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Update (1/20/14): I’m using Youtube’s Live Events to stream online.  This also allows the video to be auto uploaded to Youtube after we stop broadcasting.  The most up-to-date info. will be on the church website – click here. But I’ll also send out info. on the Facebook page, Twitter and Google Plus.

Past services can be found the on the church website’s blog – click here and on the PW Youtube Page.


This last Sunday, I tried something a little crazy…. I put my church service online.  Now, this isn’t usually a big deal.  I mean, you can turn on the TV or even get online every single day and see a church service.  But, I pastor a home church….and I’m a prepper.

There are many types and flavors of home church.  We, of course, meet in a home, all know each other well, share our experiences and what we feel the Lord is sharing with us by reading a weekly Bible chapter, fellowship, etc…

But then, I’m a prepper too.  Now, I don’t preach preparedness right out of the Bible or anything.  Sometimes you wouldn’t even know.  But my views on preparedness do come out.  In fact, I consider the catalyst for my preparedness to be very spiritual – click here for more about that.

ACSo I thought that there might be others out there, who are Christian believers AND preppers who might not attend a church for whatever reason: live to far away from a decent church, can’t find one they like or can’t get out of the house for whatever reason, etc.  If that is the case, Assurance Church will be broadcasting live online for preparedness minded Christians to watch and celebrate with.  Now again, I believe that Christianity happens in community.  So, I would always prefer someone to attend a local church.  But if that is not possible….

We start at 10:15 a.m. Central Time.  We do a time of Praise and Worship music, followed by a small break where people can get some coffee.  We then open backup going around the living room with the option to talk about the chapter of the week, a prayer request,, something that we feel the Lord is teaching us or just pass…. (There were many who just passed this first Sunday because it was weird to be broadcasting)  Then there is a message and we close out in prayer.

If you choose to watch online, it is going to be real messy.  We don’t have a professional setup.  We are learning and there is going to be some down time, like when we all go get coffee and when others are talking and you can’t hear them because the camera is facing the wrong direction.  But I hope it will be a blessing to other preparedness/liberty minded Christians out there who choose to watch.

On the first Sunday I used  to broadcast.  But I might try other sites that have more options like actually saving the video.  The best place to get the latest link is the church website – click here.  I will also post info. on The Prepper Website Facebook Page and maybe even Prepper Website.

As we strive to get better with the broadcast, I would appreciate any feedback that viewers have to offer.




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