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As we continue to PREP AND WATCH what is happening around us, one topic that seems to always get my attention is the economy.  I know that many have been watching it too…and quite frankly, many are surprised that the PTB continue to find ways for the economy to limp along.

Eventually, things will have to come to some sort of reset.  If that means a complete crash which includes Mutant Zombie Biker Mice from Mars or just a hiccup as “they” force everyone to go to e-currency, who knows.  I’ll keep watching and prepping and paying attention as I live my life to the fullest.

That last statement leads me to ask the Prepper Website Community a question….

What tangible items do you invest in to help ensure a better quality of life?

The reason I ask this question is three fold…

  1. Keeping your money in the bank is kind of dangerous.  Surely you’ve read that banks are starting to talk about or even go to negative interest rates.  You also have the possibility of not being able to access your money if there was ever a bank run or limits were imposed to how much you could withdraw.  As a result, some advocate pulling your money out of your bank and leaving only what you need to pay bills, etc…
  2. Second, there has been a lot of talk that physical cash will be replaced with electronic currency.  If that happens, physical cash will be worthless.
  3. Third, if a crash happens and money is worthless (physical and e-currency), those who have tangible items that are desired or able to help with a better quality of life will be better off.

So, while you have access to all your money AND you can make all the decisions regarding your own money, what would you invest in to better your quality of life?  Guns, equipment of some type, tools, solar, livestock, land?????

I would like to compile a list for the Prepper Website Community of tangible items that are more than just items bought at the store because they might be considered a prep item, but instead, items that add to your overall quality of life.  For example, a few years back I added to my garden beds.  I looked at putting more garden beds in my backyard as an investment.

I’m asking those who have some good ideas to contribute using the form below.  Using this form helps me to sort through all the information in an easy manner.  I then will share the information with the Prepper Website Community.

You can share your answers below or visit this link – click here.


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