The 4 Essential Items to Bring Hunting


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When planning for a hunt, it’s important to pack the essential items that will make your trip both successful and enjoyable. Building the perfect pack can be expensive if you aren’t selective about what you include. In fact, a survey by the U.S. Department of the Interior shows that the average cost of trip-related expenses for hunters comes to about $762 per person.

Use this hunting checklist for a comprehensive list of what to bring, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to make sure you’re on the right track:

1. Spacious Backpack

One of the most important pieces of gear for any hunter is the pack—a pack that fails to live up to your needs can end your hunt before it even begins. Consider a hunting pack that will last a lifetime such as the Kifaru Timberline. Rated for loads of 100 pounds or more, the 7,200-cubic-inch Timberline has built-in pockets, side pockets, and center pockets for efficient storage of everything you need without sacrificing pack space for trophies and meat that you will be lugging back.

2. Dependable Boots

Consider the season, along with the nature of your hunt (active vs. sedentary) when selecting a pair of hunting boots. A good pair of boots can last for years and make your trips safe and comfortable.

  • Early season (late summer, early fall): Select footwear that offers heat relief and walking comfort
  • Mid-season (fall): Opt for insulated boots that will offer versatility during active hunts while protecting against cold weather
  • Late season (winter): Select heavily insulated pac boots with warmth-trapping liners to protect your feet from freezing temperatures

Lowa Footwear hiking boots, like their Renegade GTX, can be pricey, but the comfort and safety of your feet in the elements is well-worth the investment in quality. Renegade GTX leather hiking boots provide excellent traction and keep your feet dry throughout days of wet-weather tracking. Look for abrasion-resistant materials such as nylon and premium leathers.

3. Polarized Sunglasses

Don’t miss out on your lucky shot because of optic fatigue. Oakley Polarized Gasan Sunglasses are designed to block the glare that is created by flat surfaces such as snow and water, and are highly impact resistant. Be prepared with an extra pair of lenses which take up little room in your pack, and can be a lifesaver should you need a replacement.

4. Strong Knife

Select a well-made knife that you can use for many years to come. The Havalon Piranta-Bolt Hunting Knife comes with 12 replaceable blades and has an open back that makes cleaning simple. Each Piranta-Bolt comes with a black nylon belt holster, and Havalon offers them with a hunter’s orange handle, making them easy to spot.

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