If They Mean to Have A War, Let It Begin Here!

“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.” John Adams

David Hackett Fischer’s best-seller Paul Revere’s Ride.

David Hackett Fischer’s best-seller Paul Revere’s Ride.

On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Richard, from The Apple Seed Project, presented at my church.  He shared about the days leading up to and the significance of April 19, 1775.  You might know it as the day/evening that Paul Revere rode through New England declaring, “The British are Coming!  The Regulars are Out!”

There were a couple of takeaways that I wanted to quickly share, but mostly, I wanted to remind you that the presentation was recorded in case you missed it.  I recommend everyone watch it!

My TakeAWays…

It started because of a war! – Yeah, that’s right, it’s always about a stupid war!  King George III needed to recoup money from the French and Indian War.  As a result, he taxed the colonies.  Like now, excessive taxes don’t go over too well.

People were fed up!  The colonist were fed up with stupid laws and government in general.  People will only take so much before they begin to rebel.

People want to protect themselves! Paul Revere and other patriots were meeting to discuss how to protect themselves and what needed to be done in response to England’s heavy hand.

Communication is always a key! It was important for Paul Revere and his companions to have a way to communicate with the other colonist.  And the lack of communication on the part of the British commanders put their men in a bad situation.

You can’t always guide perception! Some of the altercations that led up to the point of “No Return” could have been avoided if people understood what was going on.

The Liberty Seed presentation is based on David Hackett Fischer’s book, Paul Revere’s Ride.  As a result of the presentation, I purchased the book on Kindle and I’m enjoying diving a little deeper into what led up to this important day in our history.  I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of this book from me. 😉

I welcome…no I challenge you to watch the presentation.  Please skip the music and announcements and get to the presentation at 33:25.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Please feel free to leave a comment in regards to your TakeAWays!




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6 thoughts on “If They Mean to Have A War, Let It Begin Here!

  1. Lucifer's Taxi

    Anybody remember that old ’60s comic strip called Pogo- a bunch of critters that lived in a swamp? There was Albert,(the alligator)- ‘The Judge,(The Owl- loosely patterned on Spiro Agnew) and Pogo the hedgehog.
    Anyway- the Judge has placed all of the critters behind bars,(except Pogo)- for defying the laws of gravity! The Judge and Pogo are standing there, looking at the crowded cell, and the Judge sez:
    “It’s been a long, hard struggle- but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!”
    Pogo replies: “Yeah- and it is coming at you, at a zillion miles an hour!”
    I used to find a lot of useful ‘prepper-type’ stuff on this website- but lately, it seems to have been taken over, by zioturd war-mongers and jesusfreak simpletons!
    ‘Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from evil.’- Packwood’s Law

    1. Todd Post author


      You also said in a previous post comment that you weren’t ever coming back, but you still do. There are a “TON” of preparedness websites on the internet, thanks for coming back to mine. Maybe one of these days the Jesusfreak stuff will stick!!!


  2. wb

    most of you don’t even realize that americans have stood toe to toe with the government in open combat and actually won. this is the history the left denies the people. simply go to your computer and look up mcminnville, tennessee, the battle of athens, 1946. people, it is up to us. each and every one of us have the right and the duty to replace by force any form of government that refuses to act in the defense of the people. the administrators of this side needs to make sure everyone learns of this and spreads the message.

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