Conflicted: New Government Laws – What Would You Do?

Conflicted: BEFORE the SHTF!


Conflicted is a Survival Card Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

SCENARIO – Due to World War 3, the infrastructure of society has gone back to a level not seen since the 1800’s.  Your help is requested in forming the new government and you can change or implement 5 laws as you see fit.  What would these laws be and why?

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9 thoughts on “Conflicted: New Government Laws – What Would You Do?

  1. Michael

    Here are my thoughts on making our country stronger.


    And I think it can be done because the 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 … before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.
    Maybe it is time.

    28th Amendment
    Short name: The Congressional Equality Amendment.
    Neither Congress, nor any Executive Directive or Order, nor any administrative rule shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States.
    1) Term Limits. A maximum of 8 years only, based upon one of the options below:
    a) Two Four-year terms
    b) Four Two-year terms
    c) One Six-year term and one Two-Year reelection term with the (state governor to appoint replacement of Four-Years remaining – said replacement to be ineligible for reelection to the appointed office.)
    2) No Tenure / No Pension.
    a) A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay or benefits when they are out of office.
    3) Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security just like the rest of us!
    a) All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.
    4) Congressional members can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
    5) Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
    6) Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
    7) Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
    8) All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective immediately.
    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so our elected officials should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    29th Amendment
    Short Name: Restriction of Public Office Amendment.
    Restriction of Public Office Holders and Other Government Employees to Work for Government engaged organizations for a Period of Time immediately after cessation of government employment of 4 years, plus a Period of Time Equal to Time in Government Service. Example: 1 year public service is unable to work for a government supplier for 5-years after cessation of government service/employment. A single exception is granted to military service personnel of less than 8 years service.

    30th Amendment
    Short Name: Recall of Elected Officials Amendment
    To provide for the recall of any elected or appointed official (the President, Vice President, members of the Senate, members of the House of Representatives) and all appointed officials.

    31st Amendment
    Short Name: The Plum Killer Amendment
    To modernize federal laws and create a Sunshine Provision for all government organizations, commissions, bureaus and agencies

    32nd Amendment
    Short Name: Term Limits For All Amendment
    Limited to being elected or appointed to a total of eight (8) years for President, Vice-President, Senators, House Of Representatives, Supreme Court Justices and Federal Magistrates and Judges. The exception being Supreme Court Justices which shall be rotated out in a manner similar to Senators.

    32nd Amendment
    Short Name: Lobbyist Reform Amendment
    to prohibit any lobbyist organization or corporation from spending more that $1,000 per month in total for on any appointee, or elected official, or any employee(s) of any appointee or elected officials in addition to prohibit employing any relative or partner of any appointee, or elected official to the 3rd relationship (1st cousin).

    33rd Amendment
    Short Name: Full and Immediate Disclosure Amendment
    To Recreate The Freedom Of Information Act for candidates, appointees and elected officials to disclose any and all information that any Citizen may request within 10 days, or forfeit his position or office.

    34th Amendment
    Short Name: Fair and Equal Election Districts Amendment
    The creation of election districts by geographic analysis being based on Zip Codes

    35th Amendment
    Short Name: Popular Amendment
    Short Name: To modify the ability to Amend The Constitution to include change by 65% of the Citizens Popular Vote The notion of popular amendment comes from the conceptual framework of the Constitution. Its power derives from citizens; the Constitution was adopted by the citizenry; it functions at the behest of and for the benefit of its citizens. Given all this, if the citizens demanded a change to the Constitution, should not the citizens be allowed to make such a change?

    36th Amendment
    Short Name: Electronic Voting Amendment
    that qualified citizens shall be able to cast their votes for any Federal Office, law or other elective proposition electronically, or by mail, or in person at a designated polling place.

    37th Amendment
    Short Name: My Vote Counts Amendment
    The “Every Vote Counts” Amendment providing for independent and direct election of the President and Vice President, incorporating the Electoral College into state and county elections that only US Citizens under the one person, one vote is one citizen, one vote. This would correct political deals.

