PIC REVIEW: The Survival Shovel by Survival Hax

One of the perks of running Prepper Website is that I get offers to review preparedness products and books.  I turn a lot of offers down, but I was happy to check out the Survival Hax Survival Shovel.

Before I actually opened the package, I did see a review by Zac from An American Homestead on the Survival Shovel.  Zac’s review isn’t a positive review.  At one point, the shovel breaks at the point where the shovel meets the handle.  But, in all honesty, Zac swings the shovel like a madman! 😉  To counter, Amazon shows 40 reviews with a total 4.5 stars.

It definitely isn’t military grade. The shovel costs just under $27.  It breaks down and fits into its own pouch.  The handle is hollow, which allows you to store small items, possibly tinder, since the top unscrews to reveal a ferro rod.

For this pic review, I will say that I don’t have a lot of “hard” dirt in my backyard.  I have a lot of garden beds.  So, I took the opportunity to dig out some ginger.  I know…not really putting it through a workout!

The shovel made quick work of getting to the ginger.  I feel it will dig through most dirt in a camping scenario.  I would not use it to try and go through roots or dig huge trenches!

If you are interested in this shovel, check out the Survival Hax website.

Survival Shovel – Packaging

Survival Shovel inside of the provided pouch.

Shovel components – notice the end screw top which holds the ferro rod.

The shovel locks in place by turning the big orange knob. Notice the ferro rod.

This was the point of failure in Zac’s video.

In the dirt

If you could smell the ginger…


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