ReVisiting American Blackout

It’s been about 6 months since NatGeo aired American Blackout.  Back in October, Houston, Texas isn’t all that bad. In fact, as a minister, that is the busiest month for me to officiate outside weddings. (Yes, I do that too!)  But as the weather has turned warmer, a lot warmer, I’ve been thanking the Good Lord for having AC and the electricity to power that AC!

This morning, I was reminded about how hot it could get as I took my son to his football conditioning camp.  It looked like electrical workers were outside the neighborhood and gearing up to work on the lines.  Although it was early morning, I came home and turned down the AC a few more degrees to cool off the house a little more before it went off.  They suggested to do that before Hurricane Ike hit us too.

Many people have a romantic outlook on the “apocalypse” or “the end” or “the collapse.”  I can understand where they would want a “reset” of all the crap out there.  Yes, there would be some of that, but I don’t think people really think about what it would “REALLY” be like.

When American Blackout first aired, I made my family watch it.  Yes, I made them watch it.  The kids kicked and screamed, but it didn’t take too long for them to get into it.  My oldest was on Twitter, following along online and even sending some Tweets of his own.  It helped to open up some good conversations and some appreciation for “being prepared.”

Thanks to Youtube, you can watch the full episode online.  If you haven’t watched it, or it has been a while, it might be a good idea to revisit American Blackout.


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3 thoughts on “ReVisiting American Blackout

  1. Son of Liberty

    Bought and watched the Movie, was never more disappointed with a movie in my life. It had no continuity, the video was like it was done by a fifth grader with a cheap hand held camera, and the lessons came through so poorly they hardly counted as a lesson.

    Wasted my time, and my money. Watch something more productive, helpful, and worth while.


    Son of Liberty

    1. Todd Post author


      I hate that you purchased the movie and were disappointed. But we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. Like I said in my initial review of American Blackout, it was a show like this that got my wife to see the importance of prepping. We watched After Armageddon one summer and that helped a lot.

      Now, if you are coming from a hardcore prepper perspective, I would agree with you. It’s not a DIY or How To video…definitely. But it does has value in the fact that it gets people thinking about the possibilities of something like this happening. The dramatic video helps others to see how not having power can be. Most people really don’t experience this.

      Here in Houston, we were without electricity for about four days after IKE. It sucked, but we always knew that it was coming back on. In a scenario like this, you can’t be sure.

      I will always see the value of a dramatic representation to help people visualize possibilities because I have personally seen the value of them.


  2. Ed_B

    I watched this show when it was broadcast on the local public TV channel. I thought that it was quite realistic. No, it was not a polished Hollywood product but that amateur quality added to the realism of the situation, IMO. My wife and I watched it together. We are not ultimate preppers by a long shot. In fact, we refer to ourselves as “prepper lites”. Yes, we prep for emergencies but it is not a total commitment with 100% of our effort. Even so, ANY prepping has value and makes us better off than those who do not prep at all.

    I really wish that Hollywood would produce a movie based on the William R. Forstchen novel, One Second After. That was the most fascinating and yet terrifying book I have ever read. It would make an outstanding movie if done well and would likely make a LOT of money for those who made it.

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