Is Responsibility in Your Future?

What does the future look like?  What part will you play?  I mean, what part will you play in your OWN future?  Do you see yourself sucking at the never ending government teat?  Or do you see yourself taking personal responsibility for yourself and helping those around you understand how important it is for them to take responsibility themselves?

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast talks often about liberty and personal responsibility.  On episode 998, he talks about “Solutions to Some of the Big Problems.”  No doubt that he is talking about the “Big Problems” that the near future will bring.

Here are the topics he discusses (from  his show notes):

  • The real reason many insist “total collapse” is in our future
  • Why we will not see a total energy collapse in our lifetimes (good and bad)
  • Why believing in AGW based on CO2 lets us off way to easy, seriously
  • The danger of oil peaking is actually coal and natural gas
  • The law of unintended consequences is about to play out (may be)
  • Every citizen a solider?  How about every citizen a sentinel?
  • Rebuilding society without a total collapse
    • Rebuild soils and reestablish natural ecosystems
    • Create designed ecosystems with “cheap energy”
    • Develop and remove blockages to the urban ag movement
    • Reestablish diversity in our seed lines
    • Allow for the reintegration of small farm livestock
    • Encourage rather then block architectural innovation
    • Develop alternative energy in a decentralized model
    • Turn garbage and waste into energy
    • Crack down on companies that really are doing harm
    • Repair and improve the energy grid
    • Get corporate interests out of pure research
    • Define and enforce separation of industry and government
    • Put rail between places were people actually go frequently
    • Create thousands and thousands of “laboratories of innovation”
    • Develop a culture of leadership and self sufficiency
  • Why you need to act for yourself now, and not worry about “but  ________”

I recommend that you listen to the podcast online or even download it to your phone, Ipod, etc…  I also recommend that you check out some of his other podcasts.  He covers a wide range of topics.


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