Pickup Truck Prepping?


Everything you can do right now to NOT be out money is smart! Every prepper should be watching his/her finances carefully and making good decisions, even if that decision is to spend a little now to save a LOT later!

My truck tailgate was stolen this past May. I know the exact date and I know the exact time frame of when it happened! It was Thursday, the 8th. I volunteered to work the district Technology Conference and then had to stop by the store to pick up some cookies for a thing we were having at school. When I pulled into my driveway, I remember looking at the clock in the truck and noticing that it was 8:45 p.m. It was a long day…and I still had to update Prepper Website.

In the morning, my son took out the trash to the street. When he came in, he asked me why I had taken off my tailgate. I looked at him and asked, “what are you talking about?” He said, “your tailgate is not on your truck.” I went out to look and noticed that it was gone. It was 5:45 a.m.

I learned that it takes about 30 seconds to take off a tailgate. It just lifts off! How stupid is that???  Watch the video below.  It takes the jerk more time to park and lift up his truck bed cover than to lift off the tailgate!


I filed a police report for the insurance and asked the officer if there were more thefts reported in the neighborhood. He said that he doesn’t get called out to my neighborhood very often. So, I figure that someone targeted my truck. I’ve come to this conclusion because it is hard to get a used one!

The replacement cost $2900. That included purchasing the tailgate, putting it together, emblems, matching the paint job and spray-in bed liner. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay that. I just had to pay my deductible. But still, it is money that I wish I didn’t have to spend.

I contemplated not replacing the tailgate. I was eying a tailgate net on Amazon. But, I wasn’t sure about the holes. And, I guess you don’t realize how much you really use the tailgate until you don’t have one.

A positive thing that came out of this experience is that the new tailgate has a lock on it. For some reason, the stolen tailgate didn’t have a lock on it. In talking with the insurance rep., it should have.

The insurance rep. also told me about a cheap aftermarket item that you can put on your truck that, if you forget to lock your gate, makes it difficult for a thief to steal your tailgate.

I purchased the McGard Tailgate lock at my local auto parts store. The lock is basically a “hose clamp” type mechanism that requires a special key lock to loosen and tighten. The key is only used to install the lock and then you put it up for safe keeping. The lock does not impede the ability to open or close the tailgate one bit.  But it does stop anyone from being able to lift off the tailgate without first removing the lock!


I purchased the McGard lock for $26. Amazon sells it for $19. It took me about 5 minutes to install. (Make sure you get the one for your truck!) I wish I would have known about this little lock before. It would have saved me a lot of hassle AND more importantly, money!

If you own a truck, do yourself a favor and install this little lock. Even if you have an older tailgate, can you afford to replace it?



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13 thoughts on “Pickup Truck Prepping?

  1. Todd Walker

    Dude, that sucketh big time! Lost your tail on that one, lol. 😉 Seriously, I knew they came off easily but didn’t realize they were so popular. A man has to have a tailgate to drop and sit from time to time.


    1. Todd Post author

      Yeah, it sucked big time. I showed the lock to my dad and he’s going to get one too. It just makes sense. A guy that was at the parts counter when I was buying mine asked about it too. 😉


    1. Todd Post author


      I was hoping that others wouldn’t make the same mistake I did and “prepped” their truck so that their tailgate wouldn’t get stolen.


  2. Practical Parsimony

    My friend is coming to town Saturday to buy a truck. I pre-shopped, knowing what he needed and said he wanted. “Needed” is in reference to a seat not to low so he can get in and out as he has two hips that need transplants. A car is too low. I am not taking over his car shopping. He works full-time. I don’t work. Plus, I know the dealers and reputations. Okay, what I was doing just made me look bossy. NOT

    “Pickup Prepping” was about prepping your pickup, sort of like hardening your home. I, too, was expecting something else, but this was great. So, now my friend will get one for his pickup.

    1. Todd Post author


      I’m just curious, what did you think the post MIGHT be about? That could be a future post.


  3. Kate

    Nice article. I will get one for my truck.

    As for what the article might have been about…prepping a truck:
    Auxiliary gas tanks
    Secret stealth compartments
    Metal storage boxes available and items to keep in them
    Truck upgrades useful to preppers

    Lots of us have trucks and it might be nice to hear what guys have done to their trucks.

  4. Practical Parsimony

    I thought the post would be about how to prep a pickup truck to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Maybe about having good tires and brakes. And, I thought it could be what to put in the truck for prepping. I was thinking a BOB, Maybe a tent for sleeping in the bed, enough water and how to secure things in an open bed. How to stay safe. How to take supplies and how that maybe only two people could leave in a small pickup. Maybe about putting a camper thing on the bed. But, I caught on quickly as to what you were talking about.

    It’s difficult for me to drive a pickup with a camper. But, I would prefer that to starting of with an open bed where people could see and get things from an open bed.

    I thought it was another take on bugging out or being prepared in a truck. I knew you would have something beyond the normal advice, and you did.

  5. Carl Jenkins

    I would like to see equipment or tools that are purchased or man-made that would hold/store different things in or outside the truck. with out without a cover or shell. I’ve got a Silverado with a toolbox in the back (the one that sets across the front of the bed resting on the sides).

  6. Joan

    I’m curious about the key you put away for safe keeping. Say I have a Ford, is it a universal key for the type of lock that would fit on a Ford or is every key different for each purchase?

  7. Bill

    What a strange thing to steal…. Living where I do, I don’t feel I need a lock. (now someone will steal it)

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