Survival for the Common Man – Where to Start

The world can be a bad place,

you need to be prepared!


You can make some costly mistakes if you don’t start your preparedness journey off right!  Preparedness websites, Pinterest and Facebook posts will get you on all the “sexy” gear or Doom Porn if you’re not careful.  Instead, the newly “awakened” prepper should take a deep breath and start with a plan!

The preparedness community often says new preppers need a plan, but how do you actually go about doing it?  Here are the steps:

What Are You Preparing For?

Put aside all the big “fear” events like EMP, Super Volcanoes, and Polar Shifts. Focus on the more likely reasons to be prepared, like natural disasters, personal financial crisis, medical needs and safety for you and your family.

Time to prepare for the big stuff will come.  But many new preppers make the mistake of preparing for the big ones when the more likely scenarios get left behind.  No one on Earth has REALLY experienced an EMP.  But families experience natural disasters, job losses, medical emergencies and crime EVERYDAY!  Let’s start here!

Digging Deeper into Your Preparedness

Now that you have a foundation on where to start, let’s start to dig deeper into these categories of preparedness.  The purpose here is to ask the right questions.  With the right questions, you can find the answers.

I have prepared a free planner for you to download to help you walk-through some of these questions.  To download the planner – CLICK HERE.

Natural Disasters – Do you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters? Natural disasters would be hurricanes, tornados, flooding, blizzards, snow, drought, areas prone to forest fires, etc…  Make a list of the natural disasters that are relevant to your area. Download the FREE planner below.

If you have lived in the area for a  long time, you will be familiar with the natural disasters that can occur.  If you are new to the area, ask your co-workers or neighbors about some of your concerns.  For example, you could use the flooding in Houston with Hurricane Harvey to open your conversation.  “I’m new to the area.  I was wondering if this area experiences any flooding like they have experienced in Houston or are there possibly any other natural disasters that you have experienced?”  Lastly,  you can visit, drill down to your state and Zip Code area and click on the natural disaster tab on the left to see historical data.

Visit for specific State Info.

Financial – Do you have a budget?  Do you have savings?  Are you living paycheck to paycheck?  Are you living below your means?  If you were to lose your job, could you pay your bills or will the lights be turned off?  What are other points of financial stress that you might experience?  For example, does your vehicle or home require repairs?

Start with your budget!  If you don’t tell your money what to do, it will do whatever it wants!  Checkout Position Yourself for Financial SHTF – Practical Steps for Paying Down Debt and Saving Money for more information and a link to download a free budget spreadsheet.  Make adjustments to your living style if you need to. It’s easy, you need to spend less than you bring in, a lot less!

You must budget for an emergency fund (savings).  Plan on having enough of an emergency fund to cover three-six months of expenses.  This emergency fund should cover the necessities like a mortgage (rent), utilities, food and gas for your vehicle.  Don’t plan on touching this emergency fund! It’s for an emergency!

Start a fund to take care of home and vehicle repairs.

Medical – Are you healthy?  When was the last time you had a check-up?  Are your teeth in good shape?  Do you have any health concerns?

All your preparedness efforts won’t do you a bit of good if you are unhealthy.  Emergencies are stressful and require a lot of energy to get through.  If you are in a prolonged emergency, you will struggle greatly and your family and loved ones might not be able to depend on you.

Evaluate your lifestyle.  Do you need to lose weight?  Do you need to start exercising?  Make a plan to start right away!

Crime – Do you know the crime statistics for your community?  Do you know where the nearest police station is located?  Do you have a way to find out about neighborhood crime?  Is your home safe?  Do you have a way to defend yourself?

Visit Crime Reports and drill down to your community.  Is crime an issue in your area?  If you needed to, how would you defend yourself?  A firearm?  Mace?  Locate the nearest police station and get the phone number to the precinct.

Do a safety audit of your home.  Contact your local police department for more information.


Action Steps


Survival for the Common Man is a series of articles for those who are new to prepping or those who never really felt they had a good foundation to start.  

Why Survival for the Common Man?  I love to gain experiences in wilderness survival, bushcraft, homesteading and “tactical” preparedness.  But the truth is, most preppers are regular, everyday people (the common man).  We live in the suburbs, go to our day jobs, and attend school and family events.  But we also see the world around us and see the need to be prepared, to make sure our family is safe and able to thrive in times of uncertainty.  There are more of us than you might realize!  This series is for you!



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