Should We Protect Ourselves from Our Own Government? Your Feedback Requested!


If you bounce around on Preparedness websites for any amount of time, you are bound to read an article on how the government has a grand plan to place all liberty minded people in a special FEMA camp or you’ll read something about a grand conspiracy that has been in the works since Pharaoh wouldn’t, “Let my people go” or something of the sort… It makes for interesting reading and sometimes it has a little truth to it to give the story a little bit of credibility. But we shouldn’t allow such stories or reports to shock us into fear and not carry on with our lives and our preparedness goals.

I know that I have even been swept up in the hysteria before. One time, a person I respect received “insider knowledge” of something that was going to happen a few months down the road. He received it from a trusted friend who knew this other trusted friend… He was so convinced that he convinced me. I asked some of the men from my church to get together after church to talk about it. Reason prevailed and of course, the given time came and went and not even a fart in the wind happened!

Like I said, some of this stuff is fun reading, if you can read it and not freak out. The truth is, it plays into our fears. The key is to think it through logically. For example, a quick Google search, “Were are the FEMA camps,” led me to this website, the first link on the page, “Location of FEMA Concentration Camps.” If you scroll down to Texas, where I live, it says,



Ft.Hood Ft. Hood has a newly built concentration camp, constructed complete with towers, high fencing, and barbed wire.

Mexia WWII German/ Italian POW camp being renovated.

Amarillo FEMA Detention facility


Only 3 camps? Another quick search of “Amarillo FEMA Camp” took me to this site,


Carswell AFB – Fort Worth – 3,274
Dyess AFB – Abilene – 6,437
Fort Bliss – El Paso – Extensive renovation of buildings – 1,100,000
Goodfellow AFB – San Angelo – 1,137
Kelly AFB – San Antonio – 4,660
Pantex Plant
Amarillo – FEMA designated detention facility -16,000
Sheppard AFB – FEMA designated detention facility.
Austin – Robert Mueller Municipal airport has detention areas inside hangars.
Bastrop – Prison and military vehicle motor pool.
Eden – 1500 bed privately run federal center. Currently holds illegal aliens.
Ft. Hood – (Killeen -north of Austin) – Newly built concentration camp, with towers, barbed wire etc.
Reese AFB (Lubbock) – FEMA designated detention facility.
North Dallas – near Carrolton – water treatment plant, close to interstate and railroad.
Mexia – East of Waco 33mi.; WWII German facility may be renovated.
Beaumont / Port Arthur area – hundreds of acres of federal camps already built on large-scale detention camp design.
Ft. Worth – Federal prison under construction on the site of Carswell AFB. This is a women’s prison.


That’s a little better, 17 camps!

So if we look at this logically, even with all these camps, could they hold all the “liberty minded” people in Texas? According to WolframAlpha, the Texas population is 26.45 million! Out of 26.45 million, how many of those are “liberty minded?” I can tell you a whole hell of a lot! Does it makes sense to put all these people in FEMA camps? Would they have the room? Texas is a big state, If people started getting “rounded-up”, wouldn’t word get out? It would! And then every Texan who ever hunted white tail deer would all of the sudden become a sniper! I know tons of hunters, who are not preppers, who would never allow something like this to happen! Think about it!

The reason I’m going here is because I recently received a comment on Prepper Website.  A reader is very discouraged and asked, “I have viewed lots on prepping on TV, but I would like someone to tell me how are we going to prepare for our own GOV. turning on the American people, because I think that is more likely to happen then anything else.

I will give this reader that our government seems to be overly oppressive at this time. We see the police in Ferguson armed to the teeth and we saw it in Boston too, after the Boston Marathon bombing. I vividly remember remarking to my family that Bostonians didn’t realize what they were doing when they showed the public cheering for the police right after they had been forced into martial law.



To fuel this oppression, we hear and see rural police receiving military hardware when there is no reason that they would need it. But what about school police needing military hardware? According to a September 2014 article in the Huffington Post,


School police in several California public school districts are ready for anything — including, apparently, a small invasion.

The open news website MuckRock found through a recent Freedom of Information Act request that not only are California state and local police departments receiving military-grade equipment from the Department of Defense, but several school police departments are as well… The M16s were valued at $499 each, the grenade launchers at $720, and the mine-resistant vehicles, or MRAPs, at $733,000.



M16’s, grenade launchers, mine-resistant vehicles??? I know….Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot!

What are we to think? How are we supposed to respond?

