Invest in Rain Barrels – A SMART Financial Move!


At this point in our economy, I feel that it is a SMART move to put your money where you are going to see some good returns. I’m not necessarily talking about getting a better interest rate, playing the stock market or any type of financial returns. I’m talking about returns that add to your quality of life and help you in your preparedness. I recently wrote about one of the best investments that I made in 2014 over at Your Preparedness Story. It was a short article, but showed that I put some money down on increasing my garden space, 30 feet of garden beds and 4 yards of dirt!

Another investment or SMART move that I feel preppers can make right now is investing in some rain barrels. They are not hard to install and provide water for your garden. This is an investment that will pay off big for a long time.

Below are pics and some commentary of my rain barrel install. I chose to purchase a diverter from Amazon and it has worked well.


This is the spot where I chose to place my rain barrels. It needed some cleaning up!

This is the spot where I chose to place my rain barrels. It needed some cleaning up!

You probably won’t have too many choices on where to place your barrels. You want them pretty close to your gutter down spout.

Balancing the cinder blocks before I set the barrels in place.

Balancing the cinder blocks before I set the barrels in place.

You’ll see that I have two barrels. The first barrel from the down spout is on a set of 4 cinder blocks. The second barrel is just on two.

Cutting out a portion of the down spout for the rain diverter.

Cutting out a portion of the down spout for the rain diverter.

I chose to use the Fiskar Rain Barrel DiverterPro. I purchased mine from Amazon. The DiverterPro comes with instructions on how much of the down spout you need to cut. You can checkout the video at the end of the post in regards to this specific rain diverter.

My son getting in on the action.

My son getting in on the action.

Why do something by yourself when you can do it with someone else? 😉 My son helped with the install.

The Fiskar Rain Barrel DiverterPro connected to the barrel.

The Fiskar Rain Barrel DiverterPro connected to the barrel.


My rain barrel setup!

My rain barrel setup!

Here is the final setup. I purchased the first barrel off of a guy on Craigslist. I realized that I wanted more capacity, so I purchased a second one from Amazon. I paid full price, which I wasn’t happy with, but I did it because we have a pool and we often have people over in the backyard. I wanted barrels that matched!

Lessons Learned During the Install

1. The Fiskar DiverterPro needed a little silicon inside the diverter where it attaches to down spout.  Before I did that, water was going down the outside of the down spout.

2. I was pretty upset after the install because it didn’t seem like the diverter was working.  I used a water hose to send water down the gutter to see if rain would go into the barrel.  All my attempts on the install day failed.   The diverter screen is plastic and needed to mold correctly to the inside of the diverter.  After a few days of the install, we had a decent rain and both barrels filled very quickly.  I believe a little time in the sun helped to mold the screen inside the diverter to sit and seal properly.

3.  I would like more barrels!  I know that a lot of rain goes down the down spout and out to the street.  I believe that everyone should have a good number of barrels to catch as much rain water as possible!

4.  Did you know that rain barrels could net you a tax break or two? As it turns out, many state and local governments offer tax breaks and/or rebates for certain systems installed for the purpose of harvesting rainwater. Keep that in mind when clicking through your personal tax prep software. You may end up with an additional chunk of savings!




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