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The step into preparedness can be overwhelming.  There are so many websites offering prepper advice, so many possible doomsday scenarios and so many lists detailing what you should buy.  Going it alone can be daunting. Going it alone can cause you to make some costly mistakes.  So, it is wise for the new prepper, or even those prepping for a few years now, to take some time to learn from others who have gone before.

I recently asked the good people over at the Prepper Website Facebook Group, what advice would they give to newbie preppers and those who have been at it for 1-2 years.  Their contributions follow below.

Newbie into Preparedness

Verne – You got to know what you are prepping for in order to properly prepare. Dig into identifying natural (hurricanes, etc) and man-made (terror, war, crime etc). Which ones will have the highest likelihood of occurring and the highest impact. Prep towards those.

For more on Verne’s advice see – Survival for the Common Man – Where to Start

Erica (website – Living Life in Rural Iowa) – Gather knowledge and learn about what you are preparing for before diving in. Start slowly and buy quality food and things. It might take you longer to prepare, but by having the knowledge and spending your money wisely, you will be better prepared.

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Linda – It is always better to be prepared for power outages and what you will need like candles or oil lamps.  Have enough for several days and nights.  Here in KY, we have ice storms and the power can be out for days,   Have ready to eat foods and another way to heat your home and have extra water.

An article of interest – Lights Out! NW Houston Edition: Lessons for Non-Preppers!

William – Don’t feel that you have to spend all kinds of money on preps up front. Just do a little at a time. Look for bargains & deals. Also, one thing my brother told me was to try and find 2 or more uses for something.. i.e. Paracord. Of course, that doesn’t go for everything. The very first thing I would advise to do though is to get a get-home bag put together. If you can’t make it home, your preps won’t do you any good!

See the Kit Link Bomb Page with Tons of Links on Various Kits!

Barbara – Remember to focus on your relationship with your spouse, partner, or dear friend so that during hard times, areas of friction won’t become blisters that pop.

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John – Never stop learning and never get complacent or content thinking you’re fully prepared. You’ll never be. Always plan on Mr. Murphy. Never quit training and practicing. Know your gear and supplies so you can go through it with your eyes closed.

For a great preparedness tool, check out – The Prepper Tool That You’re Not Using!

2-3 Years Into Preparedness

Erica (website – Living Life in Rural Iowa) – Reassess your preps. Reassess your reason for preparing. We should always be preparing, but sometimes our reasons change, our lives change, and our circumstances change. Look at your preps with an eye for what is going on in your life now versus then.


Anonymous – Remember supplies will run out….there will not be stores…so knowledge is best… Ask yourself what you will do when this happens…or that happens. How did our ancestors do things? Can you grow your own food for the year? Preserve it? Are you eating now how you will be eating in SHTF situations? I basically think about: Can I make my own? Break your needs down into groups and then ask yourself how you can get by for several years if things go south and society is not as it is now. Food? (No stores) Seeds for gardening, lighting, heating, clothing, communication, shelter, storing food, entertainment, schooling, medical (this is a biggy…may not have Dr’s around) and dig deep into each subject. Remember to try and have 3 ways for doing things….or three different items to use in an SHTF situation. (Three ways to store food, three ways to make clothing, three ways for each illness…

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