I think it is important to remember that the government is not really sure what it is doing. I recently wrote, What the Government is Really Saying... If they can’t even plan for Ebola and handle the debt, what makes you think that they have a grand plan to enslave the American people? Yes, they will be oppressive. We will see more Ferguson like riots and such. But the fact that the government is reacting this way shows that they don’t have another solution, “might will make right” in their eyes.

On the other hand, I think the American public is starting to have enough of the oppression. You can see the anger and frustration boiling over. The uncertainty of our future, economics on Main Street, available jobs, healthcare, food prices, etc… is starting to be felt. There is always a breaking point. I think one reason why the protests that we have seen in regards to Officer Daniel Pantaleo not getting indicted in the Eric Garner investigation, being so large is part of this. I believe people are partly protesting excessive force being used by police and partly there is a feeling of overall frustration.

This is how I get through…

  • Life goes on! – I go to work. I go to my kid’s football games. I get my vehicle inspected. I’m not rocking myself in the fetal position in the corner waiting for the hammer to drop!
  • I stay aware! – I read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, visit alternative media websites, monitor Twitter and catch the mainstream news from time to time. If something is going to happen, I’m going to know about it.
  • I prepare! – I’m a prepper. I prepare for the most common of emergencies: hurricane, financial problems, etc… But you know that because you are reading this article and more than likely you are a prepper too!
  • I’m not going into debt! – I’m making good financial decisions, even if that means we don’t have the newest, shiniest “thingy.”
  • I’m investing! – When I do buy something, I want to make sure it is quality and will last!
  • I have faith! – God is bigger than any government!  There is a future that I trust in where the only preps I need to worry about is where my heart is and if I’m forgiven.  And this faith brings more peace than anything I could possiblly stockpile here on Earth!

I really wasn’t expecting this post to be this long. I was really wanting to provide a forum for other preppers to respond to the question that was left on the Prepper Website… Again, a reader asked, ” I have viewed lots on prepping on TV, but I would like someone to tell me how are we going to prepare for our own GOV. turning on the American people, because I think that is more likely to happen then anything else.


What would you say to this reader? What advice would you offer? Leave your comment below.



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16 thoughts on “Should We Protect Ourselves from Our Own Government? Your Feedback Requested!

  1. Amy V.

    I love your common sense approach. It’s easy to get carried away sometimes with all the insanity in the news. But taking a deep breath and seeing the big picture is so important!

  2. Dave Davey

    Prepare just like you would if any other force was turning on you. We most certainly are not in control of OUR government anymore and they are not even in control of themselves. Think of the changes in the last 10 years: added 8 trillion to the debt, moral decay, loss of strength in the dollar, spying on citizens, check points inside our boarders, control of the media, false flag operations, etc. Your most likely fear has been and is happening as we speak. The key is to stay awake about what is going on and prepare for basically an invasion. Lots of supplies of course, including training with ALL your gear to build confidence. Ultimately this entire thing is being orchestrated by powers and forces that are so smart, so connected and so evil that the best thing we can do is improve and renew our mind. We need to consider many scenarios and include the worst. We need to reconcile, ahead of time what we are willing and not willing to do to protect ourselves and others. Thinking through this ahead of time allows us to be more effective in a crisis. Our mental, emotional and spiritual strength is what will enable us to endure longer. Even that can and will come to an end. I recommend everyone to investigate the life Jesus Christ. My family has and it has literally changed our lives. A relationship with the one and only God is a powerful thing. It has allowed up to prep more wisely and look fear in the face and be totally at peace with EVERY scenario.

  3. Darlene

    I think the reason that so many Christian people have a problem with the thought of having to protect thensekves from the Government is the verse in the Bible that says we are to obey our Government, but I believe that means if the Government is obeying God’s laws, which of course they are breaking probably all of them.I have given this a lot of thought and we are prepared with food,water protection and God as our back up and remember that when we die the next thing we will know will be Jesus coming in the clouds to take us home KEEP THE FAITH

  4. padre

    Am I worried about a vast conspiracy…not really.

    Do I believe that it is possible that there are people out there who think of me as a pawn on a chess board, sure.

    Do I believe that if push comes to shove government bureaucrat types will use all the power at their disposal to fix problems, both real or percieved, up to and including me, ABSOLUTELY!

    I think we need to be good students of history. Governments can be very dangerous, particularly when not accountable, and when they get people either good and scared or desperate! That being said we benefit in this country, still, despite many attacks, from a federalist system of government, which unites many independent levels of government together without subsuming them into one “system.” We have town, county, tribal, state, and federal governments run by many diverse people, from diverse backgrounds which should keep use safe from all these governments banding together to “get me”.

