The Christian Prepper’s Response When the SHTF?!?

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Most Preppers are a very caring and giving bunch.  But when it comes to a SHTF event, many plan on circling the wagons and taking care of their own.  Honestly, I can’t argue with that.  I totally understand it.  I mean, Preppers are responsible and we sacrifice, make decisions, plan now so that our families can be taken care of if the need arises.

But as a Christian, I have always had this nagging in my heart that I’m not sure if I could turn anyone away who needed my help.  It would be really, really hard.  I know that when you are in the thick of things and supplies are running low, that everything could go out the door as you look into the eyes of your kids and spouse.  But even then, I know that my faith and the tugging of my heart will still be asking me to think about what would God want me to do and what is His plan.

In his fictional book, American Exit Strategy, Mark Goodwin writes about a pastor who “see’s the writing on the wall” and starts to make decisions that will help to sustain many people.  The pastor, with the consent of the church, purchases farm land.  In one of his Sunday morning sermons, which is broadcast on the internet, he suggests to anyone listening, that they get out of the cities and out to the country. He offers people, who don’t have land or relatives out in the country to come and live on the church’s land.  He adds that they won’t live there for free, they will be required to work! (Click here to read a review of American Exit Strategy)

Maybe, for Christian’s and churches, the fictional pastor’s recommendations have some merit!  Maybe, those preparedness/liberty minded churches should really think about this as a viable option.  Because, even if this world doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket, families are now AND are going to be effected by the downturn in the economy. With charities being stressed now, where will they turn?

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Recently, I received an email from an internet friend Dare Tuitt.  We met by mutually posting on one of Prepared Christian’s articles a while back.  She shared that she watched a sermon, Bill Cloud’s address to the 30th International Prophecy Conference entitled, “The Spirit of Esau Rising in America, part I.”

I was curious, because my most recent sermon, Living for God in a Climate of Fear, was based on Genesis 32-33, the story when Jacob is reunited with Esau.  Dare points out that Bill Cloud seems to be a prepper, but he doesn’t hold to the view that we circle the wagons.  Below, you can read Dare’s letter as well as find the link to view Bill Cloud’s message.

Thanks Dare!


I just finished watching Bill Cloud’s address to the 30th International Prophecy Conference entitled, “The Spirit of Esau Rising in America, part I.”

In his presentation he addresses how Christians who are preparing, may be missing the real purpose why God wants us to prepare. Bill believes God wants us to prepare so that we can still keep on being salt and light. However, are too many of us preparing because we are acting out of fear and not engaging the enemy, so to speak?

Bill’s thesis is that each of us are called by God to do His will for such a time as this and to be salt and light to those who dwell in darkness. And since darkness is increasing, it is because the Church is relinquishing her role as salt and light. Yet how many Christian preppers would say this last sentence applies solely to the institutional church alone, and not to how they themselves, as an individual Christian, may be failing to be the beacon of light God placed us here to be?

While it is important to prepare for the purpose of continuing to be what God intended us to be, how then can we be salt and light if we are…afraid…looking for ways to hide…op sec and secrecy…looking to ‘hunker down’…preparing to ‘ride it out’…etc.

We may be placing too much importance on “wheat, water and guns” – and by extension physical safety – because eventually the wheat will run out, the water will run dry and the ammo for the guns will be depleted. Then what?

Are we believing like Joshua and Caleb, by getting ready for battle, and going in to possess the land, or are we repeating the “bad report” because of the “giants” and “fortified cities” causing us to be ineffectual, lose our saltiness, and essentially aid and abet Esau instead of doing God’s will?

It certainly feels like everyone in the prepper movement (if you can say there is such a thing) seems to be walking on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop.  No one seems ready to stick their neck out for much, if anything.  It’s like we are all just waiting and holding our breath.  Each of us seem to be gaming the system, and praying there will be enough time to get our preps ready for…? We carry on with our lives, continue to prep and prepare, with the hope of escaping the evil that is encroaching on a daily basis.  Every single day seems to bring a new outrage from the enemy…another law some politician refuses to uphold, another call for investigation of conservative Christians, another church desecration, another mockery of Jesus and on and on and on.  But aren’t we supposed to stand and deliver?

