Is It Time to Start Using Essential Oils? Essential Oils for Preppers

Essential Oils for Preppers!


Essential oils used to be the stuff of hippies and people “out there.”  But more people, including preppers and those wanting to be more self-reliant, have found the many uses of essential oils, for now, and when the poop hits the fan.  I am a believer and have seen them work in my life and others.  As a result, I want other preppers to understand that essential oils are force multiplies for their preparedness, in their health, hygiene and so much more!


The first time I used essential oils was when my wife was suffering from a migraine.  She had been down for a few days, tried her big medicine and nothing was helping.  After seeing her suffer, I remembered that I had purchased a 4 pack essential oil kit because I had been reading and linking to several articles on Prepper Website.  I researched if any of the EO’s I had would help with migraines and I found that the cooling sensation of Peppermint could help.


At this point, my wife was willing to try anything.  I used a little peppermint oil across her forehead.  The cooling effect was immediate.  And although it didn’t take the migraine away, it helped to make the pain more tolerable.  It also helped to make her a believer in EO’s and now she uses them regularly.  One that we use on a regular basis is Spark Natural’s Allergy Blend – LLP.  In fact, people will come to her office at work to get some of her “stuff.”


Another time that an essential oil came in very handy was when I used Tea Tree Oil (aka – Melaleuca) for a toe fungus.  On a visit to the Dr. for a non-related issue, I brought up the toe fungus.  He mentioned that we could deal with that after we dealt with the current issue because the medicine that he would prescribe would cause my blood to be monitored.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to take medicine that would cause my “levels” to be checked on a regular basis.


Instead, I just put Tea Tree Oil on my toe in the morning before I put my socks on and in the evening before I went to bed.  I put a few drops on a Q-tip and then liberally coated my toenail and tried to get it under as much as possible.  Amazingly, this caused my fungus to clear up.  And this happened without having to have my blood level monitored taking some hardcore medicine.


These are just two reasons why I am a believer in EO’s.  There are so many other reasons to use Essential Oils, but I can’t touch on all of them.  But I do want to continue learning as much as I can about them.


I also want others to benefit from EO’s too.  There might come a time when we just can’t go to the  Dr. for so many different reasons.  In those times, if something as a little bottle of EO’s could provide relief, wouldn’t you want to know?


So, in the spirit of the learning more about essential oils, I would like to offer you this Herbs and Essential Oils Bundle.  A bundle is a package of products that have been put together around a specific theme.  I have purchased and shared other bundles before.  But the Ultimate Bundles are always the best.  They provide a lot of great value at a great price.


The  Herbs and Essential Oils Bundle includes 22 eBooks, 4 ecourses, 6 printable packs, & 2 membership sites.  In these products, you will find a total of 444 recipes, 184 printables.  It is a $567.48 value.  But you can get this bundle for $47!

After Dec. 28th – CLICK HERE.






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