The Day Preppers Disappeared

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“You never know what you had until it’s gone.”  The saying is very familiar to those who have lost something or someone of value.  For preppers, especially those who are flying solo because their spouse doesn’t believe in preparedness or would think that you finally fell off the deep end, one of the scariest scenarios is if we or our preps weren’t there for our family.  What would happen to our families if we just disappeared?  Indulge me as I provide a few scenarios.

Scenario #1 – Economic Collapse and Food Storage

Michael started prepping because he is concerned about an economic collapse.  He reads and fact checks alternative news articles and monitors what is happening in the financial world on a regular basis.  He started purchasing dehydrated food, MRE’s, #10 cans from the local LDS cannery and then graduated to storing food in mylar bags and plastic buckets.  Although his wife isn’t thrilled about the space that Michael’s food storage  is taking up in the spare bedroom, she doesn’t give him too much static over his new economic concern.  “At least he isn’t gaming on the computer every night,” she reasons.  Then POOF Michael and all his preps are gone!

Well wouldn’t you know it, oil prices set historic highs as war in the Middle East threatens supplies.  This is enough to trigger panic in the stock market and one thing leads to another and the economy starts to tank.  At first, Michael’s wife notices prices at the grocery store going up enough to make a difference in the family budget.  But by the next trip, she is starting to see even higher prices and few items on the shelf.  She buys as much as she can but then gets informed by the teller that her check card will only let her purchase so much due to bank restrictions.  She has a few days of food at home and her kids are depending on her. What is she going to do?

Scenario #2 – Broke Down on an Abandoned Mountain

Carl, his wife Martha and two young kids love the outdoors.  They are always spending time in the backyard, at the park and take weekend trips down to the lake.  When it is needed, Carl builds the fires with material that he keeps in his EDC bag.  He is also the one who thinks through the potential uncertainties, always prepared with extra power bars and water filters.  Then POOF Carl and all his preps are gone!

Because Martha and the kids love the outdoors, they decide to drive up  an old abandoned, winding trail to the top of a mountain that was picked over for its lumber.  When they get to the top, they take pictures and are taken back by the great view of the valley below.  When they get back to the car, Martha finds that it won’t start.  Her cell phone doesn’t have signal and it’s starting to get dark.  They haven’t seen another vehicle or person for hours and any kind of civilization is a few hours away by car..  They are unprepared for the temperature drop at the top of the mountain and they don’t have anything “conventional” to make fire with.  The car provides some protection from the cold, but just barely.  They are cold, hungry and scared.  What is Martha and the kids going to do?

Scenario #3

Mark and Jessica are both preppers.  They have decided that it just makes sense, especially since they have 3 kids.  They have decided to learn special skills.  Mark is an avid hunter and works out in the garden all the time.  Jessica is a nurse, so she specialize in medical care including natural medicine.  Because she knows how important good medical care is, she has stocked up a nice closet of medical items.  Then POOF Jessica and all her preps are gone!


This article can have a two-fold  application.  The first is that we should cross-train in our skills.  We can’t know EVERYTHING, but we can try to learn some of the most important things when it comes to preparedness.

The second application might hit closer to home for many of us.  The true fact is that Prepping can be a lonely activity.  Many times we prep, without the encouragement of family, because we care about our loved ones.  But you can rest assured, that one day they will appreciate all your hard work!

The work you do is important!  The prep that you do is valuable, more than you know.  Keep it up.  Know that you are doing a selfless thing when you prepare for the well-being of your family.  Think how much better off they are with you and preps around!

And if they haven’t said it to you yet, let me act as a surrogate right now, Thank you for Preparing!


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8 thoughts on “The Day Preppers Disappeared

  1. MarkOwen

    I prep on a regular basis, my family thinks I have gone over the edge. One of these days I will be gone, I hate to leave them to fend for themselves, and I don’t think I’m being selfish, This country is in big trouble and nothing is being done to stop the downward spiral!

    1. Todd Post author


      I believe that prepping isn’t based in selfishness, but it is an act of love. I agree that we are in big trouble…


  2. hillbilly

    I used to live in Florida and I was at Homdepot one day with my wife. When we went by the tv screen with storm tracker on it, I said we should buy that generator. We had seen the store had marked it down as it was a display model. I said I think that storm it going to hit us. my wife said go ahead and get it I know you want a new toy. I went and spent the next couple of days stocking up on gas and the stuff I thought we might need, oil ,food, candles and all the stuff my wife thinks is a waste of time and money, A week later the news is telling people to prepare for a hurricane . Well we got hit hard no power for about two weeks and for most almost a month. Well my wife and family and some good friends stayed with us and after it was over my wife said to me ,thanks for being prepared and I’m sorry for giving you a bunch of crap. Now she helps. If i can say one thing about when I’m gone it would be at least that they will have a head start over the ones that don’t have a prepper around to have the common sense to at least stock a panty and a couple of cans of gas.

  3. Echo

    started prepping a little over a month ago by myself. i have a long way to go and a lot yet to get. my son who actually got me thinking about it? hasn’t prepped at all except for defense. my adult daughter who lives with me is just starting to become interested.

    even here in the ne of tn we can get clobbered with snow. we moved here from upstate ny in 94. our second winter here we had a major snow storm and was without power for about 9 days. the things that really saved our butts were that i had just gotten groceries, we are experienced in tent camping and roughing it. brought in the camp stove, the lanterns and loaded the stuff from the freezer into the coolers. we had a kerosene heater and a small coal stove. they didn’t even come up and plow out the road. thankfully i had a 4×4 but it took us a couple of days to shovel out our long driveway. that 4×4 sure did come in handy. because of it, i could even help my neighbors get in and out. one neighbor i picked up while he was trying to carry home a kerosene heater he had managed to find and a 5gal can of kerosene. he had been walking the 3mls out and back in for work and was sure glad to see me that day!!!

    i don’t plan on leaving our safety up to just plain luck next time. now i am planning on being prepped for at least 6 months. you just don’t know what may happen….

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