An Easy Way to Add to Your Preparedness Library!

There is a saying, “Knowledge Weighs Nothing.”  That saying implies that more knowledge is better because it doesn’t hurt if you have more knowledge, but don’t need it.

But where do you obtain that knowledge?  If you are a visitor to Prepper Website and if you listen to The Prepper Website Podcast, you know that I believe in providing the best knowledge in the Preparedness Community to readers and listeners daily!

But there is still more.  There is still a ton of information out there that you can gather, learn and have ready so you are prepared to help yourself and your family meet the needs of the future, whatever that might be.  This is why I am happy to share and promote the 2018 Prepper Bundle.

The Prepper Bundle is put out by my friends at the Self-Reliance School.  They work with authors to provide valuable preparedness content for a very reasonable price.

This year’s Prepper Bundle consists of over 53 authors, courses and/or videos.  The topics range from: Cooking, DIY, Food Storage, Frugal Living, Gardening, Homesteading, Natural Living, Natural Parenting, Natural Remedies and General Preparedness.  The topics are varied with great information.

Another bonus of purchasing the Prepper Bundle, are seven special bonuses that every purchaser receives.

And this year, I’m including my very own bonus to anyone who purchases the Prepper Bundle through my link.  But more on that in a second!

You can purchase the Prepper Bundle in three formats:

  • Online Digital Download (download immediately) – $39.97
  • USB Flash Drive with the Prepper Bundle (shipped to you) – $64.97
  • Online Digital Download (immediate download) and the USB Flash Drive (shipped) – $69.97

My Special Bonus for Prepper Website Readers

If you purchase the Prepper Bundle through my link, I will send out a link to a folder that includes everything you need, including a video walk-through tutorial, on how to hide important information like login, password and account information in plain sight.  Imagine keeping your website logins and passwords on your computer in a way that no one would ever suspect.  It will be hidden in plain sight!

To receive my special bonus, simply forward your invoice to my email – todd [dot] sepulveda [at] prepperwebsite [dot] com.  

To purchase the 2018 Prepper Bundle and for specific ebooks, courses, videos, and the special bonuses that come with the 2018 Prepper Bundle, click on this link –> CLICK HERE.

This is a great way to obtain a lot of preparedness information in one big swoop!  I hope you take advantage of it.


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