    Talking about the militarization of police, I believe this is a problem, because of the culture it creates among and around law enforcement, but I am not worried about local cops being deputized by DC. I remember some years ago a local tribe got recognized and organized and as a result they became entitled to their own tribal police. So they elected what was essentially a sheriff, and he proceed to fill out every form he could find to get military hardware. Next thing you knew the new tribal department had crates of select fire rifle and other militaria arriving. Washington bought this stuff and now they need to get rid of it in a way that makes it SEEM as if these supplies are being put to good use! And while I worry about how people think about police and police think about themselves when surrounded by militaria, the way I see it these “tools” and supplies are prepositions stock piles for our community (me) in case of SHTF.

  5. Deez

    When you walk in a field which you know has venomous snakes. You take precautions. Doesn’t mean you shoot at everything that moves. Nor does it mean you walk as if no danger is present. It simply means to be aware. In any group, there may be those who seek to agitate, whether the citizenry or law enforcement, it’s about being aware. Knowing history helps so it’s not repeated too.

  6. Larry P

    Well Todd, I first started hearing about the FEMA camps from Alex Jones on his website, and have done my own research. It appears that they may have been planned for immigrant detention if that became an issue, however now that Obama has stated that anyone who wants to come to the U.S. and stay as long as they like, then it has become moot. Right now, I believe that immigration has and will be the catalyst for detention, but not in the way it started; if enough protests occur because of illegals getting jobs that should be going to U.S. citizens, or crime increases and police presence is needed, then you might see Martial Law declared and then Obama will have no choice but to use the military to confiscate weapons, food supplies, and anything else. That would be the only way the government could operate because there wouldn’t be enough food for all the people. And if the police and military started rounding up protesters, it would only increase the survivalists
    and others to fight back. 1776 all over again!

  7. Greh

    Thanks for the common sense reminder that a government that couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery couldn’t possibly organise repression of a whole country. It isn’t going to be nice one way or another.

  8. Ray White

    Unless you are part of a large, well-trained militia with access to military grade weapons you will not survive if our government sends troops to take you out. All you can do is die well. Seriously, if you think you can take on our military and live you’re wrong.

  9. Dragon

    Is it possible that our current government is corrupt and attempting to undermine the Constitution? Absolutely!
    Should we maintain a heightened state of awareness as to what our government is up to? Absolutely!
    Should we be prepared to fight if the need arises? Only if you are prepared to go to the wall for what you believe. Going against the government is something that should never be taken lightly, but if our current government does turn on us, we need to ask ourselves if we are ready to fight, or are we willing to submit? I for one will never submit. They may take me down, but I will not go easy, and I will be remembered.
    Can you say the same of yourself?

  10. Rick Stiles

    First, quit thinking of government as a single entity. How many people are worried about county government taking over? How many are begging their state government to protect them from the feds? Our system was designed to operate from the bottom up. To protect yourself from fed takeover, operate from the bottom up. First, produce for yourself those necessities you can. That maximizes individual sovereignty Second, you need local government the most, so direct your attention, support and funding mostly to that level. When they must go to the state or feds for funding, you lose their support. Third, your state has the size and power to protect you from federal overreach, especially when they join efforts with county officials. Interact with them and make sure they are prepared to do so. The feds hold the power right now simply because they have our attention and money. Restore those to more local governments and the power will follow.

  11. Sierra Grey

    Thank you for a cogent assessment of the state of things and the need to be rational and not emotional.

    How to prepare for the government turning on its own people? Good question. To answer it we need to boil it down to those things that will come if the government increasingly turns on the people. Tax increases. Seizures of money and property. Increased lawlessness and sporadic violence that will be beyond what we would normally see in our lifetimes. Shortages of essential consumer items, esp food. Increasing frequency of utility disruptions–water and electricity you can’t depend on every day. A currency that becomes increasingly meaningless in terms of purchasing anything (if you could find the thing you need to purchase, anyway).

    Thankfully the basic preps for moderate term survival will help address any of these issues if they occur. Flight to a rural area may diminish exposure to the government and if rural enough, exposure to social upheaval and violence. It might even provide sanctuary that is better than that of more populated areas, should there be greater violence as in civil war.

    It would be wise to add to your preparations things such as escape and evasion. How to cache, as the government will be very interested in confiscating things that you have “hoarded”. Such a period would be expected to be lengthy, so planning for long periods of unemployment, lack of medical resources, and security would be prudent.

    More than any of these things, however, is the need to plan mentally. It’s far less stressful to plan for a natural disaster. They come and go in most cases. Stability eventually returns. My own response has been to prep myself, learning to detach myself from the delusion that we live in .

