The Christian Prepper’s Response When the SHTF?!?

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Most Preppers are a very caring and giving bunch.  But when it comes to a SHTF event, many plan on circling the wagons and taking care of their own.  Honestly, I can’t argue with that.  I totally understand it.  I mean, Preppers are responsible and we sacrifice, make decisions, plan now so that our families can be taken care of if the need arises.

But as a Christian, I have always had this nagging in my heart that I’m not sure if I could turn anyone away who needed my help.  It would be really, really hard.  I know that when you are in the thick of things and supplies are running low, that everything could go out the door as you look into the eyes of your kids and spouse.  But even then, I know that my faith and the tugging of my heart will still be asking me to think about what would God want me to do and what is His plan.

In his fictional book, American Exit Strategy, Mark Goodwin writes about a pastor who “see’s the writing on the wall” and starts to make decisions that will help to sustain many people.  The pastor, with the consent of the church, purchases farm land.  In one of his Sunday morning sermons, which is broadcast on the internet, he suggests to anyone listening, that they get out of the cities and out to the country. He offers people, who don’t have land or relatives out in the country to come and live on the church’s land.  He adds that they won’t live there for free, they will be required to work! (Click here to read a review of American Exit Strategy)

Maybe, for Christian’s and churches, the fictional pastor’s recommendations have some merit!  Maybe, those preparedness/liberty minded churches should really think about this as a viable option.  Because, even if this world doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket, families are now AND are going to be effected by the downturn in the economy. With charities being stressed now, where will they turn?

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Recently, I received an email from an internet friend Dare Tuitt.  We met by mutually posting on one of Prepared Christian’s articles a while back.  She shared that she watched a sermon, Bill Cloud’s address to the 30th International Prophecy Conference entitled, “The Spirit of Esau Rising in America, part I.”

I was curious, because my most recent sermon, Living for God in a Climate of Fear, was based on Genesis 32-33, the story when Jacob is reunited with Esau.  Dare points out that Bill Cloud seems to be a prepper, but he doesn’t hold to the view that we circle the wagons.  Below, you can read Dare’s letter as well as find the link to view Bill Cloud’s message.

Thanks Dare!


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I just finished watching Bill Cloud’s address to the 30th International Prophecy Conference entitled, “The Spirit of Esau Rising in America, part I.”

In his presentation he addresses how Christians who are preparing, may be missing the real purpose why God wants us to prepare. Bill believes God wants us to prepare so that we can still keep on being salt and light. However, are too many of us preparing because we are acting out of fear and not engaging the enemy, so to speak?

Bill’s thesis is that each of us are called by God to do His will for such a time as this and to be salt and light to those who dwell in darkness. And since darkness is increasing, it is because the Church is relinquishing her role as salt and light. Yet how many Christian preppers would say this last sentence applies solely to the institutional church alone, and not to how they themselves, as an individual Christian, may be failing to be the beacon of light God placed us here to be?

While it is important to prepare for the purpose of continuing to be what God intended us to be, how then can we be salt and light if we are…afraid…looking for ways to hide…op sec and secrecy…looking to ‘hunker down’…preparing to ‘ride it out’…etc.

We may be placing too much importance on “wheat, water and guns” – and by extension physical safety – because eventually the wheat will run out, the water will run dry and the ammo for the guns will be depleted. Then what?

Are we believing like Joshua and Caleb, by getting ready for battle, and going in to possess the land, or are we repeating the “bad report” because of the “giants” and “fortified cities” causing us to be ineffectual, lose our saltiness, and essentially aid and abet Esau instead of doing God’s will?

It certainly feels like everyone in the prepper movement (if you can say there is such a thing) seems to be walking on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop.  No one seems ready to stick their neck out for much, if anything.  It’s like we are all just waiting and holding our breath.  Each of us seem to be gaming the system, and praying there will be enough time to get our preps ready for…? We carry on with our lives, continue to prep and prepare, with the hope of escaping the evil that is encroaching on a daily basis.  Every single day seems to bring a new outrage from the enemy…another law some politician refuses to uphold, another call for investigation of conservative Christians, another church desecration, another mockery of Jesus and on and on and on.  But aren’t we supposed to stand and deliver?

Perhaps we are to prepare so that until the very last second before the Rapture we can continue to live while proclaiming the Gospel to as many people as we possibly can.  But how many of us are really doing that?  Do you honestly set aside food with the thought that it will feed total strangers while they see you living out your faith?  Or instead, do you pack away the wheat berries and calculate how many loaves of bread this will make for you and yours alone?  If we were born for such a time as this, why are we spending so much time and effort in learning how to hide things?

I urge you to take a listen to Bill’s presentation. It is certainly thought-provoking and caused me to examine my prepping motives anew. Most of his prepper comments come in the last half hour of the presentation, but I advise you to listen to the entire presentation because he lays a very compelling, Biblical argument for prepping in order to remain a light in the darkness. Here is the link:


In Christ,
Dare Tuitt



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