The Best Investment of the Year…and Beyond!

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Update – 2015 I didn’t put out the soaker hoses this Springr.  It was a big mistake.  Although they are connected to “city” water, and I rather use rain water, there is a big benefit of having your beds connected to a timer with these hoses.  I will definitely put them out for the Fall garden.

Photo by: Simon Cunningham

Those of us in the Preparedness Community know that the economy is on its last leg.  We don’t know when, but we know that it is inevitable.  The economy tanking is one of the things we prepare for.  Many approach this future by purchasing tangibles.  Anything of value that you can purchase now, will be much more cheaper than when people find out their dollars have lost their purchasing power.  So spending money on long-term food, tools, etc… makes sense.

But, I’ve also started looking at another item, my garden beds as a long-term investment.  If you can put in more gardening space  that will be used now, it will pay off BIG TIME in the near future!  (For my Gardening Link Bomb – Click Here)

We have all heard about the drought in California and how that is going to effect the price of many fruits and vegetables.  We also know that growing fruits and vegetables in our own backyard is healthier than purchasing them from the grocery store with who knows what sprayed on them.  So, spending money on your garden now, is well-worth the investment!

Recently, I put in a total of 38 feet of new raised beds. The soil required was 3.5 yards.  But, I couldn’t just have 3.5 delivered.  I had to have 3 or 4 yards.  I went with the 4 yards and had a ton left over.  Thank goodness I keep old trashcans to move leaves and stuff to the compost bin.  I lined my old trashcans, along with the new ones and filled up 5 trashcans with new soil!

I know that many people are buying silver and ammo and stuff.  I think all of those things are valuable.  But I also think that spending money on something that is going to really pay you back now AND later is well worth it!  Below I have included some pics as well as a video of my Sunday sermon where I talk a little about the project.  You’re going to have to excuse the backyard mess, I haven’t really focused on it since I’ve been working to get the raised beds in.





— TS


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9 thoughts on “The Best Investment of the Year…and Beyond!

  1. Scott

    I’m guessing those are catch barrels for rain water. I like those but have never seen anything like them. I’ve seen catch barrels and have a collapsible style to use in the future but I like what you have pictured.

    1. Todd Post author


      Yes, those are rain barrels. The one on the right I purchased off Craigslist for $25. We have a pool and often have people over, so I wanted to have “nicer looking” rain barrels in the back. Since I wanted 2, I broke down and purchased a second one off of Amazon ( It’s made by Fiskar. I’m planning another post to show the installment of the barrels and water diverter.


  2. Mike

    We made a major investment in our gardening infrastructure last year as well. It really adds to our piece of mind and being out in the garden is better for you than sitting in front of the TV.


    1. Todd Post author

      I agree Mike! After moving all that dirt, I just wished I would have remembered to “lift with my legs” early on! LOLOL


  3. Bear

    You are such an encourager! Thanks. And I like the idea of a “sweat” hose to water the beds. Much easier than by hand or coming up with a “drip” system. God bless you and your efforts.

  4. Papa "J"

    Nice barrels, but not big enough for my use. I have 4 now and will have two more 275 gallon totes for next year. I also filled all my barrels, so this year I have a total of 1,500 gallons stored watering my veggies. This is rain water from our roof for gardening, although if needed I could use my Sawyer water purifier for drinking. We also have 400 gallons for drinking. We will be increasing our garden this year also.
    Just think about what our wonderful gov’t. has done. In CA. they reduced the water to our farmers by about 60% and they ask people in the cities to voluntarily cut back 10 – 20%. I hope everyone likes their fountains, lawns & long showers, because we all will be paying for them at the grocery stores. Even if you don’t live in CA. it will affect you, so be prepared.

  5. Robert

    Todd, From the voice of experience, please consider installing some lateral bracing on the great looking bed box. I have three that after the 1st year started bowing out at the 5ft mark and I currently have a tie down chain and binder from my flatbed days holding them together. Also since I only used a weed cloth to insulate the beds, the moisture has rotted the wood and I will now need to rebuild them.
    Great job on the rain barrels though.
    Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  6. messenger

    Nice, very nice, and will go along way to keep your family alive. I want to add one thing here w/o dealing with the negatives, but the gardens we helped put in, in Mexico, for the orphanages had a heck of a time with thieves. People were hungry and I couldn’t really blame them, with the rampant unemployment and low paying jobs they had. So, I just put in more beds and they stole more, and on it went. I say this because theft of garden will become a major blight when the lights go out. In closing, you are correct we don’t know when the economy will collapse. But just for training purposes I have chosen the end of the Shemitah, September 13, this year as my all packed up, ready to bug out day. If it doesn’t happen on the 13th them I’m prepared anyway. I’m not date setting here at all, but the last two collapses have happened on the exact closing day of the Shemitah year. PS: Got to ask, how much did the dirt cost and is the dirt permanent or has to be replaced each year. thanks

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