    38th Amendment
    Short Name: The Peoples Omsbudsman Amendment
    To create a federal law investigative and enforcement unit under the authority of an elected official, the Peoples Ombudsman, that is not funded by the Congress or the President but funded directly by appropriations from the States and overseen by the a rotating council of 9 States’ Attorney Generals for the sole purpose of investigating public corruption and forcing enforcement of laws with special emphasis on the equality of enforcement by federal agencies. An oversight committee of 10 citizens, randomly selected by lot, paid in such a manner as to have all of their expenses covered and a salary of the past year’s income plus 10%.

    39th Amendment
    Short Name: One Law At A Time Amendment
    Any appropriation or law shall stand by itself and be unique to itself and passed to the Executive singly. All legislation saw be identified by author and by sponsor, no provision is made for earmarks, unsponsored legislation or appropriations, nor for any grouping of appropriations or laws into a compilation, compendium or other grouping for passage or for Presidential confirmation.

    40th Amendment
    Short Name: All laws shall be voted on Amendment
    All laws shall be voted on, and passed individually and separately by the Senate and then the House of Representations. No provision is made for an Executive Order. All actions of the Republic shall be solely from the elected members of Congress no provision is made for legislation to be deemed to have been passed all legislation shall require a quorum vote by each house of Congress.

    41st Amendment
    Short Name: Line Item Veto Amendment
    To allow the President to approve or disapprove any Congressional appropriation, but not to reduce or increase such appropriation. Can only be overridden by three-fourths vote of both houses of Congress. (In reflection to the preceding this amendment is a confirmation of the Presidential Authority.)

    42nd Amendment
    Short Name: Flat Sales Tax Amendment
    that funding for operation of all State and Federal governments shall be by a flat tax only on sales, equally applied to all persons and entities. Inheritance, death or other transfer such as gift to a nonprofit institution shall not be taxable.

    43rd Amendment
    Short Name: Balanced Budget Amendment
    To force the Congress and President to agree to a balanced budget, with overspending allowed only in the case of a three-fifths vote of Congress from taxes only and with no provision to borrow or sale promissory note in advance of 7 years.

    44th Amendment
    Short Name: Funding Responsibility Amendment
    States Rights to Approve Funding Requests from Federal Government. To bar imposition on the States of funding in any form of a federal law, appropriation or other mandate without prior express approval of the legislatures of the States.

    45th Amendment
    Short Name: No Anchor Babies Citizens Amendment
    To remove any confusion concerning whether citizenship is granted to children born in the U.S. where neither the father or mother are U.S. citizens at the time of conception plus 1 month (in effect 10 months). The children of illegal aliens are specifically identified as non-citizen children born in the U.S.

    46th Amendment
    Short Name: No Amnesty Amendment
    No Amnesty for Foreign Nationals Illegally in the US. To prohibit amnesty for foreign nationals that are in the U.S. illegally. To force the automatic expulsion of foreign nationals after 6 years. To force the Executive Branch, the President, to enforce this amendment or forfeit the Presidency upon 30-days warning by either House of Congress.

    47th Amendment
    Short Name: Transparency Amendment
    This nation exists upon trust. Trust requires transparency.

    Transparency Of Documents
    No information or document shall be held from the public for more than 10 years without a special senate motion confirmed by an annual super majority of the senate, with no more than 5 extensions to ever be issued for any single information of document.

    Transparency Of Officials
    This amendment is intended to ensure transparency of governance for citizens through an open disclosure of activities and information and the dissemination of such information to the public.

    48th Amendment
    Short Name: Restatement Of Laws Amendment
    The complexity of laws; plus the overlapping nature of government organizations has created an inefficient bureaucratic governance. To rectify that all laws and government rules/regulations shall be restated on a

    49th Amendment
    Short Name: Plain Language Amendment
    All laws and regulations shall be limited to commonly understood language and shall be no longer in length than 400 words. (The United States Constitution is 4,400 words; the longest Amendment is 432 words; what law needs to be longer than the longest amendment to the document that created the United States?)

    51st Amendment
    Short Name: Sunset Amendment
    This sunset provision or clause is a measure within a statute, regulation or other law that provides that the law shall cease to have effect after a specific date, unless further legislative action is taken to extend the law.

    52nd Amendment
    Short Name: Transparency Of Officials Amendment
    This amendment is intended to ensure transparency of governance for citizens through an open disclosure of activities and information and the dissemination of such information to the public.

  2. MIc Roland

    That’s quite a list of amendments. Seems like many of them are not really separate amendment material, but should be grouped together in related topics (like term limits or plain language, etc.)

