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Update!  Survival Hax is offering a great deal over at Amazon!

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When it comes to preparedness, medical preparedness is no joke!  Every family should have medical and first aid supplies.  The key to your medical supplies is to make sure it meets the needs of your family.  But many preppers find it hard to start.  That’s why the 105 Piece First Aid Kit from Survival Hax is the Perfect First Aid Kit Starter!

The Survival Hax First Aid Kit is compact and comes with its own zipped case.  It is easily identified as a first aid kit.  It is a great place to start and is very affordable.

This is what you get:

  • (1) Triangular Bandage
  • (1) PBT Bandage (Small)
  • (1) PBT Bandage (Large)
  • (1) Roll of Nonwoven Tape
  • (2) Sterile Nonwoven Swab
  • (10) Alcohol Wipe
  • (20) Band-Aid (Regular)
  • (10) Band-Aid (Small)
  • (4) Butterfly Band-Aid
  • (4) H Style Band-Aid
  • (4) Cleaning Wipes
  • (25) Cotton (Q-Tips)
  • (3) Cotton Balls
  • (1) First Aid Blanket
  • (1) Scissors
  • (10) Safety Pins
  • (1) CPR Mask
  • (1) PVC Gloves – Large
  • (1) Tweezers
  • (1) Fire Starter Flint
  • (1) Burn Dressing
  • (1) Credit Card Tool
  • (1) First Aid Bag

The Survival Hax First Aid Kit normally sells for $24.99. Survival Hax has extended a special offer to Prepper Website readers.  You can currently get the Survival Hax First Aid Kit for $11.99.  That is a great price for a First Aid Starter Kit!  The discount is automatically taken at checkout.  And, you will experience FREE SHIPPING and it’s good to know that your order will be fulfilled by Amazon.

This is a great deal and you can easily purchase several for:

  • Your Vehicle
  • The Office
  • Your Kid’s Backpack
  • Your EDC
  • For a Gift

Check out these PICS…

Lots of stuff in this kit…

This is a nice start to your First Aid Kit…

All kinds of bandages too…

AND a small ferro rod and credit card tool, which you might want to keep in your wallet or EDC kit.

Open kit…

Here’s your First Aid Kit Starter…

Front of Package…

Back of Package…



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