Jammin’ Out At the End of the World

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When we get to the end of the world and all that…yeah, we’ll be gardening, working with livestock, bartering, battling in the Thunderdome and even looking for some entertainment.   But will we ever sing any songs and play any instruments?  Or will that be a thing of the past?

My dad told me about  a sailor that was stationed with him in the Navy.  The guy didn’t have too much money to spare, so when they all went off-base and took trips, someone always paid his way because he played guitar and could provide everyone with entertainment.

When I was a liquid petroleum gas surveyor, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I would monitor the loading of LPG on sea going vessels.  The officers were usually German or Dutch or from some European country.  But the rest of the crew were usually Philippianos.  They had separate dining areas.  On one ship, the officer’s mess hall was really boring, but the rest of the crew had a “rockin” good time!  The reason? One of the crew had a guitar and a fake book and they sang old classic rock songs all night long!

Do you know someone who plays guitar?  If not, it’s not too late for you to learn.  By knowing a few chords and having a good fake book, you can provide entertainment for all kinds of events…especially when the SHTF and you don’t have Itunes or your mp3 player to provide music.

I actually taught myself to play guitar.  I bought a guitar from one of my cousins for $35 and a chord book from the bookstore.  I then picked up some of the chord song sheets from church and learned a few songs.  I think the first song I learned was “Blessings and Glory.”  I was 16. I still have that guitar!

It really isn’t too hard to learn how to play guitar.  The most difficult thing in learning to play guitar is pressing down the strings hard enough.   And now, with the internet and Youtube, any aspiring guitar player has a ton of tools at their disposal.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs – You can find the chords for every popular song here.  This is a great resource.   Many songs have multiple versions and you can usually find one version for beginners.

Guitar Chords for Beginners – Plugin which chord you are looking for and it will spit it out for you.  I wish I had this when I was learning.

Get a good fake book!  Remember, you might not have the internet! 🙂  – A fake book has the words and chords to popular songs.   You don’t need to know how to play notes, just chords. Rock, Country, Love Songs, Multiple Type Songs, Hymns and Religious.

You also need to learn how to tune your guitar.  The video below walks through how to tune your guitar.  He talks about having a starting reference point.  I would suggest a guitar pitch pipe (doesn’t require batteries) and use it for a reference point for your E string.


Of course, since it’s the End of the World and all that, you will need extra strings.  But they aren’t too expensive.

You can see me playing my guitar for church live on Sunday mornings…or at least we are going to attempt to broadcast live on the internet here.


Pastor Todd???

Pastor Todd???





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