Prepper Theft?

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I’m sure to make some enemies on this one…but oh well!  Here it goes!

I recently wrote an article, A Note of Courtesy for Prep Bloggers and Preppers who Read Them.  In that post, I shared how there are websites who are taking well-written preparedness articles, copying them and using them as their own.  They might change a few words around, but they are basically ripping off someone’s content.  I talk about why this is so bad in the article.  If you haven’t read it, please take a moment to do so.

But, it doesn’t seem like that article helped. In fact, thing might have become worse!  I’m in a group on Facebook that has seen some of our content used without permission.  We see it and are not happy.

In this article, I want to share with you an interaction I had with a “Prep blogger” who was confronted about using another blogger’s content.  Notice the attitude and gall of this “Prep blogger.”  FYI – I have blacked-out all references to the “Prep blogger’s” name, email and site.



email1This guy does have a huge following on Facebook, over 17,000.  That’s nothing compared to what I have.  But how did he get it?

I responded…


He didn’t like that very much.  He emailed me back to back…


But, I actually “WORK” at getting  quality articles up on Prepper Website, reading and linking to them every night.  So before I could respond, he emailed me back…

email4So, I was finally able to respond to him and I shared the article that he “copied” and the original article.

email8I also sent this one…


He responded…

email5He helped me out?  Hmmmmm….

He then wrote…

email6So, let me let you decide.  Here is the original article that I linked to back in May 2012 – 7 Amazing Unknown Uses for Aspirin.  Take a moment to read the points that the article puts forth.

Luckily, I grabbed screenshots of the article on this “Prep bloggers” site before he “helped me out” and added the 3 extra points!




So I ask you, with ALL the multiple uses for aspirin, isn’t it a coincidence that this “Prep blogger” chooses the same seven?  Of course, “he helped me out” and added the 3 extra points.  Now his article looks like this…


Has this “Prep blogger” changed his ways?  I don’t know.  But again, the point is that others work very hard at writing articles.  It shouldn’t be ok to just rip them off.  When we visit THESE sites, LIKE their Facebook page, etc…  we are just supporting them.  Please be informed!

I’m wondering if we should create a WALL OF SHAME, here in the comment section, of sites that have been found to rip off work.  What do you think?



This article first appeared on Ed That Matters.

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