Starting a Mutual Assistance Group (M.A.G.) and Bible Study Group for Preparedness!


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Many people in preparedness understand that going through a big emergency event alone is not something they want to do.  There is power, encouragement, and safety in numbers.

As a result of this understanding, many desire to form survival or mutual assistance groups.  However, OPSEC and just plain knowing where to draw members from (or new friends who understand), is the biggest hindrance.

One solution to this is to form a Mutual Assistance Group or M.A.G. off of an already formed group of some sort. My suggestion for the Prepared Christian is to do this within a Bible Study.

I hear from many Christian Preppers who feel very isolated in their churches because their pastor doesn’t believe in preparedness and others just roll their eyes.  Well, in that case, start your own group!  What better way to prepare than with others you trust to pray for you and believe the same way you do?!?

I’m offering my website to be a hub for Christian Preppers who want to link up with each other, study the Bible, have fellowship and also learn to depend on each other “JUST IN CASE!”

So here it goes…

Below, you will find info./people who are willing to take the lead on starting a group.   Contact them and find out about their meeting times.  If you don’t see a group in your City/State, start one!

Here are some things to consider:

  • You might want to hold some of your first meetings in a coffee shop or restaurant in an effort to get to know everyone before moving into a house or something more conducive to studying the Bible, praying and fellowshipping.
  • Don’t share too much personal info. too soon.  You need to build trust with each other.
  • Trust and believe in the Holy Spirit to give you discernment at all times.

Of course, many Preppers are going to freak out about this and throw up red flags because of OPSEC.  I understand all that, but at some point, you need to trust God!  You trust Him with your eternal life, you can’t trust Him with your earthly life?  Of course…discernment and always use wisdom!


My format for a Bible Study

  • Let everyone know a week before the meeting, a chapter of the Bible to read over a few times.  Those who want, can study deeper using online tools .
  • Brew a pot of coffee! 😉
  • Start with an icebreaker to get people talking and to learn a little about each other…don’t worry, nothing super secret!  If you need some icebreaker ideas – click here.
  • Ask questions and don’t hesitate to allow some uncomfortable pauses that will cause people to talk. 😉  If you need help with coming up with questions, feel free to use the questions I started putting together – click here.
  • As the one asking questions, I don’t always look at the person talking because they direct their answers or insights to me.  I look down from time to time and drink coffee.  This forces people to look around and talk to the whole group.


Bible Study Groups

If you don’t see a Bible Study group in your city/town, start one!  Just send me your city, state and contact email.  I will post it here for you and interested parties can send you an email!   Email – todd [dot] sepulveda [@} prepperwebsite [dot] com.

This page was formerly located on Prepper Church!


Queensland – godhasmynumber [@] hotmail [dot] com



Anchorage – pastor [@] hbc-ak [dot] org



Chino Valley/ Paulden Area – emcclass3 [@] yahoo [dot] com

Payson – lintongwhaley [@] aol [dot] com



Cherokee Village – Family Bible Study – gospel_rooster [@] yahoo [dot] come



Lincoln – brotherd [@] nym [dot] hush [dot] com

Modesto – rogueamerican2016 [@] gmail [dot] com



Northwest Part of the State – wohtimmo [@] gmail [dot] com



Clearwater – PierceRHB [@] yahoo [dot] com

Lake County – dcm2000k9 [@] yahoo [dot] com



Augusta – sceptre721 [@] protonmail [dot] com



Kailua Kona – kensmith [@] hawaii [dot] rr [dot] com



Indianapolis – Southwest side Meeting day & time to be determined – justincase [dot] indy [@] gmail [dot] com



Louisville (Rural) – moregretch [@] yahoo [dot] com



Upper Malboro – rgestiv [@] comcast [dot] net



Greenville – Sunday Nights – pastor [@] gowenbible [dot] org



?? – gunny [@] manupshow [dot] org



Brooklyn – mara1493  [@] yahoo [dot] com



Charolette – midcenturyman1957 [@] gmail [dot] com



Bedford County – karns.mark1 [@] gmail [dot] com

Monroe County & surrounding areas – meoj63 [@] gmail [dot] com



Sneedville – truefaith [@] jesusanswers [dot] com



Austin/Round Rock/Leander/Cedar Park/Liberty Hill – ALGJR [@] JUNO [dot] COM

Denton – edtheplumber75 [@] gmail [dot] com

Forney – schristian [@] reagan [dot] com

NW Houston – todd [dot] sepulveda [@] prepperwebsite [dot] com



Longview – paulsmith1001 [@] comcast [dot]net



Milwaukee, Wisconsin/Southeastern Wisconsin – gwolak [@] wi [dot] rr [dot] com
NOTE: Wanting to begin a Prepper’s Church, Christian MAG, Home Church for Preppers, or Prepper’s Bible Study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin/Southeastern Wisconsin.




Spruce Grove – mark [dot] judy [@] woodwyant [dot] com




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