How to Find the Right Tutor for Your Child

Todd’s Note: This is a question that comes up every year, parents who are concerned about their child’s education will ask if I know of anyone that tutors.  When you consider a tutor, you need to think about if you want your child to be tutored in what they are currently learning in school or if they need to go back further and pick up skills that they missed.  This can easily happen, in no fault to the teachers, when a child moves from one school district to the next, moving from out of state or even within the state.  In Texas, we have the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS).  The TEKS are standards that every student should learn in any given grade level.  However, districts are not told how and when to teach them, just that they need to be taught within the year.  So if a student moves from one Texas school district to another during the school year, they could miss certain skills because the school district chose to teach the skills at different times.

So again, the question is, do you want your child to go back and pick up things they missed or get tutored on what they are currently learning in class.  The thing to consider on some of the big, well-known tutoring companies out there is that they usually give a placement test and start where your child is having issues.  This might not directly help your child in their current class.

Someone at your child’s school should be able to recommend a teacher that is willingly to tutor during the school year or summer.

It can be painful to watch your child struggle through a particular concept or unit in school. Whether it is difficulty in understanding long division, struggling with standard English grammar rules or anything in between, there is only so much that teachers and parents alike can do. For children who are having trouble in particular areas of study, it often helps to hire a tutor. This can be a great way to help a child better understand concepts in a way that relates to him. Over time, working with a tutor can result in a significant improvement in a child’s grades and give him a boost of confidence.

Benefits of Hiring a Tutor
With the right tutor, a child is able to get the one-on-one attention that he needs in order to better understand a concept. The opportunity is always there for the student to ask questions as needed, request clarification and practice. Furthermore, a qualified and experienced tutor will be able to determine a child’s needs and his particular learning style and then tailor each session accordingly to maximize understanding and long-term success.


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