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Every once in a while you’ll find a deal that makes you sing the praises of the product or service.  This is that type of review!

I don’t know why people would want to cause havoc on a website that is helping others.  But for some reason, there is trash out there that likes to hack into website regardless of what type they are.  Due to the popularity of Prepper Website, I have had to deal with this more times than I would like.  I was able to take care of it the first time, but the rest of the attacks were beyond my expertise.

Like everyone else who runs a website, I researched how to harden my site, which security plugins I should have, changed passwords and all the other tips in the blogosphere.  It still happened!

My first attempt to go outside my own ability was with a service that my hosting provider sold me.  It cost $100 and sucked!  I was never able to contact support because they held banker hours.  I canceled the service and got a refund!

Enter Sucuri!  Wow…wow…wow!

I am so pleased with their service that I’m writing a blog post!  How about that!  The service for 1 website is $89, cheaper than my own host!

Right after getting the service setup, Sucuri went right to work!  They have an easy to navigate dashboard that gets you right to what you need.

More importantly is that they are fast with support and solutions!  Sucuri will scan your site, remove any malware and help you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Since using Sucuri, I have not had any other issues, although the site is consistently being attacked!

One of the other benefits is their premium WordPress plugin.  They offer a free plugin, but the premium plugin offers many more resources.

You can visit the Sucuri site here.  For webmasters who aren’t sure if they have malware on their site, they offer a free scanner.  Individual readers can also use it to make sure they are surfing to a safe site.


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5 thoughts on “Sucuri Review

  1. mark hawk

    sucurri was good at one time, no more, had them for years, before they would catch hacks before they created a problem, get right on cleaning it up, now they miss everything, contact them and takes 12 hours minimum, sometimes days. usually I believe they that the info to get access is not correct, just a ply to stall you. this same routine happened the last 3 times i needed them, like an instant replay. bad enough the waste of time but more important your website down, i canceled they will never get my business again.

  2. mark hawk

    what i meant to say above: I believe that they claim the info I gave them to get access into my site is always incorrect, i think it is just a ploy to stall you. seems the last 3 times someone might check things once a day, maybe less, this same routine happened the last 3 times i needed them, like an instant replay. exact same routine the last 3 times I needed them, heaven forbid you did give them the wrong password or something probably have to wait another day! get on the chat they say they will escalate it, ha, another line of bull.

    i think sucuri sucks of late.

  3. D.

    I’m having similar problems. I am a new customer. Sucuri has been helpful in dealing with a site hack. For that I am deeply grateful. But there are long delays in getting a response (well over 24 hours), and then they ignore some of the requests, or give conflicting recommendations on major issues. I’m not a techie, and I still feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark. I’m sticking with them for now, but I expected more–I am disappointed.

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