The Best Investment of the Year…and Beyond!

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Update – 2015 I didn’t put out the soaker hoses this Springr.  It was a big mistake.  Although they are connected to “city” water, and I rather use rain water, there is a big benefit of having your beds connected to a timer with these hoses.  I will definitely put them out for the Fall garden.

Photo by: Simon Cunningham

Those of us in the Preparedness Community know that the economy is on its last leg.  We don’t know when, but we know that it is inevitable.  The economy tanking is one of the things we prepare for.  Many approach this future by purchasing tangibles.  Anything of value that you can purchase now, will be much more cheaper than when people find out their dollars have lost their purchasing power.  So spending money on long-term food, tools, etc… makes sense.

But, I’ve also started looking at another item, my garden beds as a long-term investment.  If you can put in more gardening space  that will be used now, it will pay off BIG TIME in the near future!  (For my Gardening Link Bomb – Click Here)

We have all heard about the drought in California and how that is going to effect the price of many fruits and vegetables.  We also know that growing fruits and vegetables in our own backyard is healthier than purchasing them from the grocery store with who knows what sprayed on them.  So, spending money on your garden now, is well-worth the investment!

Recently, I put in a total of 38 feet of new raised beds. The soil required was 3.5 yards.  But, I couldn’t just have 3.5 delivered.  I had to have 3 or 4 yards.  I went with the 4 yards and had a ton left over.  Thank goodness I keep old trashcans to move leaves and stuff to the compost bin.  I lined my old trashcans, along with the new ones and filled up 5 trashcans with new soil!

I know that many people are buying silver and ammo and stuff.  I think all of those things are valuable.  But I also think that spending money on something that is going to really pay you back now AND later is well worth it!  Below I have included some pics as well as a video of my Sunday sermon where I talk a little about the project.  You’re going to have to excuse the backyard mess, I haven’t really focused on it since I’ve been working to get the raised beds in.





— TS


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