Is Living Simpler the Better?

The Pros and Cons of Minimalist Home

minimalist home

Todd’s Note: Many people are looking at their finances and realizing that things don’t look all that good.  As a result, some are down sizing and choosing to live a simpler life.  What is truly valuable?  What is truly needed?  This article provides some pros and cons for a minimalist home.

A minimalist style of home design is the type that keeps only what is necessary to fulfill the common or innate needs of a person, focusing on achieving the main purpose of a given room and disposing unnecessary furniture, décor or home accessory. The color pallet of homes under the minimalist style is white, black, cream or gray. A minimalist home caters to the need of space, free flowing of home activities and decluterring.


  • Minimize Stress – minimalist home prohibits you to display “knick-knacks” or if so, at a minimal. This relieves you of having to maintain many furniture and home accessories. This will also set your mind the proper furniture and accessories to obtain when having a minimalist home.
  • Value for money – having a minimalist home is also economical in a sense that it will restrict you in having excessive furniture, keeping only what is necessary in your given space. The cost and maintenance in a minimalist home are much lower compare to other home design, not only because of the fewer things to buy and repair, but also its contributing factor in electricity.
  •  Independence – minimalist home provides fluidity of activities inside your home due to freed space. This will allow you to move without any hassle around your house and in keeping things inside the house organized.
  •  Time –because of a fewer things to maintain it would take less of a time to clean, declutter and redesign your home. Having few things will also save your energy to move around furniture and organize your stuff.
  •  Happiness – freed space and time saves you from attending to many hours on house duties. This will give you the ability to tend to other activities that focuses on your self-appreciation and less time working for the house upkeep.


  • Bareness – walking inside a minimalist home maybe pleasing to the eyes because of its soft color pallet depicting a more spacious room, but when applying minimalism in your bedroom, this may come a bit too cold for a room to sleep in. “Lack of warmth” as one may say, especially when all the bareness envelopes you as you close your eyes to sleep.
  •  Conservation –A minimalist home will require more effort on the part of the owner for the house’s upkeep. Common concern will be when having white or light colored floor and tiles which are more easily stained. Animal shedding will also be a problem to furniture with dark colored exterior. Having a minimalist home makes dirt and home furniture’s ‘wear and tear’ more visible.
  •  Subjacent Fixtures – space saving furniture may not cater to all types of people. An example would be a low laying couch would be uncomfortable for a taller guy to sit in.
  •  Clutter – as fewer your things get in your minimalist home, the noticeable the clutter is. One can easily spot ‘stuff that don’t belong’ in any given area. This would require constant arranging and organizing.
  •  Removing memories – conversation pieces like souvenir items from your travels or a prized picture/painting depicting a memoir in your life are kept in a minimal or none at all. Minimalist home ceases to be home with a character for the reason that it does not take any personal reference to the owner.

Minimalist home can serve as your starting point when deciding to have your own place or when living on your own. It is because it will aid you in keeping your expenses at a minimum and will guide you to keep your stuff organized and in proper places.

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Author Bio:  Alexe is a dedicated housewife and a mother of two beautiful young ladies. She currently works as an outreach coordinator for Ritz Design Build, a home remodeling contractor from San Diego. Follow her on twitter @bedcritter


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