Layering Your Home for Security – A Necessary Strategy in Hard Economic Times


Anyone with their pulse on current events has to be worried!  We are living in concerning times.  You don’t have to look too far to see that our nation is in a very fragile state.  One major stressor is the economy.  We currently have more people dependent on government assistance than ever before. (click here and here)  So then, what happens when prices (food, medical, utilities) reach a point that the assistance that the government is providing doesn’t  cut it anymore?  Can you guess?

You don’t have to guess, cause it is happening right now.  Turn on the news and let your local newscast freak you out.  Or, don’t count on the mainstream media, because they are only going to give you a portion of what you really need to hear anyway.  Instead, listen to your neighbors, friends and co-workers.  You can drill down and check your neighborhood stats here (drill down to the street level).  You will see/hear about crimes that you won’t hear about on TV.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, you are lucky.  But you better believe that at some point you are going to be touched by it. As the economy continues to suffer and individuals and families encounter hard times, crime is going to increase, thus creating the need for the prudent and wise to think about their safety and security.

When it comes to safety and security, I have always been a fan of the layering approach.  Layering is simply placing objects or barriers between you and the bad guys!  Layering is effective and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  The idea is to make the bad guys go through multiple layers and choose a different, easier target instead.  The rest of the article will focus on ideas that you can use to layer your home for security.

Front Door – Your front door is a layer.  But it shouldn’t be your only layer.  Besides reinforcing the strike plate with 2 inch screws, you should have a solid deadbolt.  Another layer could be a storm door with a lock or even burglar bars.  A good latch is valuable too!  If you want to add even more layers, utilizing a security door bar is a good idea.  But you don’t only want to make sure that your front door is securely layered.  Take some time to layer all the doors in your home.

Windows – Every window has a lock.  But you can add a layer by including sliding window locks for about $5.  Other options would include tint or blinds, which would make it harder for someone to look inside your house.

Burglar Alarm – A burglar alarm is a serious layer.  Alarms can be monitored by an alarm company or they can be self-monitored.  Self-monitored systems have greatly advanced and will even allow you to view your home on your smartphone.

Dogs – A dog or dogs can be a great layer, especially if they bark.  My dogs alert me the minute someone is in the front of the yard.  They run and bark at the door and don’t stop until I open it.  Outside dogs are a layer to your perimeter.  A big dog on the other side of the fence will make any criminal think twice.

Outside Lights – Lights that are mounted on the outside of your home, especially ones that are triggered by motion sensors are a must! Roaches run when you turn on the lights!  Someone who is watching your house will not want to approach it if they know the lights are going to draw attention to them.

Outside Landscaping – Bushes can be a layer around windows.  It is important that you don’t create an environment that will create a hiding place for someone to lay in waiting.  Make sure that the bushes you choose to plant are thorny and cause a lot of discomfort if someone wants to go through them.

 Personal Defense – A firearm is a layer that you would want to have if needed.  If you want to use something that is not so deadly, you can always pick up a can of ColdSteel Inferno to spray in someone’s face.  Having a few of these cans hidden in different parts of the house is a good idea.

Safe Room – A safe room would be a last ditch layer.  Some people are putting them into their homes.  If this is a scenario you want to take, you should research the necessary components for a “safe” safe room.

Neighborhood Watch – Although a Neighborhood Watch isn’t just focused on your home, it is a layer that could cause the bad guys to go looking in a different neighborhood altogether.  Neighborhoods that have a Neighborhood Watch usually post signs in the entrances of their neighborhood.

Neighbors – Even if you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch, you should get to know your neighbors, especially those pesky ones that stay in everyone’s business…because they are going to keep a lookout!  You gotta take some bad with the good!

Street Lights – Sticking with your neighborhood, it would be a good idea to immediately report any street lights that are out to the city or county that manages them.  Again, light causes the roaches to run for cover!

Signs – Don’t underestimate the power of a cheap sign.  A sign on a fence that reads “Beware of Dog” or a Security company sign on the front lawn somewhere will cause the bad guys to think twice before attempting to break into your house.

Other Tips/Advice:

• If you leave on vacation, ask someone to pick up your newspaper and bring in your trashcans.

• If you have fence, make sure that there is a self-locking latch on it.

• Be careful of what your trash says!  If you have just purchased a new TV or computer, break up the box and put in a trash bag.  You don’t want to announce to the world that you have “nice” stuff in your home.

• Want to find more articles on home security?  Click here and here!

Layering your home allows you to look at your home in segments and stages.  What you will eventually wind up with is a home that has multiple layers and a harder target for someone to break in and steal your stuff.  Everyone would benefit from taking some time to layer their security.  As times get harder, you’ll be glad you did!

What other ideas do you have to provide layers to your home security?  Leave them in the comment section below.

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