Perhaps we are to prepare so that until the very last second before the Rapture we can continue to live while proclaiming the Gospel to as many people as we possibly can.  But how many of us are really doing that?  Do you honestly set aside food with the thought that it will feed total strangers while they see you living out your faith?  Or instead, do you pack away the wheat berries and calculate how many loaves of bread this will make for you and yours alone?  If we were born for such a time as this, why are we spending so much time and effort in learning how to hide things?

I urge you to take a listen to Bill’s presentation. It is certainly thought-provoking and caused me to examine my prepping motives anew. Most of his prepper comments come in the last half hour of the presentation, but I advise you to listen to the entire presentation because he lays a very compelling, Biblical argument for prepping in order to remain a light in the darkness. Here is the link:


In Christ,
Dare Tuitt



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23 thoughts on “The Christian Prepper’s Response When the SHTF?!?

  1. JayJay

    It’s real hard to be ‘salt and light’ when someone kills your family for your food and supplies.
    I’m really getting tired of the ‘rainbow and unicorn’ Christians out here.

    1. MrApple

      I completely agree. I fully appreciate the “Kumbaya” nature of a lot of people. They want to hold to the same strict moral code that they employ today in a world that has fallen apart. I’m Christian but I am also a human being and a Father. I have tried to get my neighbors prepared by way of an anonymous letter asking them to imagine a world tossed upside down while questioning if they have what they need to survive it. I know that just under the thin veneer of “civilized society” lies an ugly, brutal animal waiting to be let loose. I hope that more and more people will prepare because if they are ready then it is less and less likely that they will do something against my family and I will in turn have to “stop” them.
      “A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
      Proverbs 22:3

  2. Cristy Ray

    We are not “rainbow and unicorn” Christians. We live by faith in Jesus Christ. When it comes down to it, and people are killing others for their food and supplies, True Christians will not be standing alone, on their own strength to be the salt and the light. We will be standing with the full might and power of our Lord holding us up. Understand this, no one can stand alone against such horrors, but we are NOT standing alone….ever…He will never leave or forsake His Children. God tells us to take no thought for what we will say when the hour comes, for the Holy Ghost will give us the words. And we are strengthened by His mighty hands.

  3. Mensa141

    Found during the snow/ice storms in the South that I feel compelled to help my neighbors. TP to one household with food to another. Just could not say no.

  4. Dare Tuitt

    JayJay wrote: “It’s real hard to be ‘salt and light’ when someone kills your family for your food and supplies.
    I’m really getting tired of the ‘rainbow and unicorn’ Christians out here.”

    No one is suggesting we sacrifice our families to help others once the SHTF. But are we not obligated to help others once the needs of our families are met? Surely you can think of ways to do that without compromising your family op sec or your pocketbook too much, such as the rural church buying farm land mentioned above. The time to DO something for others is NOW by being a good Christian example in all things, including preparedness. I pray your comment reflects pragmatism and not a hardened heart.

  5. Goatlover

    It is a difficult situation to consider! I’ve got lots of charity packets made up that include beans, rice, and pasta. I’ve also started a seed bank of sorts, practicing seed-saving with each season’s crop. I include planting instructions on each seed pack. We will try to help people as best we can, realizing that it’s not possible to house everybody in the county!

  6. Dennis

    Seems like to me it is the Christian preppers who are where they are supposed to be doing what they are suppose to be doing. Many do an excellent job of teaching others how to be prepared. If there is a collapse and your neighbor could use a slice of bread, will you have one to give him because you stored some wheat, or will you just tell him you will pray for him?

  7. Lucifer's Taxi

    somewhere on my ‘puter- I have a photo of a billboard on the front lawn of a church, (someplace in your USA). It proclaims:
    ‘The greatest enemy of faith, is reason.’
    I’m gonna stick with REASON- the rest, I got no use for.
    ‘Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from evil’- Packwood’s Law.
    (And hey- did you hear about the preacher who used live poisonous snakes during his sermons? (One of his snakes bit him- he went home to pray- and expired!?!)
    (One of his snakes earlier bit a paritioner- she croaked as well).

  8. Todd Post author

    I have linked to Selco’s stuff before. In one of his posts, he mentioned how when things got back to normal, people remembered those that did wrong; killing, hurting and stealing from others.

