Retreat Security: Get Popped Sucka!

So what happens when bad people visit your retreat location when you’re not there?  If they visit our place, now, they are going to get POPPED!  Their tires I mean.

Image077My dad has a place that we are working on.  It’s kind of a let’s get away for the weekend/BOL if we ever need it.  Because I’ve read so much on retreats getting broken into and valuable resources stolen, I have purposed to never leave anything of real value there.  This place is what J.W.R. suggests, on the back roads of the back roads of the back roads.  So, there aren’t too many people around to watch the place.  Yes, there are pros and cons to that.  I know!

You might have seen this picture before (see right).  It has come along a  lot more than this now, but I didn’t have my camera with me last time I was up there, so I didn’t take any pictures of the current updates. 

But dad has been going up there pretty often to work on the property.  In an effort to make it easier on himself, he left the generator locked up in one of the containers.  The container doors have two places for locks.  One type that was used was one of those circular types (see the pic).  The other was a regular lock.  They weren’t able to get through the circular lock.  This lock was on a storage unit where we used to keep the tractor.  The circular lock was suggested by the owner of the storage unit.  The other lock, however, was a regular old Master Lock.

You guessed it.  They were able to get through the Master Lock with cutters.  But they couldn’t even touch the circular lock.

Long story short…they stole the generator.  We won’t let that happen again!

There is only one way in and out of the property.  One thought that I had was to make it very painful for thieves to come on the property again.  By the way, they had to cut the lock on the gate too.

I have decided that pain will be delivered by some homemade spiked strips.  Before we left this last week, I nailed a whole bunch of 3 inch nails in a 1×4.  We purposely didn’t cut the grass around the gate and laid the strip a few  feet passed the gate.  I also covered the board with dirt and grass to help hide it. 

Spikes – No Coverage

Spikes w/ Coverage

 If future thieves come in, they are not going to like losing all four tires!  Even if they only lose two, who carries two spares? 

The sheriff that my dad spoke with believes that these thieves are coming out to the country from the city.  If that is the case, they aren’t going to be able to call someone to come pick them up.  The reason? Cellphone coverage is horrible.  There are a few spots on the property where I can get it for a time, but it is very spotty and you really need to know where to stand…it isn’t close to the gate!  So, that leaves the option of having to leave their car (which identifies them) and walk back to town.

On top of all that, if they get passed the spikes, I’m sure anyone with common sense (do thieves have common sense) would wonder what other surprises might be waiting for them…and there just might be more that I’m not telling!

What do you think?  What other suggestions do you have?

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13 thoughts on “Retreat Security: Get Popped Sucka!

  1. Will

    Hope you don’t forget about the board one day….
    I have friend that is a deputy sheriff and he suggested we place wildlife cameras on our property to monitor the buildings. He said it gave them enough evidence on a farm robbery to make an arrest and get equipment back.

    1. macssurvivalkits

      I came down here to say that as well. The spike strips will be great for vehicles, less so for two legged thieves on foot. Some signage and/or motion activated spotlights may serve as additional deterrents. Of course these may not work or only work once. Wildlife cameras, especially strategically placed to capture faces and license plate numbers will provide you with proof if they get past your passive defenses.


  2. Renard

    Whereas I am certainly ‘on your side’ when it comes to protecting property and what seems to be an intrinsic right to the defense of same from robbery or burglary – I’d suggest you read up on the legal ramifications of any form of ‘trapping’ when it comes to humans.


    Consider please, for your own sake, if a human should be injured by your preparations. All your preps might just disappear to the realm of court costs.

  3. Knotjammin2

    I doubt if it’s city people stealing your stuff. My experience has been that it’s the good ole boy locals. No one from the city would drive out to the out of the way country just to steal. More than likely is a bunch of meth lab boys that know your area pretty good. I would bet money that your sheriff has an idea who is behind the theft and he may even know them. Meth money corrupts a lot of law enforcement. My two cents.

  4. harold summers

    If the GOB’s (Good Ol’e Boys)have come to visit and you have caused them damage and there is no one around you might just come back to your place and find it destroyed. As in burned to the ground.
    The idea is a great one for security if you have had to bug out to that location. but one that you should reconsider for unguarded property.

  5. R.C.

    Initially, when I saw the title of this post, I thought as Renard did. But then, his form of ‘trapping’ involves booby trapping, and that’s not what you are doing here.

    What you are doing here is sabotaging a vehicle. You’re not placing it out there to maim, harm, kill, or otherwise cause pain and suffering to a would-be thug, you are setting tire spikes in your driveway to disable a vehicle.

    Disabling vehicles, and booby trapping are 2 different things. They are also 2 completely different forms of intent. I am no lawyer here, but I dare say that in the modern day, with corporate businesses deploying tire defeating security in parking lots, garages, etc, that this would be acceptable when judged by 12.

    But what the hell, wildlife cameras would help too.

    Take care, keep your family safe, and if for nothing else, you now know what lengths people will go to find “free shit” from other people. And the SHTF hasn’t even happened yet.

    A priceless education.

  6. justion

    Planning and placing a device like that may get you in civil trouble if someone gets hurt.

    If some old lumber with lots of nails in it falls off your truck when you leave, well, no law against that.

    use a game camera too. maybe more than one.

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  8. macssurvivalkits

    Another option would be to create a “moat”. Did out a deep trench inside the gate and install a cattle guard that can be pulled up. This makes it impossible for vehicles to get over and, if far enough away, a pain in the butt for people to walk to your buildings or carry booty, like a generator, back. Removable pylons that lock onto a concrete base can create a severe time delay especially with serious locks that aren’t easily cut.

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