How to Mentally and Physically Prepare Your Kids for Disaster

Editor’s Note – This is a guest post.

Those who are concerned about a coming social and governmental collapse are frequently dismissed as kooks by outsiders. However, there is plenty of precedent in history for massive social collapses that occurred very quickly.

One mysterious collapse that has haunted many is the collapse of the Mayan empire in the Yucatan peninsula. Apparently that collapse happened over a 5 or 10 year period and nobody really knows what happened. Their society was very advanced yet it suddenly fell apart. All their buildings were deserted.

Those of us who are in the know can see the signs of something liked that happening here.

The situation is especially worrying for those of us who have children. Not only do we worry about what kind of world they are going to inherit, we also have to worry about preparing them to survive if the collapse comes in the next year or two, which some people expect.

We need to make certain our children are strong, mentally and physically.

The best way to make our children strong is to teach them the actual skills they are going to require for survival in a world where stores and distribution systems may take decades or longer to be reestablished.

The kinds of skills that many kids are learning today with computers and social media will not be useful in a world that may be lacking electricity.

Think for a few moments about the skills your child will need to survive in the coming world.

Knowing how to plant and harvest a crop will be essential. It will also be essential to learn how to process, cook foods, and preserve food.

As we all know, the skills of hunting, fishing, and processing game are required survivor skills. Teach children to stock up on dehydrated food. You can start off by teaching them about emergency food preparedness.  In addition to learning the basics of getting their next meal, you have to teach your children how to erect all sorts of shelters.

When they are young, you can teach them to set up a tent. As they get older, they need to learn some basic carpentry skills that are not dependent on power tools. This means going back to the basics of using hand saws and hammers.

The future may not have electricity. Well, there may be electricity eventually, but we may have several decades without it.

The most crucial information that you must absorb is that these survival skills must be taught to boys and girls equally. There is no point in deciding that cooking and gardening are for girls and hunting and fishing are for boys. Both sexes will need to know all the skills necessary in order to survive the coming period.

About the Guest Author
Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and supports those ones that offer practical lifestyles to consumers.  As a frugal living and emergency preparedness advocate, she recommends for families who are looking for high quality food storage and emergency kit supplies.  You may connect with Food Insurance in Facebook.

Editor’s Note – Having an emergency supply of food buys you time.  Whether it is food storage you put up yourself in 5 gallon buckets using mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, freeze dried, MRE’s, or dehydrated food, it will give you time to sort out your emergency and focus on other things like shelter, fuel, etc…  This isn’t just for a total collapse scenario.  Think about what having a food supply would have meant to those digging in the garbage after Hurricane Sandy.  However, eventually any amount of food storage you put away will be used up.  The question to really think about is…what will you do then?


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