    Even if we experience a Mad Max scenario, eventually things will get back to some sort of normalcy. Those that were doing the evil stuff would be remembered. But I also think that those who do the good stuff, would be remembered too.

    I remember reading once how when people got sick during the days of the early church, families would take their sick family members to the edge of the property, next to the street so they wouldn’t infect the rest of the family. Christians would come around and feed them and help them and when they got better, the sick person would convert because of this. There is something to helping others both physically and spiritually.

    I feel that if you can do something to help prepare others now, that you should. For those who want to maintain OPSEC, there are ways to do that. I know that JWR talks about having food storage that he would provide to his church to give out to the needy. That way it doesn’t directly come from him and he keeps his OPSEC.

    I wish more “organizations” or churches prepared on a wide scale. Even if they didn’t completely go all out “PREPPER,” churches could maintain gardens and help the needy with fresh produce. If you expanded that to chickens and other livestock….well, that would be something.


  9. Son of Liberty

    The book, “DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE,” by Wood also deals with this issue to some degree. His second book, soon to be completed, will deal with this specific issue in a more direct manner, but the first book deals with preparations necessary for when TEOTWAWKI occurs, from a biblical perspective.

    It is an issue with which Christian’s struggle, but we must be as wise as a serpent, and harmless as a dove. We must not endanger our family or ourselves in the process.

    I would that all born-again Christians would read the book as it addresses the issue of the rapture biblically – an issue about which most Christian’s have buried their heads in the sand about – sad to say.


    Son of Liberty

  10. Sherry B

    I’ve spent many hours pondering and praying about my response to others when the SHTF. As a Christian, my faith in Jesus Christ and my duty to show the love of Christ to all who come into my sphere of influence is paramount. Like most of you, I prep endlessly. I gather knowledge, endlessly. I have an overwhelming desire to provide for our family and not condemn their survival to the kindness of others or the government. I consider: What will I do if someone desperate and starving approaches my door and it is within my power to help that person? I abhor the thought of being so self-absorbed that I hoard everything for me and mine. The solution I’ve arrived at is this: by God’s grace we will help those we can to the extent we can. I will trust in God to allow persons to approach my door who He has already prepared and accordingly, I have prepared two 5 gallon buckets (1 set) containing food, water, hygiene materials, medical supplies, cooking supplies and a pocket New Testament to give to each person requesting our help. The set also includes a personal handwritten letter with instructions and our testimony. To date, we have 2 sets compiled with plans to construct more. We’ll trust God to let us know when to give them out. In the meantime, we’ll forge full steam ahead on building our food storage, medical supplies and knowledge base. We’ll keep on learning to be proficient with our weapons should the time come when we have to defend our lives and those of our family. For me personally, the sure knowledge that my life and future is in God’s hands gives me the freedom to do what I must in order to fulfill my responsibilities to ourselves, our family and to those God whom brings into our lives. My anguish has been diminished and I pray that my plan will allow me to live for God in a way pleasing to Him.

  11. Christopher de Vidal

    I have wrestled with this issue. Yes, I do buy food for those unknown strangers. But am I prepared for when they come back day after day for a handout, and if they don’t get that handout will they get angry and bring friends?

    Rainbow and unicorn Christians are naive. They are half-Biblical. Yet retreating into a bunker, let the world go to hades, doesn’t seem Biblical, either.

    My hero of the faith is George Muller. Without asking anyone for money he prayed in the equivalent of $177 million in today’s money to provide for missionaries, poor Bible college students and thousands of orphans, during an economy that was worse than ours is (at the moment). I want to be like him in both good times AND bad. We can trust our Lord to provide and protect, which gives us boldness to live by faith as salt and light.

    What if the way the Lord intends us to both protect ourselves AND be generous is by having a large enough group? With enough like-minded Christians we should be able to stay off attacks. After all, there is (practically speaking) no spot on earth that cannot and has not been found. Sooner or later you WILL be found. Then what?

    And if you go live in that last undiscovered spot, will you be disobedient to the commands to gather with other Christians or make disciples? Who will you make disciples of? Owls and wolves?

    Further, what if the outcome of the collapse isn’t anarchy but tyranny? Or pockets of tyranny with widespread anarchy? All are possible.