    Survivalists, more than the rest of the population, are willing to consider that things can become very unstable. But most of us retain a deep belief in proper government. We grew up indoctrinated in the “goodness” of the United States government. We might even still get a lump in our throats when the flag passes by. We must learn that the reality we thought we lived in is not real. It was and is an illusion. Reality is a corrupt bunch of money-hungry men using the people and the resources of the nation to enrich and empower themselves.

    If we are Christians, we have been fed the Romans 13 misinterpretation for a long time. If not a misinterpretation, an improper use of the text out of context. Those that quote that section improperly like to point out that Paul is writing it in the presence of a very corrupt Roman government and a fallen society, morally. Let us take encouragement from that, rather than continue to try to justify our worship of the state. Obedience where demanded? Of course, if it does not violate the laws of God. And if we are active in our role as the Church, we will find ourselves challenged, for sure. Defending ourselves against the government is one thing. Standing for Christ under persecution will be a greater challenge.

    It isn’t easy to “brain flush.” Trying to rid our minds of years of revised history and propaganda is not easy, nor is it ever complete. But find hope in this–coming to terms with our temporary insanity of delusions about reality is spiritual, as well. If we are citizens of God’s kingdom than we are pilgrims and this is not our home. We will find ourselves in closer fellowship with the Christians of the past and the Christians who currently live in other nations.

    I would conclude that it will be this psychological and spiritual preparation that is most important. It is not easy to see dreams die. It hurts. I want to believe all that I have been taught as true and good. My first reaction to my first awareness of the truth of reality was to get angry and try to fight against it. I still have lingering bits of that response hanging around my mind. It does no good to try to preach or extol those around you in an effort to wake them up. Converse? Surely. Educate? Most certainly. Argue? Useless and probably harmful.

    I don’t mean to direct this answer to only Christians. It serves no good purpose to remain in a state of delusion. Awakening to that reality will be painful. Growth always is. Learning to find meaning in values that surpass those of the state is the mark of freedom.

    And for Christians–think of the Apostle Saul/Paul. When you think of him do you first think of him as a servant of the Lord or a servant of Rome? A citizen of kingdom of God or a citizen of the Roman Empire? We all know he was a a Roman citizen and he used that status to confront the state and it’s rules and authorities. And God used that status to move him to Rome. We now have the wonderful book of Romans to educate and encourage us. The Roman Empire is long dead. But the book of Romans lives in the most read and published book ever written. It encapsulates the Gospel of Grace, and not works.

    So we prepare for the government turning against us by realizing that it never was for us. When we come to grips with that truth, the rest will fall into place. And that is what I sense the person asking the original question was really getting at–the shock of one’s own government turning against citizens.

  12. Berean Betty

    I agree with you in general with this proviso: Be careful not to be lulled into a state of confusion where you don’t notice the noose being tightened by the government. Think of the German Jews who wouldn’t believe their government would actually kill them all. There were those who got out of Germany before being targeted and rounded up. I believe we are living through the same “run up” with Christians here in North America. As Christians we know what is coming because The Word tells us. We see the torments and persecutions that are already starting. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are being killed right now (especially in the Middle East). The Bible says there will come a time when evil people will kill Believers all over the world and think they are doing a good thing. The worst of this persecution during the Tribulation will be missed by Christians who are Raptured, but those who remain and are saved will be put to death. The good news is we know how this all ends and it ends well for Believers. The question for each of us to answer is…which side am I really on? Are you saved and confident of it? If not, I urge you to repent of your sins and believe in the Salvation of Jesus.

  13. haymaker

    One thing to remember is that all NFL stadiums and all malls have signed on with FEMA to be staging areas for “displaced” citizens in an emergency. If you can not take care of yourself for an extended period of time then you are screwed.

  14. Ken McClelland

    It’s easy for people to get carried away in fear of our oddly acting government, but the FEMA camps, such as they are or may be, are supposedly going to be used for the containment of displaced people, and for those who are or may be infected with ‘something’ that is contagious. Much like the super dome in New Orleans was used to house displaced people and those who were incapable of caring for their own needs, so too would any FEMA facilities be used. Could they be used for radicals, of course, but it’s what you would expect if something happened in this country and someone decided to take advantage of the tragedy to create terror?

    For those who think there is no such thing, consider what I wrote in my book:

    “…A closely related article, dated January 2014, involves the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), seeking out companies to provide operational support, by way of “Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population.” First posted on the website in October 2013, the solicitation was for a one year (with 4 one year options), IDIQ contract (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity). The gist of the contract was for companies to provide for the transporting of the general population during evacuation measures, in response to Presidential-Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters, within the continental United States.

