Prepper Theft?

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I’m sure to make some enemies on this one…but oh well!  Here it goes!

I recently wrote an article, A Note of Courtesy for Prep Bloggers and Preppers who Read Them.  In that post, I shared how there are websites who are taking well-written preparedness articles, copying them and using them as their own.  They might change a few words around, but they are basically ripping off someone’s content.  I talk about why this is so bad in the article.  If you haven’t read it, please take a moment to do so.

But, it doesn’t seem like that article helped. In fact, thing might have become worse!  I’m in a group on Facebook that has seen some of our content used without permission.  We see it and are not happy.

In this article, I want to share with you an interaction I had with a “Prep blogger” who was confronted about using another blogger’s content.  Notice the attitude and gall of this “Prep blogger.”  FYI – I have blacked-out all references to the “Prep blogger’s” name, email and site.



email1This guy does have a huge following on Facebook, over 17,000.  That’s nothing compared to what I have.  But how did he get it?

I responded…


He didn’t like that very much.  He emailed me back to back…


But, I actually “WORK” at getting  quality articles up on Prepper Website, reading and linking to them every night.  So before I could respond, he emailed me back…

email4So, I was finally able to respond to him and I shared the article that he “copied” and the original article.

email8I also sent this one…


He responded…

email5He helped me out?  Hmmmmm….

He then wrote…

email6So, let me let you decide.  Here is the original article that I linked to back in May 2012 – 7 Amazing Unknown Uses for Aspirin.  Take a moment to read the points that the article puts forth.

Luckily, I grabbed screenshots of the article on this “Prep bloggers” site before he “helped me out” and added the 3 extra points!




So I ask you, with ALL the multiple uses for aspirin, isn’t it a coincidence that this “Prep blogger” chooses the same seven?  Of course, “he helped me out” and added the 3 extra points.  Now his article looks like this…


Has this “Prep blogger” changed his ways?  I don’t know.  But again, the point is that others work very hard at writing articles.  It shouldn’t be ok to just rip them off.  When we visit THESE sites, LIKE their Facebook page, etc…  we are just supporting them.  Please be informed!

I’m wondering if we should create a WALL OF SHAME, here in the comment section, of sites that have been found to rip off work.  What do you think?



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20 thoughts on “Prepper Theft?

  1. Len

    Did you know you can take screen shots of copied work and send it along with the links of the yours and the copied and report it. The hosting company usually gives the thief so many hours to remove the copied work or shut them down. Might be worth a try. You should be able to find his hosting company.

  2. Clean Eating Prepper

    Welcome to the internet. People think anything on the web is up for grabs. As a food blogger, I fight this ALL. THE. TIME. People get upset when I approach them about it. But in the end, if they took it, I have the final say. DMCA’s are wonderful things. I use them a lot.

    1. Todd Post author

      I know of others who are dealing with this ALL the time. It can be a full time job finding your content and emailing back and forth, if they email you back at all.

  3. Clean Eating Prepper

    Ya, what Len mentioned is called a DMCA. I usually look at the “whois” info to find their host. Each host has a process for filing a DMCA complaint. Most can be done by email or fax. It’s a simple process, and their host has to do all the dirty work. It’s fabulous.

  4. T. Alexander

    Funny thing… i saw this a while back and clicked the link to the 7 uses for aspirin and got 10 uses instead. but it was still listed as 7. i guess it was before he changed the name. i thought at the time that someone could not count… LOL. now i know they were stealing it from the original. NOT COOL! as a avid prep reader, i appreciate knowing who really introduced the article, so i can go back to their site to get more info. Not cool to steal info and not give credit where credit is due!

  5. kent

    some people are just jerks( keeping it clean but was really thinking another name)…love your site..keep up the good work…thanks

  6. Interesting, but

    I’m surprised at the lengths he’s gone to plagiarize the work. He’s intentionally sat down and changed the words around, but is clearly using your article as the base material and each individual sentence is virtually unchanged in its meaning. It seems like if you’re going to go to that much trouble, you’d just cite your source – I think if he had cited you as the source, this would be a much more grey area instead of just bold plagiarizing. Actually, if I had read his article and seen it cited you (or even any other source) as the source, it would lend it more credibility as an article; further, if it linked back to your article, it would help both of your search rankings.

    Since you posted the above, he has also changed the numerical order of his post (i.e. Fungus moved down a position) and the html link still says 7 even though it now has 10 uses. It was pretty easy to find his article, btw, and the first 7 google results from search “7 interesting and unknown uses for aspirin” turn up other articles that seem to be based on the same original source, and nearly all of them link back to this guy’s 7/10 list plagiarized article – in other words, he’s doing some heavy marketing and SEO for his site.

    1. Todd Post author

      Yes, I agree. He went through a lot of work. But another issue that is happening here is that people realize that “preparedness” is now a big deal. People who are not really “IN” preparedness are trying to capitalize on it by starting websites, webstores, etc… To do this, they have to have content.

      To be clear, I didn’t write the original article. I just linked to it on Prepper Website.

  7. Vikki

    This is where we are being challenged to “feel” the right information and sources of such. Just because it sounds like what we want to hear/read does not make it the “right” information or from a valid source. Of course this in particular brings in another added complication of people faking their contribution to the move forward and putting out copied or half correct info with no support or links to original work. We are all being taught to use our instincts to feel through this pile of “stuff” to get to the goodies. We all need to be cautious and never take anything on face value, even it only put through your own filter, check out sources and see if the info originated elsewhere.

  8. Dave Strzok

    Todd, your original objective was probably to “share the knowledge.” You’re doing that, even when someone else claims it’s theirs. My suggestion: Stick to your mission, i. e., Share the knowledge.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      I do take sharing the knowledge very seriously. I do that daily on Prepper Website, The Preparedness Review and I have even created a website where people in the preparedness community can submit there own articles at Your Preparedness Story. So I think I have a record of sticking to my mission.

      But theft is theft, even if it is someone’s writing. If you can’t see that, then I’m sorry.

      I know many people who work hard writing articles. Many of them allow their articles to be republished with attribution. But there are people out there who will copy and paste whole articles, and then change links so that they will benefit monetarily.

      That’s just not right.


  9. Michael Gorman

    I agree with you concerning outright copying of work, and passing it off as your own-but there is also the concept of ‘Syndication’ which all News sites, and blogs engage in-aggregating quality articles. Knowledge, information is freely available online to all, it is not the property of individuals – but you should at least use your own words to present this. If I use someone else’s work I always place a link back to their site, but even this upsets some people so I do not use many other articles – it is now common practice to indicate if your site considers syndication unfavorably – it is wise to let people know your own policy.
    Good to see the cause of the community being promoted!

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