    So I think probably a group/community is the correct way for our family to handle the crisis we see coming our way. I have a vision of a group of about 30 adults living near a small city (less than 10,000) in the Ozarks, or the Redoubt, or in Texas or in Mexico, all raising their own food, with a handful of guns just for self-defense against lawlessness. The ratio of weapons to disciples that I see Jesus recommending in Luke 22:38 is two to twelve. (I’m not here to debate the interpretation of verse so please don’t. Let’s stick to the topic, please.) That way we’re less likely to be seen by a tyrannical government as a militia — those would be hunting weapons like shotguns.

    We would do the following:
    * Grow our own food
    * Grow food for the needy Christians and if possible, non-Christians in reflection of Galatians 6:9-10 (Especially those who are of the household of faith)
    * Teach Christians and if possible, non-Christians how to grow food
    * Teach Christians and if possible, non-Christians how to stay healthy
    * Cares for sick and elderly Christians and if possible, non-Christians
    * Cares for orphans
    * Practices Biblical reconciliation to show an unbelieving world that Christians CAN get along!

    The nice thing about such a plan is it works in both good times _and_ bad. Whether it’ll be a kind of an Acts 2 voluntary sharing of all resources, or individuals all owning property near one another, I don’t know. I just know that I have visions of community and would like to see it come to pass.

    That said, some people are called to go further into the fray. I’m not one of those. It is not unBiblical to retreat from physical danger if you are not called to it. (For example, Matthew 2:13, 10:23, Genesis 19:20, 2 Samuel 15:14, etc.) I believe I am called to serve primarily Christians and if possible, non-Christians so as to witness to them, from a peaceful place of relative safety where I can teach outdoors without constant threat of sniper shot. There are needy people in rural areas today as there will be in a crisis, so this plan should work well.

    I’m still not fully settled on this matter, but I think I’ve probably hit on the best decision for our family. Let us ask God for wisdom, as James 1 tells us. If you want to discuss this more, CBdeVidal (DOT) jk1 (AT) Gmail. Just know that I’m fighting chronic fatigue and until I get that behind me I’m not taking any steps on building a community. Don’t want to hinder others.

  12. Christopher de Vidal

    One more thing: I see a lot of Christians assuming we are going into the Great Tribulation. This might only be the Greater Depression, or Dark Ages II. History is full of such examples. What did Christians do in those dark times of the past? Anyone do that research?

  13. terry ewenger

    Where I live,in the country, we have a small church that on a ‘good’ sunday there might be 20 people, but it a close net neighbor/relatives church. I mentioned 1 day about getting prepared, (i’m 66 and 1 of the ‘youngest’ members) most said they dont have he strength to garden. I suggested that they still can preserve,can and store food for others. I told them to have compost piles for those that can garden, they can have herbs and flowers for seeds. lots of things they could do with little effort. For the next week, my phone didn’t stop ringing!! We now have a “commune” in the neighbor!! I have an 1 acre garden and chicken set-up. This gives me a cash outlet for fresh organic eggs and frying chickens. We have a good set-up, help each other and when SHTF we will survive REAL WELL.

  14. Christopher de Vidal

    Todd are you doing the same as the fictional pastor in Mark Goodwin’s book? Buying farm land and offering people who don’t have land or relatives out in the country to come and live on the church’s land?

    1. Todd Post author


      No not really. My church is a home church, so there isn’t a lot of money to purchase property. But I would love to be able to do something like this.


  15. Still Getting Ready!

    I appreciate the honesty of these discussions.

    The key I believe is not only to “prepare to keep my family safe and alive” but to also prepare to help others. Have a plan for what to do with those whose plan ends up being coming back for handouts every day. Have a plan for being salt and light in a SHTF community, for keeping my family safe AND having a credible witness to the neighbors. I think it is smart to help people understand the wisdom of preparing themselves now, and helping them understand how they can do so; but even if it’s a bit “dumber,” I still want to be able to help people who haven’t prepared themselves at all.

    Ultimately we can’t help everyone. As Jesus said, the poor will always be with us. Jesus neither eradicated poverty nor declined to help poor people. My preparations to help strangers will not solve all their problems, nor will I be able to help all who may ask for it. But this is not a binary choice: help everyone with whatever they want, or help nobody in any way at all.

