The Pocket Shot: A Modern Slingshot Alternative for Your Survival Pack!

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A Modern Slingshot Alternative

A common topic on prepper and survival websites is having the ability to hunt and take game in a survival situation.  Almost all would agree that a small caliber rifle would be best at taking game.  However, most don’t find themselves in those “perfect” survival scenarios when they are caught out with all their gear.  Then again, most of us would consider that a welcomed campout vs a survival situation.  I digress.  Since we know that it is important to be prepared and have options no matter where we are or what type of gear we get to take a long, doesn’t it make sense that we carry with us something that would make it easy to hunt and survive?  The Pocket Shot is a small compact slingshot alternative that you should consider.

Slingshots have always been considered something that a child plays with.  I mean, come on, didn’t you have one growing up?  But the fact that you can get pretty accurate with a slingshot, and that the Pocket Shot can send a projectile up to 350 fps (feet per second) hurling at a target, makes considering slingshots or their new modern alternative, the pocket shot, something a prepper might want to carry in their survival pack.

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The Pocket Shot Really Does Fit In Your Pocket!

The Pocket Shot is very compact and takes up little room.  Literally, you can carry it in your pocket.  And, the ammo that you carry can be held within the pocket shot so you don’t have to worry about finding it in your pack before taking the perfect shot!

The thing is, the Pocket Shot is just fun to shoot too!  You might have to “take turns” with your child if they get the bug for this alternative slingshot!

The Pocket Shot comes with all the warnings that a slingshot has.  You need to be careful when you shoot the Pocket Shot because it can do some damage.  Everyone who shoots the Pocket Shot should adhere to proper safety precautions!

The Pocket Shot comes with two latex pouches.  The black pouch is a practice pouch and can send projectiles down range at 275 fps.  The blue pro pouch can get those shots up to 350 fps!  And changing the pouches out can be done in seconds.  Make sure you watch the video below.



What you are seeing in the video above and the pics below is the basic Pocket Shot setup.  There are many attachments that you can add to the Pocket Shot, including, handgrip (think those old Crossman Slingshots), Bow and Arrow setup and Fishing Reel setup!  This slingshot is very versatile!  To get more information about the Pocket Shot, visit their website and online storeor pick one up on AmazonAt $25, the Pocket Shot is a great deal!  CLICK HERE!


The Pocket Shot is a compact alternative slingshot that comes with two pouches and directions.


You can easily see the Pocket Shot’s small profile.


Side by Side comparison to an Altoids Survival Tin. The other item you will have in your pocket!


Look how thin this alternative slingshot really is!


Notice how the ammo could easily fit inside the pouch to fit in your pocket. Orange practice ammo is shown in the picture.



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