Panic in the Year Zero

A reader sent a Youtube link to me of an old black and white movie called Panic in the Year Zero.  It was released in 1962.  I normally don’t watch old black and whites, but I hit play while I was doing other stuff online.  As I was listening to the video, I heard some dialogue that peeked my interest so I switched over to watch it.  I was surprised to hear some of the same stuff that I read when I’m looking for those excellent article to link up on Prepper Website.  As I watched the movie, I opened up a text file and started jotting down some notes.  Even in 1962, survival skills and thoughts are survival skills and thoughts.

The movie takes place in California during a nuclear war. IMDB has this short description, “A family of four leaves Los Angeles for a camping trip just before a nuclear bomb destroys the city. As lawlessness prevails, the father must fight to keep his family alive.”

I won’t spoil the video for you, in case you want to watch it.  But here are some things that I jotted down.  Remember, this movie was released in 1962.

  • It doesn’t take long for people to panic.
  • Normalcy Bias gets in the way/will get in the way of making good decisions.
  • Communications is something everybody craves and will want.  People want to know what is going on in the world and if there is hope.
  • It doesn’t take long for people to start “doing bad” stuff: looting, taking advantage, stealing, robbing, etc…
  • Food that doesn’t spoil is important.
  • Having ENOUGH cash on hand is very important.
  • Out of the way towns are the best to stock-up or get supplies.  The herd stays on main roads.
  • You might have to do what you need to do to survive.  It might not be you.  You might have a hard time with it.
  • Having a plan: a bugout location, a route to get there and a plan once you are there is important.
  • Traveling might be best to do in the dark when traffic is down.
  • You will always have to be careful. Security is a big issue.  One slip up can mean disastrous results.
  • Family discussions, making sure everyone is on the same page is important.  Also, having someone as the sure leader is important to get things done.
  • Faith helps.
  • People react to fear differently.  Some move to action, some to inaction.
  • Eventually, the most peaceful can become violent if they need to.
  • People will want to barter ammo.
  • Problem solving will be an on-going thing.
  • First Aid, First Aid, First Aid – Medical Bag – First Aid – Enough said?

Again, I was very surprised by the movie.  It is kind of cheesy compared to 2013 standards, but the writers put some thought into it.  Even in 1962, things can go south very quickly.  Having skills, knowledge and the ability to act on those are important.

Here is the link to the video –

Oh, by the way, Prepper Website has some of the coolest readers!

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