to join a forum to learn from others, but it was quickly apparent that virtually none of the members was real. Lesson learned the hard way!

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