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The 3rd graders at my school have the opportunity to attend a gardening class every Tuesday.  The class is held during their Science time.  Every student gets the chance to work in the dirt, watch vegetables grow, pull them from the garden and eat them.  It is a great opportunity, one that many today don’t get to experience.

Before I started in preparedness, my gardening experience consisted of sticking a seed in a styrofoam cup and watching it on the windowsill of my classroom.  Besides that, many other plants, gifts from friends or my sorry attempt to landscape, died at my hands.   I’m not where I want to be as a gardener, but I can say that I have successfully eaten vegetables from my current garden…but I’m always trying to improve, read about, experiment and look at sustainable ways to garden.  One type of gardening that interests me is Keyhole Gardening.

This slide show presentation was shared by a member of the Waco Preppers Meetup Group.  See below for more information and my thoughts about Prepper Meetups.

To view the presentation without having to move the slide bar, click on the arrow on the top left corner of the presentation screen.  You might have to click on the presentation and scroll to go to the next slide.



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My thoughts on Prepper Meetups…

When my eyes were first opened and I realized how fragile and exposed I was to “unpreparedness,”  I started like crazy trying to find as much information as I could about being prepared.  Being familiar with Meetup Groups related to the Christian Faith, I decided to look for a group where I could learn more about preparedness.  To my surprise, a meetup group was being formed and I signed up to be at the first meeting.

There were a lot of people at the first meeting.  In fact, the meeting was held at a community center.  There was a big community event being held in the big room.  But because signs with arrows were up around the building, people from the community meeting drifted into the preparedness meetup.

Yes, there were some tinfoil hat people there.  Others were worried about 2012.  But everyone looked like average Joes.  We all introduced ourselves as we went around the room.  This was the first time I had heard of JWR and the book Patriots.  I heard people talking about bugout bags and bugout locations.  I listened to people talk about their gardening and stored food.  People talked about AR15’s and shotguns!!!!  There was a lot of information.  This was a few years ago and pre-Prepper Website.

I only attended a few meetups because I was always just too busy on Meetup days.  But I’m still a member of the meetup and I see the emails that go out.  The meetup has had special classes on all sort of info. like gardening, sprouting, food storage, etc..  They have also taken day trips to shoot guns and have even gone on a camping trip.  Groups have spawned off of the main Meetup group and that is fine too.

The great thing of a Meetup is you don’t have to give too much of yourself away.  You can sign up for the meetup and attend a meeting.  If you don’t think it’s for you, don’t go back.  But you might find that it is a great way to meet like-minded people, learn a lot and even get some training at no or low-cost.

Most big cities or metroplex’s will have a Preparedness Meetup group of some sort.  If you find that you are not near one, you could still contact the nearest one, read and interact on their forums and they might even know of contacts for you where you live.

Here are a few if you are in the area:

Waco, TX – Waco Preppers

Houston, TX – Houston Emergency Preparedness

Houston, TX – West Houston Emergency/Disaster Prep Group

American Preppers Network Meetups

Find a Meetup –

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