Prep for Hard Times: Why You Need an Offline Side-Gig Business Now!

This is a guest post by Dare Tuitt

Are you earning enough money to pay for all your prepping needs?

Do you have enough money in your cash stash for a bug-out?

Do you have a mountain of debt that holds you back from (fill in the blank)?

Almost everyone I know needs more money to accomplish what they have to do, whether it be to pay for prepping items, pay down personal debt, purchase that getaway land in the American Redoubt areas or simply pay their monthly living expenses. With the escalating financial and political situation looking like it’s heating up as we head into the Mid-term elections, overcoming debt, getting personal finances in order and paying for those extra survival products should now be a priority.

To solve your personal cash crunch, you need a way to make some money as quickly as possible and I advise you do this offline as soon as possible. One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn extra money is by staring a part-time side-gig business.

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Start a Side-Gig Business Now!

Why am I advising you start an offline business ASAP? Because the recent (and as of the date of this writing, ongoing) rollercoaster ride of the stock market may just be going through the start of a slow-motion tailspin, the effects of which will catch up to all of us in due time, as it ripples through the world economy. Also, the cost of living is not going down! Contrary to the good news about American energy independence due to vastly increased output from less regulation (thank you President Trump!) gasoline and other energy prices still tend to rise and fall based on demand and here in the USA we see them rise ahead of active travel days, like national holidays and due to seasonal weather variations in use. The cost of food is also not going down and there are seasonal price increases every winter just to get the food delivered by semi-trailer trucks and drivers working in extreme winter weather conditions. These are all good examples of reasons why you need an offline side gig business ASAP, to help you get more money NOW. But the real reason why is only beginning to be seen as politics plays an ever-increasing and unwelcome role in our personal economic lives.

Since 9/11, we have seen how technology has been used by the government to consolidate and control citizens. Our own NSA and Homeland Security have been given enormous powers of surveillance. Media of all kinds has also got on board and during the Obama years, we saw more of an unholy alliance begin to form between online Social Media corporations and government, specifically, Left-leaning governments. We see news reports about how, without much of a fight, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, ( all American-based corporations), have abandoned the rights guaranteed people under the American Constitution, when communist/socialist countries have made it a condition to limit their own citizen’s access to information provided by these online companies. They compromised free and open speech, in order to acquire access to new markets and/or acquire more market share in those respective nations. They sold out their “ideals” for market share.

More ominously here at home, Conservative and Christian Americans are under increasing unfair scrutiny, by social media “review committees” and “speech algorithm scrutiny”, the results of which are stripping out the so-called “objectionable” content in favor of a socially-engineered, exclusive Left-leaning content. The result is the elimination of Christian and Conservative viewpoints from the Internet, with the result (perhaps the intent?) of driving them out of business or greatly reducing their influence. This stuff seems straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, and it’s not going away.

The New World Order Doesn’t Like Your Privacy

New Internet-based technologies being brought to the market involve using your personal data, captured by social media with every keystroke you make on your computer. This information is being used to develop predictive models that ultimately could be used by a hostile government to determine what your political and religious beliefs are, and then treat you accordingly. When coupled with home electricity Smart Meters (now mandated nearly everywhere), automobile tracking devices, electronic surveillance via street cams, Smartphones, and in every HDTV, police and other government agencies can conceivably monitor your life both inside and outside your home 24/7/365. If this doesn’t bother you, it should. In 2018, we may see emerge the beginnings of an even greater Matrix of censorship, control and surveillance over our lives in ways we couldn’t even imagine just 3 years ago. There is research going on right now to weaponize our data using “predictive models” to determine if we are thinking “wrong” for the purposes of stopping crimes before they happen. What if this technology is used on political dissidents?

Once these control mechanisms are established, how long before the Mark of the Beast emerges? How will you earn money if you refuse the that Mark, without which you will not be allowed to “buy or sell?” (Revelation 13:16-17). Since people in the First World are already conditioned to just give away their personal information along with their freedoms and sense of privacy, Spielberg’s Minority Report doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Having an Internet-based business is fine so far as it goes, but what would you do if “they” make it impossible for you to earn a living online based on your political and religious affiliations? If you do all your business online, what would you do if there’s a crash of the Internet system or a major security breach that steals your online proprietary information or your banking passwords? What can you do if North Korea or Iran attacks the USA with an EMP?

This is why you need an offline business and you need to start it now. You need to earn extra money now, to get yourself and your family more secure, but most importantly, you need a way to earn some income if these other avenues are denied you.

What is a Good Offline Business?

Having a skill you can do that you can earn an income or barter with is a good place to start.

Can you grow things? Are you a master gardener? Grow vegetables and sell them at the local Farmer’s Market. Grow heirloom varieties of vegetables. Consume some, preserve some by canning, and save the seeds to sell them. People pay money for quality heirloom vegetable seeds. This could be a nice side business.

Can you fix things? Appliance repair, home “honey do” projects, car repair are all great skills to have to start a business. Any of these skills can be used to barter for other goods and services.

Find a skill related to something you enjoy doing, such as hunting. Learning how to process game meat is related to hunting, and can be turned into an offline business. Many people enjoy hunting and fishing, but hate processing the meat! Many fishing charter businesses include gutting and processing what their customers catch, for an extra fee. Perhaps you could set up a booth nearby and offer the same service to charter boat captains for a percentage of your fee for each referral they send?

Mowing lawns, weeding, cutting down or pruning trees, going into the national forests (with permit) to harvest fallen trees and scrub, then cut it into firewood and sell by the cord or half-cord. Pick up free pinecones, clean them and resell them as fire starters, Christmas decorations or turn them into natural bird feeders and sell them.

Do you have a truck or van? Help people move things. I know guys who make an extra $300 per day on the weekends alone just by helping young singles move from one apartment to another. Or they help people get furniture or large appliances home after a purchase, so they don’t have to pay higher delivery fees of the stores. They charge extra for carting away the old furniture or appliance to the dump. Sometimes, they sell the appliances to a guy who repairs them and sells them – one side-gig business helping another side-gig business.

Can you cook or bake to perfection? Become a caterer. If you can’t cook, establish your own “roach coach” lunch wagon route and drive through light industrial areas during weekdays. Sell sandwiches, pop, bottled water and snacks. You can even sell someone else’s sandwiches!

These are just a few examples of offline business you can start. The possibilities are endless!

I hope this article has helped you see the importance of having a way to earn extra money, as detached as possible from the threat of the growing “Matrix.” Whether you work your offline business as your full-time job or a side gig – you need to start one NOW.

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Author’s Bio: Dare Tuitt is a retiree whose own side business is researching and writing about offline side-gig businesses. Some of the businesses Dare writes about is from personal experience, having started several offline side-gigs which prospered – and some that did not. Dare has uncovered many unique and highly-lucrative offline businesses that one can do part-time, or as a short-term project, to raise money fast! Dare looks for businesses that require little or no experience to do, little or no money to start and are perfect for homeworkers, college students, retirees and those looking to generate a substantial second income. To get the latest Dare Tuitt free report & recommendations for a great offline side-gig, email Dare at



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