“I Should Have Died” – The Stuff You Might Want When the SHTF!



Todd’s Note: I recently posted an article on Prepper Website about Appendicitis.  That article was the inspiration for Anonymousmedic to share his experience with appendicitis and Turmeric.  The author does state that you shouldn’t self medicate.  I would add that we are not doctors, we are not providing advice and this topic needs more study and research for a post collapse scenario.


This article was originally posted on Your Preparedness Story.  -TS

About a year ago I stumbled across an article about Turmeric on wakeup-world.com. The benefit that intrigued me most was for Depression, something I have suffered from since I was 12. I started having, what I thought was an allergic reaction to Prozac. It turns out I was having Serotonin Toxicity. I had a severe rash, my  right knee was stiff and hurt, I had bouts of fever and chills, if you are taking any psycho-tropic meds and have these symptoms research Serotonin Toxicity. I stopped taking the Prozac and started taking Turmeric, and took it for a while. I can’t remember how long but I was taking it in March and had been for a couple weeks.

Friday morning about 3am I awoke to the worst gas pain I had ever had. I fought through that for a few hours and finally that turned into epigastric pain, middle of the stomach just below the sternum. Epigastric pain can be a sign of a heart attack. I’m 40, fat and a Paramedic, it finally hits me. I could be having a heart attack. I call my cronies to come check me out, ECG and BP are good. I decide to tough it out a while longer.

Later in the day the pain eases and I go to bed, wake up with a fever, take some turmeric and the fever breaks. Saturday morning I wake up and have some pain in my right side. I’ve been a Paramedic 15 years, my wife is an RN of over 20 years, my pain does not fit appendicitis, kidney stones, gall bladder, nothing we can think of.

Saturday morning about 6am I still have pain in my right side, not real bad but it should not be there. To the ER we go, after a CT scan it’s my appendix and it is ruptured, off to surgery. Post surgery my surgeon talks to us and says my appendix was rotted, and there was a pocket of infection and all this had probably started 10 days prior.

Anyone who knows anything about medicine knows I should have been dead! 10 days of Appendicitis without any antibiotics, I should have been septic, (blood poison), and dead by now. Turmeric is supposed to have many benefits including antibacterial properties. I should have died without treatment. I’m not saying you should self medicate if you suspect you have appendicitis. I just know my story, for what it may be worth to you.

As for the depression, I am currently taking Curcumin which is the substance in Turmeric that is supposed to be so beneficial. I’m not doing summer salts but not severely depressed either and winter is well on it’s way. I can also say I have not had any headaches in a longtime. I recommend doing your own research about Turmeric/Curcumin.




This article first appeared on Ed That Matters.

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10 thoughts on ““I Should Have Died” – The Stuff You Might Want When the SHTF!

  1. Kenny

    Why the depression. Since 12? Life is wonderful. You need to meet Jesus. I know everyone has problems, but trust me on this, Jesus will solve them all. Find a local church or bible study. You will be able to get off of the drugs. Been there done that. I love you for sharing and Jesus loves you for who you are.

    1. vocalpatriot

      shut up, dinkus.
      advising folks to quit their meds is dangerous.
      besides, didn’t you get killed on south park?

      1. Todd Sepulveda

        Play nice. I agree with Kenny that Jesus is the answer for everything. However, He wants us to use our heads and thinking… Sometimes He heals through meds, sometimes naturally and sometimes miraculously. I’ve seen all of those happen in my lifetime!

        Plus, that comment is a carry over from the previous website. It’s kind of old. 😉


  2. JJ

    I take two Turmeric for headaches–better than any acetaminophen, aspirin, or Ibuprofen causing our livers to work harder filtering toxic entities.
    My husband wouldn’t take pain killers provided by the all-knowing, drug-pushing VA for leg pain.
    After a couple of months on Turmeric daily, he was pain free.
    Don’t stop taking or you will have a couple months for your body to begin pain free again.

  3. Al

    I see many different places for which herb or essential oil to take but never how much to take. I there a website or a book that addresses this?

    1. Todd Sepulveda


      For essential oils, it depends on which one you are using. Some are not supposed to be ingested. One of the books that was recommended to me a while back was – The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Over 600 Natural, Non-toxic & Fragrant Recipes to Create Health • Beauty • A Safe Home Environment by Worwood, You can get it here at Amazon.

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