    I know where you’re going with these and agree with the spirit of most. The devil is always in the details, of course. It’s easy to use terms like “plain language” but where is the edge between plain and convoluted? Who decides what counts as plain? A layer? A fifth-grader? Can “plain language” really explain everything? The more general (or vague) a law is, the more the courts get to weigh in to decide on the details.

    Look at how leftist judges have tried to parse the 2nd Amendment to say that “arms” can only mean smooth-bore muskets, or like the DC circuit court, you could own a gun, but it had to be disassembled and not functional. Etc. etc. Laws have to be written with the Devil in mind.

  3. Rob T

    1 remove the power to borrow money from anyone or anything for any reason or term or interest rate.
    2 All federal agentcys that are not listed in the Constitution must be closed and all documents sent to the states that pertains to them and all must be published.
    3 All US military bases over sea must be consolidated in to One joint base per contanet
    4 repeal the 16 and 17 amendments remove the federal reserve and return to the gold standard with the weekly published amount of gold and silver coins it the system.
    5 States can delay an federal law that does not have from where in the Constitution gives the power to interrupt the individual in the states for are rights are individual rights not group or state based.

  4. Dave from San Antonio

    If, as the scenario indicates, it is post WW3 and we are at a level of society similar to the 1800’s, pull out the Constitution, as it was written, and go from there. Take precautions on what happened in the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries so as not to repeat the mistakes we have seen. Return power to the States, to self govern and ensure the new Federal Government, (if it is decided to have one…and in the long run, we should), is kept in check. All elected officials would have limited terms of length and on their “retirement” or leaving office any and all benefits would be severely limited. If they leave due to a proven crime, they would get nothing. If they leave because of a criminal indictment, that couldn’t absolutely proved they would only be eligible for one half of any benefits. If they leave after one term or non-reelection due to public distrust or loss of faith they would get nothing. Immigration to our Country would be, at the beginning of this, non-existent until we have a strong foundation built…and then on a very limited basis. “Political favors” that would have a negative influence or any influence on our laws would be considered a federal crime. All Bills presented to any governing body would be single in nature and not have “riders” in place or multiple purposes. They would be presented at ‘face value’. This should help reduce any negative influence or political influence. Any and all elected officials would be directly responsible to those who elected them and would be held to a ‘higher standard’ of the law. No one…would be above the law under this.
    This could go on and on. This rebuilding will take a long time to do right, it could be done.

  5. fifth_disciple

    1. Sunset all laws, requiring they be debated on the floor of Congress for a minimum period of time before re-passing them.

    2. Enact equal taxation. Everyone pays the same percentage of income and eliminate all deductions.

    3. Invoke mandatory militia training for all able citizens between 25 and 65 as well as national concealed carry for all militia members.

    4. Require all health care providers to publicly post prices for their services.

    5. Return to gold standard monetary system.

  6. Dusty

    First and highest law
    Every person has the right to choose what to do with his or her own property. Property is defined as anything a person owns including life and body as well as material goods.
    No individual’ person’s right to choose shall be violated by force or threats or fraud. Anyone doing so will be deemed a criminal and dealt with accordingly.

    Second law
    Everyone is equal under the law. There shall be no immunities political or otherwise. People will be dealt with on what they do, not on who they are. If any person violates another person’s rights his or her rights will be revoked.

    Third law
    Every person has the right to self-defence when attacked or threatened. The amount of counter force used shall not exceed the amount needed to stop the attack. Any excessive force used is an act of aggression because it is not needed.

    Fourth law
    Every person has the right to bear arms.

    Fifth law
    Every person is responsible for his or her own life and welfare. No other person is obligated to help.

    These five laws are all it takes to create a strong, free and peaceful society.

    If everyone is allowed to do as he or she chooses no crime is possible. I get a lot of objections on that. Many say there would be a lot of crime. What they overlook is the victims are not allowed to choose.

  7. Hog Jowl Homestead

    Law 1: There is no federal government
    Law 2: Local entities may govern themselfs
    Law 3: No taxes on land, or inheritance or income. Only purchased goods and terrifs
    Law 4: States form there own laws. no other state may impead another’s laws.
    Law 5: No free sh*t army, the end.

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