One Socket to Rule Them All! Tools for the Apocalypse!

I’m of the belief that when the poop hits the fan, tangibles are going to be very important. The money in the bank will be worthless.  But if you have something in your hands that is of value, well, you will be in a much better spot!

As a prepper, I believe you should have food, water, medical supplies, a means to defend yourself, etc…  You should have an emergency fund.  And, if you are able, having some precious metals is good too!

But one other thing that I think is important is having good tools, specifically non-power tools. Think about it.  If you have tools, not only can you fix your things, but you could find work fixing other people’s things.  Good tools might be worth their weight in gold in a poop hit the fan scenario.

Lately, I’ve been trying to make wise purchases when it comes to tools.  I definitely don’t want to have a bunch of dollar store or inferior tools if I ever really need them.

So with that, I would like to share with you a tool that I recently purchased that seems to be a good choice.  It is a socket that can fit any nut and more.

I recently used it to change out the headlamp bulb in my wife’s vehicle.  I have to say that it worked just like it was supposed to.  And, it looks and feels like a very solid socket.

The socket is made by Blendx.  The tool is  the BLENDX 7mm to 19mm (1/4″ – 3/4″) Ratchet Universal Socket.  On Amazon, it has 25 reviews with 4.5 stars.

This socket will replace many other sockets since it can fit anything between a 1/4″ to a 3/4″ nut.  It will also grab other types of fasteners that need to be turned (see video below).

The socket is created with 54 small spring loaded rods inside.  When you push the socket down around a fastener, it grips around it and allows you to turn the socket.  It comes with a 3/8″ adapter.

Shown above with the Stanley Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver.

The socket only costs $9.99.  It is made in China.  I know many frown on the fact that it is made in  China.  But like I said above, it has good reviews.  From the Blendx Storefront page on Amazon, “BLENDX is a Professional Online E-commerce Brand offering trendy Outdoor Products and Home Gadgets.We have Overseas R&D center in Shenzhen, where’s the core of the Chinese manufacturing industry. By taking this advantages, BLENDX provides you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices.”

If you would like to purchase the same type of tool from another country, the Gator Grip runs under $39 and is made in the Czech Republic.

The video below is of the Gator Grip version.  But the Blendx version will work exactly the same.


Do you have one of these sockets?  How has it worked for you?  And, which tools do you believe would be important for a SHTF situation?


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7 thoughts on “One Socket to Rule Them All! Tools for the Apocalypse!

  1. poorman

    This style tool has been around for awhile. I think the first one I saw was a craftsman by sears about 15 years ago. It is OK but that’s about it. if you try to use it on a regular basis the pins start to stick in the down position as the springs lose their tension and sooner or later it stops being effective. that said for 10.00 it is not a “bad ” tool to have in your box just don’t base your repair kit on it.

      1. poorman

        I don’t remember just how long it lasted, I know I didn’t use it a lot. When it went bad I just threw it away and went back to the tried and true sockets and wrenches I have been using all my life. I have never been a fan of gimmicks or one size fits all but as I said if you REALLY needed such a tool and it worked even once it would pay for itself at 10.00

  2. Son of Liberty

    I purchased one a few years back, but use it little. I prefer a good Craftsman, Snap-on, Mac, or other quality six point socket.

    The little I’ve used it, it functioned okay, but not great. It does slip on the nut by times. Some of the better alternative sockets have surfaces that grip nuts that have rounded corners, and there are a few of those that do a great job.


    Son of Liberty

  3. D A

    Nephew brought one similar socket out to the field while we were servicing a center pivot. Idea was great, no matter the different size drain plugs, we would have the right socket ready to go. Not sure what brand he had, but it did not last half a day. This was NOT due to severe use, or overpowering the tool. The pins just went to hell. I have to agree with Son of Liberty, a few good 6 point sockets seem to provide the grip needed. Even a 6 point 11mm (if my memory is correct) will work on older square head bolts and drain plugs.

    Again, to each his own. But if true SHTF, I will want all the solid (no pieces) tools I can store. Even a breaker bar will work long after a ratchet starts to act up. Until then, I will still enjoy the air tools 🙂

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