    The $45,862,939 dollar contract was awarded in May of 2014, to a company identified as Transportation Management Services. On the Transportation Management Services website, under What We Do, it states: “TMS specializes in design, planning and operation of transportation solutions for large, complex worldwide events and emergency evacuation support for FEMA and state governments as well as transportation consulting.”

  15. Ken McClelland

    To paint a better picture of the question, this additional information should’ve been posted just ahead of my earlier posting (so as to put it in proper sequence with what’s written in the book). Here it is…

    “… Regarding the potential of national emergencies and crises events like a viral pandemic, super volcano eruption, loss of the electric grid, or a major terror attack, you can search internet sites in abundance with true and false information on Government plans and schemes for dealing with the pandemonium that would follow any large scale societal disruption. There are many things to consider, such as; a declaration of Martial Law under Presidential Executive Orders; United Nations forces being used for police actions on American soil; billions of rounds of hollow point bullets purchased by various governmental agencies with no obvious reason or explanation why; millions of FEMA ‘coffin like’ containers being stored all around the country; and fully staffed yet currently empty, barbed wire Prisoner Of War Camps or Human Containment Facilities located inside of the continental United States.
    Some, or perhaps most of this, would fall within the scope of a law we briefly touched upon earlier, known as the: “Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.”

    Mentioned in the MSEHPA, is that each state is mandated to have a plan ready for the relocation and containment of a large number of people, and whether you choose to call the facilities that would house masses of people a Detention Center, Detainment Facility, POW camp, or FEMA Camp, in the end it’s still a place where people will be taken to, where they can be separated from the general populace and controlled.

    You can find information about these FEMA Camps on the internet (I’ll call them FEMA Camps since that will be the best search term to use in order to give you the most results), as well as details regarding their supposed locations in and around the United States. A list that I found on the website of the purported FEMA camp locations is posted just a few pages ahead, however, that being said, let me add that I won’t attest to the validity of the claimed locations, or even to the existence of these facilities, because to be blunt, I haven’t seen them. But what I will say is that there seems to be a lot of evidence suggesting that our government is preparing for something big that will involve the controlling of our society, and it seems to fit right in with the current Ebola situation that’s unfolding here in America.

    While researching for this section of the book, I came across a 2011 document titled: ‘Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,’ which purportedly originated from Kellogg, Brown, & Root Corporation, or KBR (formerly associated with Halliburton). The contents of the document centered around their efforts to establish a “National Quick Response Team” for their ‘FEMA and Army Corps of Engineers work, and anticipated future contracts.’

    The document states that the continental United States will be divided up into 5 regions and the services of interested subcontractors will be required in each state within each of those 5 regions. The subcontractors are to have the capabilities of providing various services, beginning with the installation of temporary fencing and barricades to be erected within 36 hours notice for a 301 person camp, and within 72 hours notice for a 1,000 person camp.

    “Anticipated Project Requirements: Establish services listed below within 72 hours for initial set-up, and respond within 24 hours for incremental services. This is a CONTINGENCY PROJECT and it should be stressed that lead times will be short with critical requirements due to the nature of emergency responses. Subcontractors must be flexible and able to handle multiple, shifting priorities in an emergency environment. Supply lines needed must be short but not necessarily pre-positioned. The personnel on site to be covered by these services will depend on the size and scope of the recovery effort, but for estimating purposes the camp will range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.”

    Other services to be provided by the subcontractors include: Catered Food Services, Hand Washing Stations, Laundry Services, Potable Water, Shower & Toilet Units, Medical Services, Waste Water Removal, Refuse Collection, Power Generation, Tents, Flooring, Electrical, HVAC, ECU, and Office Buildings. Note: The temporary camps this document refers to are not the same as the rumored FEMA camps, which are established stationary facilities located throughout the continental United States, with some outside of the continental US.

    A closely related article, dated January 2014, involves the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), seeking out companies to provide operational support, by way of “Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population.” First posted on the website in October 2013, the solicitation was for a one year (with 4 one year options), IDIQ contract (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity). The gist of the contract was for companies to provide for the transporting of the general population during evacuation measures, in response to Presidential-Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters, within the continental United States.

    The $45,862,939 dollar contract was awarded in May of 2014, to a company identified as Transportation Management Services. On the Transportation Management Services website, under What We Do, it states: “TMS specializes in design, planning and operation of transportation solutions for large, complex worldwide events and emergency evacuation support for FEMA and state governments as well as transportation consulting.”…”

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