    During a big flood my family experienced, our high-school son was caught on the other side of a river and we didn’t see him for 3 days. We are grateful to the family that opened their home to him, providing food and shelter during that time. For our part, we shared some food with a family who moved in with some neighbors after their own home was submerged. Even when we don’t prepare to help others, we may find that the disaster that happens will not exhaust all our preparations, so why not share?

    At the end of the day, we must ask in what we are trusting for our well-being: our preps, or our God.

  16. Pastor Dave

    This is a complex issue. Did Noah open the Ark to the people that were pounding on the outside of the boat, about to drown in the swells. Did God forbid Noah to open the door or was God mad that Noah did not? There was a punishment on the earth for its sin and only Noah and his family were saved. Is there a punishment on the country of America for its sins? Well, I guess that is the issue then. Is this land going to be undergoing punishment for sin? Same-sex marriage, abortion, treaty violations with the native Americans, the wasting and polluting of God’s blessings, violence fills the land, adulterous behavior. The land is definitely cursed. This is not just an Old Testament worldview. God says to flee Babylon in the New Testament. The whole world is Babylon today, so there is nowhere to flee, other than to the hills to our bug-out retreat or to our bug-in location. If your neighbor is not marked with the mark of the saved, do you give him food and supplies? Do you prolong his suffering, and possibly lose your supplies as the unsaved masses come stampeding into your home passed your mangled and dead body?
    That is, if the land is being cursed for its sins. But what if this is not the cursing of the land for its sins? Then it behooves you to follow the dictates of our Savior in the Sermon on the Mount and save as many as you can with your last scrap of supplies.
    How do you know which is happening? The cursing or not cursing? Watch and pray, that you do not enter into temptation. What is happening will make itself known in the severity of the punishment.
    Pastor Dave

  17. Doug Lass

    I have read many of the comments posted for this article and that I agree with almost all of them. The rainbow and unicorn thing doesn’t seem to be the proper response, but this is America and we do have the freedom of speech, even though we may not agree with the statement. I am trying my hand at gardening again, but have some trouble with arthritis in my lower back, so I’m not able to do as much as I should. I should mention that this is supposed to be a community garden, but I have to pull my own weight. Starting a community garden would help with your own prep plans and a way to help others!

  18. FreeSlave

    Suppose Todd or Dare or any other Christian Prepper has about 30 days worth of food left. Or only 30 days of water left for the amount of people that are staying with them.

    There are some folks in the community who come knocking on the door, or shouting from the street that they are hungry and thirsty. Starving and parched actually.

    Would Todd, Dare, give what they have while dramatically reducing the food and water supplies of what they have left? Further suppose that those in the prepper home are opposed to giving food and water to the folks outside because they argue that there’s not enough. What then?

    Just curious.

    It’s easy to give if you’re like Bill Gates and you have tons of extra food and water and supplies to give.

    But what if you’re very short on your own supplies?

    Moreover, what about this possibility: A mother and child are knocking, wailing, and begging at the door. You open the door out of the goodness of your heart. When you do, a hidden sniper lands a head shot on you killing you instantly.

    The rest of the folks in the house just lost their leader.

    Now what?

    1. Gary Steen

      Remember the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 where wise and 5 foolish. The wise did not share with the unwise as they did not prepare and the wise would miss the bridegroom coming!

      As a Pentecostal Christian I actually read the Word Of God myself and wow…discovered that Christ will only return once for His Church…so for all my Pentecostal brothers and Sisters out there, yes we are going through the Tribulation as Christ only returns in His glory after Armageddon. Well that’s what my bible say’s…

      So lets all be prepared and so non of our brother or sisters will go hungry!!!!
      Let the wealthy pastors and those who live lavish lifestyles sell all they have and be ready to feed those who will not accept the mark or bow their knee to the antichrist….

      The Tribulation if you have studied it will only be 7 years and only the last 3.5 years will be extreme. That means if you put away enough food for 4 years you have it covered.

      Open your eyes and seek God for the truth, don’t just listen to man or the man of god! Pray to God for answers!

      Bless you all,
      Gary Steen

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