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The best plans won’t get you in anywhere if you don’t have a strategy plan to move your preparedness forward. And because my goal in this series is to make preparedness a little bit easier for the common man, I would like to give you a strategy that will help you move your preparedness plans forward. But, this strategy isn’t only your preparedness plans. This strategy will help you move any plan forward. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is!

In our last article, Survival for the Common Man – Where to Start, we looked at some of the more probable reasons to prep. You were asked to identify potential points of crisis in natural disasters, financial, medical and crime. Based on the points you identified, you should have started making plans or at least realizing that these areas need some attention.

The Strategy

The strategy to move forward with your preparedness plans is super simple. You’ll kick yourself after you realize it. I know I did! I’m going to walk you through the strategy using the example below.

Start with your problem. Write it out and be specific. For my example, I will use the problem of crime.

Problem: Crime is up in my community. I want to make sure my home is safe.

What Does It Look Like? – Then, write out what your problem looks like. This could be in a paragraph or list form. I will do both as an example.

Paragraph – A few homes in the neighborhood have been broken into. My wife and kids have heard about it and don’t feel safe in the home when I’m away. Every time a noise is heard outside, they jump and get panicked. My wife asked me what she should if she felt someone was trying to break in.

1. Neighborhood homes have been broken into
2. Wife and kids don’t feel safe when I’m away
3. They get jumpy and panicked at times
4. How will my wife defend herself and the kids?

I created a FREE Strategy worksheet that will help you walk-through these steps. You can download it by clicking this link.

What Do I Want It To Look Like? – Next, write down what your problem will look like after it is fixed and it is no longer a problem. Again, you can do it in paragraph or list form. I’ll do both below.

Paragraph – I want my family to be and feel safe and secure in the home. I want my wife to feel comfortable and confident enough to defend herself and the kids if I’m not home. I want thieves, if they ever did make it down my street, to choose another home.

1. For my family to feel comfortable in the home
2. For my wife to feel confident enough to not be a victim and defend herself and the kids.
3. To deter any thief from breaking into or targeting my home.

How Do I Get There from Here? – The last step is to write down what it would take to get from “What does it look like?” to “What do I want it to look like?” These are the steps you would take. In this step, I prefer to write out the steps in a list.

1. Change the deadbolt lock on the backdoor
2. Buy a higher wattage bulb for the outside light. Possibly add another light if needed.
3. Look into a security system. Research monitored vs DIY.
4. Purchase Pepper Spray as a temporary solution for the wife to use in case of an emergency.
5. Take the wife to the gun range and get her some basic training in firearms.
6. If she feels comfortable enough, get the wife more advanced firearm training.
7. Extra deterrent – Add a Security Sign to the front flowerbed.
8. Extra deterrent – Consider getting a big dog and do training
9. Extra deterrent – Put out a “Beware of Dog” sign on the back fence.

As you can see, this process is easy to walk-through. You just need to be honest about what the current situation looks like, what you want it to look like if it was solved and list out the steps to get there.

Sometimes figuring out the steps might require a little research and advice seeking. If you are looking for a good community of preparedness/self-reliant minded people, who won’t belittle you when you ask a question, come over to The Prepper Website Podcast Facebook Group.

Action Steps

Survival for the Common Man is a series of articles for those who are new to prepping or those who never really felt they had a good foundation to start.

Why Survival for the Common Man? I love to gain experiences in wilderness survival, bushcraft, homesteading and “tactical” preparedness. But the truth is, most preppers are regular, everyday people (the common man). We live in the suburbs, go to our day jobs, and attend school and family events. But we also see the world around us and see the need to be prepared, to make sure our family is safe and able to thrive in times of uncertainty. There are more of us than you might realize! This series is for you!


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