Your Cooking Kit – The Perfect Stove and Pot Combination For Any of Your Kits!

Do you have a means to heat some water for coffee or cook your meal in your kit?  You can build a big fire and place your cooking pots directly on coals or a makeshift pot holder (ala bushcraft skills).  But you might want to create a smaller footprint, use fewer resources and make your fire as efficient as possible.

If that is the case, you might be interested in adding a wood gas stove, stainless steel pot combination that is the perfect size for anyone wanting versatility in their kit. This kit is very affordable, sitting at a combined price of just under $40.

The stove is an Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove.  You can start a fire at the bottom and just add wood or other materials to keep it going, but it really should be used in the Top Lit Updraft Method (TLUD).  This means that you fill the stove up with wood and other dry burning material, you then light it at the top.  As the fire starts, it heats the wood underneath, producing gas.  This gas then travels up the sides of the stove and burns very efficiently, creating a hot and smokeless fire.

The Ohuhu Stove nestles very nicely inside the Alpine MSR Stowaway Pot.  The pot is a stainless steel, 775ml pot.  It comes with a cover and the handle folds over to lock everything in place. The pot also comes with a mesh carrying bag.  Using the cover, I was able to bring 1 cup of water to boil in 4-5 minutes.  See my Instagram video below.

Like I said, this little combo is the perfect size for a bugout bag, GHB or any other survival kit.  The stove nestles inside the pot (make sure you get the 775ml pot) and is very compact.

Check out my pics below.

The Ohuhu Stove nestles nicely in the Alpine pot and can be stored in the mesh bag that comes with the pot.

I include a bag of cotton balls and Vaseline in my mesh bag.

Everything in its place …

All the components unassembled.



Fill the Stove all the way with wood to utilize the Top Lit Updraft Method!

Light it up! The wood gas process will start as the wood underneath gets hot.

This is the top piece where the pot sits on.

The pot with 1 cup of water inside.

The pot cover fits securely and helps to bring the water to a quick boil.

This shot is after the water boiled. Notice the charred wood and the jets on the side of the stove that shows the wood gas burning off.

The stove burns efficiently and leaves very little behind. The ash is what is left of the wood that was burned.



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