OPSEC:Privacy and Security on Facebook

Those of us in the Preparedness Community should always have OPSEC (operational security) in the back of our minds.  This includes when you are talking about your preps, traveling out and about and even online.  In fact, many preppers believe so much in onilne OPSEC that they won’t use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

I’ve always believed that the only REAL way to truly have OPSEC is to not be online at all.  With the recent revelations of what the government is capable of doing in regards to online activity, this thought is even more relevant.  But if you are going to be online, you should take into account some precautions, especially on Facebook.

This infographic provides some scary information and good advice when it comes to spending time on Facebook.

If you want more info. on online OPSEC, you can read my article, Is Your PIC MetaData Giving You Away? or checkout PW for many more articles on the topic.

Facebook Privacy

Source: BestComputerScienceSchools.net



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